Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last time my @angelodavidhair haircut was for @pantene #beautifullengths but this time it was just for ME! #TressesTuesday #Hair

When an invite to 'Get Gorgeous During NYFW (New York Fashion Week)' hits my inbox and it's from my favorite New York City Salon, I am definitely ALL over it. My love for Angelo David Salon and my Fave Stylist Ivy runs deep, I met them at Getting Gorgeous 2014, and a few months later I went to the salon for a very special haircut - I donated over 13 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (PBL) for women with Cancer. Check out the current PBL #8or8 campaign - where you can either donate 8 inches of hair or donate $8 dollars to help the cause!

You know just how seriously this butterfly takes all cancer related charities! Stay tuned on a Special Luncheon I will be attending later this week.

I hit the Angelo David Salon in between Fashion Week Shows this year and while oddly my hair was super long (almost near my waist), I didn't have enough to donate because I was leaving it a bit longer than last time. The top two photos of the Photo Collage above are the current cut (with bangs), the two on the bottom are from 2014.

This naturally wavy with super thin hair knows better than to cut bangs in summer, so when I want bangs I do them for Fall and this year I decided it was time to re-visit bangs. I did Bangs and long graduated layers to give my hair a bit more volume.

Here is a compilation video of my hair cuts at Angelo David Salon:


I definitely trust Ivy completely and it's super nice to be able to just sit back and relax at a Salon and not have to worry in any way. I love the bangs and graduated layers, I definitely needed the refresh, and wanted to break away from always copping out with ponytails, this will force me to do something with it everyday, and I am definitely all about that right now.

I am ready to toy with color and that will be focus of my next visit!

Readers Sound Off: How do you like wearing YOUR hair? Short? Long? Somewhere in Between? Have you tried the Angelo David Salon before? Are you 'hair adventurous' or do you stick to the same style each visit?

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FTC Disclosure: While this is NOT a Compensated Post, Angelo David Salon did provide my cut to facilitate my review for editorial purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. I can easily be lured out of my bat cave for 'pretty' time and bubbly! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My New York Fashion Week Pick for most fun show? @kyboeofficial #KYBOE #KYBOEStyle #NYFW

New York Fashion Week 2016 is in my rearview mirror, and I got to 'front row at the Fashion Show' for quite a few shows this year, but you know it is my custom to share the show I found most unique first.

This year's pick is definitely KYBOE! who offered a very 'timely' show. Pun definitely intended as they are a watch brand!

Want to see how does a 'timepiece' does Fashion Week?

Here are shots of mine in action:

From Left to Right: Three Bloggers Showing off their new KYBOE! Watches, I'm the one in the center, no surprise I picked Rose Gold right? (Notice the Rose Gold Ring). In shot two I'm checking the time, don't want to be late for the show, shot three - the BOWL neon sign is from Lucky Strike where the After Party for the Fashion Show was held (one of the After Parties anyway there were actually TWO) and the last shot was taken at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley pointing to a sign that reads: "Stay Out of The Gutter" - very cheeky!

A Quick Slideshow Video of the Show (using only my own photos) - there are WAY more photos and I promise a Pinterest Board will happen once I come up for air (when it does the words 'Pinterest Board' will actually be clickable)


KYBOE! is definitely a brand to watch, their timepieces are fun, unique and fashionable and can easily take you from work to play with ease.

I still prefer a quality watch to checking my cellphone for the time, and I love that KYBOE! Watches come in a wide variety of colors and if you are feeling really fancy you can get the version of the watch that offers crystals around the dial. I also love the one touch button to light the watch up making it easier when you are checking the time in a dark room or out and about at night. (See photo four in the photo collage above - the shot on the far right shows the watch lit).

And aren't you proud of me butterflies? I veered away from selecting the typical 'NY Black' watch. (Honestly I was torn on colors - I also wanted the 'spearmint' color because I have a pair of sneakers in that color - but ultimately went with the White/Rose Gold Option because they match my favorite headphones - remember THESE? - I will take a shot of me with the watch and headphones on at the same time so you can see how cute they go together!)

Readers Sound Off: Check Out Their Site and Let Us Know Which Color Would YOU choose for your KYBOE! watch?

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FTC Disclosure: I attended New York Fashion Week as Media and was a guest of the show, while no monetary compensation has been received to share this post, I was provided with a Watch for Editorial Consideration. Always Remember: This Luxe loving Lifestyle Editor can be bribed in custom made fashion, handbags, shoes, boots and electronics. I'm a very *simple* girl. LOL All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. Ascending Butterfly partners with brands that would be of interest and offer values to our readers. See our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for full information.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl - A Not so #WordlessWednesday Production (#Photos)

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl, Roses, Rosé Wine
Ah! It's that time of year again, summer is fading into Fall and New York Fashion Week madness will soon take over the City!

I have had a very challenging summer, but at least a few of those stresses are starting to normalize - I will share more about that tomorrow, as I have had no working computer for most of the summer, I haven't been able to do full blog posts about the events I have been attending, but if you follow us via Instagram and Twitter you have probably seen some photos there! But what good are great photos that don't share the entire story?

Sorry but I don't have the patience for three paragraph photo captions on Instagram! (Bless you millennials born with long pointy texting fingers! LOL)

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl, Roses, Rosé Wine, Christina Founder of Your Elu
I'm sure by now founder of Your Elu, Christina probably thinks I forgot all about her, definitely not so! You guys know I've been in publishing in some form (TV, Newspapers, Magazines) for so long that Fashion Week doesn't quite hold the same magic for me as it does to someone new to it. I have the luxury of being at a point in my career where I am picking the Fashion Shows and Fashion Related Events that I attend and I always select those that have a unique back story. (Being a Human Interest Reporter never has truly left me. I like real stories.)

I think something has always had to 'resonate truly' for me to cover it, and this event was certainly right up my alley on many levels and for so many reasons!

Your Elu - Beauty to Measure - offers 'custom' made-to-order apparel for ALL women but was totally founded with the Curvy/Plus lady in mind.

Butterflies, tailored clothes plain and simple fall better, look better, and I guarantee that everyone carries themselves with more confidence when they know their look is on point.

I'm always straight-forward, 'made-to-order' is never cheap - but my ideology on the matter is this: Have less clothes in your closet. Yes that's right, I did say 'less' and use the word 'clothes'. Have a wardrobe of apparel that is custom and fits you to perfection, instead of a closet of full of cheap options that still have you saying 'I have nothing to wear today'.

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl, Roses, Rosé Wine, Fried Calamari
We had an opportunity to get measured at the event, and while folks were being measured there were some nice noshes (check out the fried calamari in the photo above) and some great Rosé Wine. The theme was carried through with lovely Roses everywhere too!

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl, Roses, Rosé Wine, Christina Founder of Your Elu
Christina showed us some of the current styles available, and it was great getting a chance to feel the weight of the fabric and see the styles up close. And one great trick for us curvies that I have been using since forever is a good statement necklace, check out the one above being displayed with a Your Elu Little Black Dress, can I get a YAS!!!!???

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl, Roses, Rosé Wine, Christina Founder of Your Elu
Putting an event together takes a great team and it was fun meeting the Your Elu team!

My Take:

Made-to-Measure has been available for men in the retail space for ages now, and I truly love seeing custom made apparel for all sizes that also focuses on FASHION for women coming to the forefront. When you are a size that is not on the rack in many trendy retailers it is easy to feel less confident, what better solution than a brand with a fashion focus that does not turn any size away? A brand that wants to empower at all sizes. I say Kudos to Your Elu and I will be keeping an eye on them, they are my 'ones-to-watch' and I hope I get the chance to try out a custom made creation by Your Elu! You know for research purposes, so I can tell you about the comfort and fit! (wink) (wink)

Roses and Rosé #Fashion Event with @YourEluGirl, Roses, Rosé Wine

I wish everyday could be 'Roses and Rosé'

Readers Sound Off: Do you own Custom Made Apparel? If so, who is your designer? Have you/Will you consider trying Your Elu? Tag us on social with your custom made apparel on! @Tracy_Iglesias via Twitter and @Ascending1 via Instagram.

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I attended a Press Event and no monetary compensation has been received. But for the sake of honesty I can be bribed in custom made fashion, handbags, shoes, boots and electronics. I'm a very *simple* girl. LOL All opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. Ascending Butterfly partners with brands that would be of interest and offer values to our readers. See our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for full information.