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Ascending Butterfly is a LIFESTYLE Blog. While it's Founder/Editor is in full possession of a Uterus, she doesn't choose to use it, keep that in mind before hitting send on your next pitch. We focus on Travel, Spirits, All things Foodie, Photography, Beauty, Fashion, Eco Friendly, with a mind, body, and soul approach to wellness and well-being!

I am a content creator and community builder who loves to tell stories with words and visually compelling photographs. I am consumed by good music, great food and company and finding new places to enjoy all three. I am an avid traveler and wordsmith.

Email: tracy(AT)ascendingbutterfly(DOT)com (because we want to avoid bots, just remember to change the word AT to the symbol and replace the word DOT with the dot as well!)

Site Stats sent upon request, we have 99/100 HubSpot Website SEO Grader, and a 100/100 Twitter SEO Grade. I will email you our Complete Media Kit via PDF format upon request.

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