Tuesday, September 14, 2021

We are in the ninth month of the year and my #WashingMachine saga continues. First @BestBuy now @AJMadison - HUGE Disappointment!

In my 12 years of blogging this is the second time I have used my platform to vent about poor service. 

After the fire I wrote about in my Apartment Complex, it has taken ages to bit by bit replace a lifetime worth of stuff. I'll be at that for awhile longer I suspect, being single in a costly city like New York isn't easy.

This June after I had my surgery I decided to sacrifice and buy a washing machine, I found a great sale at BestBuy and proceeded to order it online - it was all smooth sailing until the day of the delivery. On the day of delivery the delivery person didn't speak English. I need to preface this by saying I was born and raised here, my mother was born and raised here and so was my grandmother. I understand and read Spanish quite well, but am not as Fluent in my conversational Spanish due mainly to lack of practice. In my best Spanish I suggested they come up first check the plumbing scenario and do the haul away first, as there wasn't much space to work with in my kithchen where the machine was going, and that seemed like the logical way to proceed. I got berated for being a 'gringa' (a not so nice term used mostly in reference to caucasian people) and for according to him, speaking lousy Spanish. AND they left with my Machine and refused to deliver it.

They told Best Buy that I refused the delivery and that it was a four man job not a two man job anyways. My understanding of deliveries are that anything over 300 pounds for a walk up would require three men. I was purchasing only a washer not a dryer and the job was clearly under 200 pounds.

I was livid at being chastised for preferring to speak English. I gave BestBuy a very professional piece of my mind as a former blogger brand ambassador.

After a re-schedule the same charming delivery person takes my advice comes up and says he doesn't like the plumbing and refuses to install it.

Of course that began a huge ordeal in trying to get my money back. Like I needed that stress while recuperating from surgery. They actually had the balls on the phone to tell me to get my plumbing fixed quickly and they would 'hold it for me' - by the way I paid in the original order for a full installation and their protection plan. I said "no thank you I prefer a refund" instead of 'stick it up your @ss' so I was quite proud of myself. The price I paid included installation, so if I have to pay a plumber and then another installation fee on top of that why bother? The machine I have and the one before that was installed by Sears with no problems at all.

Again, I live in a walk up building with no laundry room and am recuperating from surgery. I need a machine.

Two weeks after the entire ordeal I get a coupon from BestBuy for $5 f*cking dollars in the mail. They shouldn't have sent anything, that was literally a double insult.

So while perusing Labor Day Sales I find a different machine at AJ Madison on sale. I purchase it, immediately the amount was on hold. After it being on hold for three days with not one call regarding delivery/installation, I called them, was told the finance department had already left for the day (it was only three pm when I got through by the way). I was told that the Finance Department sent me an email, to answer it and it would get addressed on Monday and I would have my Washing Machine by 09/14 - just two days shy of TEN days after ordering it. According to the Finance Department the address I put in the order does not match my bank. I paid using the paypal credit card I have had since they launched paypal in 1998. My BestBuy order in June when through, I ordered double the amount in Amazon and that went through. And I just used my card again on Monday all with no problems, so that shoots down that response.

I personally call bullshit. I believe that AJ Madison does not have the machine in stock and are stalling for time.

I have never in my life had this much trouble ordering an appliance. I have been purchasing appliances now for over 3 decades literally without a hitch. In fact my first two washing machines both lasting almost ten years a piece were delivered to this walk up apartment by ONE man with a dolly! Same with refrigerators and TV's etc. You mean to tell me that both BestBuy and AJ Madison are not capable of handling a walk up delivery?

I had another procedure less than two weeks ago and am slated for another one at the end of the month. I literally don't need this stress.

If you have read this far, thank you for being a true butterfly friend and letting me vent. If I didn't let this out, it would have driven me nuts. It's 5:43 in the morning and I haven't been able to sleep. I have been tossing and turning all night long! I can't remember the last time I was filled with this much anger. So today I will not be getting the new machine I so desperately need yet again. I am literally at my wits end.

There are very few appliance dealers left, maybe if I am lucky a Washing Machine manufacturer will read this and take pity on me!

Other than that, no hot girl summer here and for the first time in my twelve years of blogging - no fashion week for me either, I just didn't feel up to it, too much pain.

Hope your summer has been going better than mine! ਉl̈́ਉ

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