Thursday, January 18, 2018

{#TechThursday} Found out why the @ASUS_ROG is the first product reco in my #AmazonStore #ROG #Technology


ASUS ROG Gaming Notebook PC G752 with Webroot Unboxed

For the past few years me and gadgets, me and appliances and tech haven't had a very good run. You already know I tend to test stuff for MORE than 30 days to make sure it survives until warranty and I am NOT afraid to update a review if a product dies on me before it should.

A little over a year ago my desktop died out on me. I brought it to the well known Geeks and they could NOT fix it, (they of course offered me the option to escalate it to a higher level of support for an additional fee - I declined on that, um nah!)

I lost a ton of photos, I had all my music backed up but ran out of room on my back up drive and ended up losing more photos than I would have liked.

I have stepped up my photography and I thought only a desktop would be able to handle everything I put a system through in a typical day - I am a Life Coach, Social Media Consultant, Freelance Writer, Blogger and I edit A LOT of photos - RAW, hi-resolution photography, usually have a ton of client databases open and very few systems seem to be able to handle what I dish out.

While at the Geeks I decided to start looking over systems - my gut told me they wouldn't be able to fix it, and I was right. I let them know what I put a system through and asked almost off-handedly if a laptop was even an option for me. What did they recommend that could handle such a heavy workload. They recommended three different systems, unfortunately I ruled the HP out because after 2 decades of using them almost exclusively I was replacing them too quickly and my last one just did not last long enough to justify trusting them with my hard earned cash again.

So that left us down to two.

I took a shot of both spec sheets on my phone, and while I was in the store I toyed around with both machines. When I got home I immediately got on social and polled my tribe: friends, family and colleagues and read pretty much every consumer review from a ton of online sources and narrowed my decision down.

When I got the final call saying my HP Desktop could not be fixed, I went to the store to pick it up and left with one of the recommended laptops the Asus ROG G752VL-DH71.

I will admit I put a three year extended warranty on this little puppy. And vowed that if it survived me for a year and I was just as happy with it as the day I bought it I would share about it.

I am already an Amazon Affiliate, but I also recently got approved for their influencer program, where you can build a store with your custom recos to share with your online tribe via social media. I LOVED this idea.

And because this laptop really has been able to dish out anything I have thrown at it, I thought I would make it the first item in my 'online influencer amazon store'.

You will obviously want the NEWER model which is the G752VS which I am linking you directly to it.

I can whole-heartedly recommend the ASUS ROG (ROG = Republic of Gamers) - this is a 'gaming rig' and so far it has been able to dish out everything I have thrown at it.


I operate two different browsers with an average of 30 tabs on EACH of the browsers, several client databases, and I also do a ton of RAW photo editing SIMULTANEOUSLY. This system does NOT hiccup or cough.

I know this is probably the most off handed and weird thing a reviewer might mention in a tech review, but out of all three laptops I played with, I LOVE the keyboard, it just helps me types faster, and I already type pretty fast, I test out at 90 WPM with 0 errors. and it of course has backlight so when my nightly insomnia hits and I decide to write, the keyboard being lit means I do not have to put on the light or break my flow and train of thought.


This bad boy is HEAVY. I want something lighter for Press Trips.

And for some reason this is an issue across brands for me, but it does not wake up well from 'sleep mode' but in all fairness it is probably because I had a million things open and I should just shut down more and let it update.

What computer are you currently using? Desktop or Laptop? If you love yours, feel free to drop the model name in your comment, I prefer 'real reviews' and your reco might help someone who is narrowing down choices before they get ready to buy.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Fill in the Blank Friday on Ascending Butterfly, this weeks theme: "My focus word/phrase for 2018 is_______" Join us at @Ascending1 and share yours! #FillintheBlankFriday

Fill in the Blank Friday on Ascending Butterfly Blog, self care, writing prompt, blog challenge

I decided to bring back Fill in the Blank Friday! I was channeling my graphic designer roots and decided to create this feature a brand new branded graphic, what do you think?

This week's theme:

My focus word/phrase for  2018 is: SELF CARE

This is actually both my personal and blog theme this year. I am a Life Coach and Empowerment Writer, I expend a lot of my energy uplifting, motivating, empowering and encouraging others. I sometimes forget the airline theory of air bags: "Put the Bag on Yourself FIRST, then help others" - how else can you be of use to anyone if you can't breathe?

The airlines definitely have it right there.

I need to remember to be just as kind to myself as I am to others.

To recharge my own batteries, to apply a better level of self care to my own life.

And I plan to hold myself accountable and share with you once per month the ways I fulfilled my focus on self care/recharging my batteries in that month. I figure if I also make my focus phrase a blog challenge/writing prompt, I can't use any excuses for not doing it.

What is your focus word this year? or resolution? Have a wonderful weekend Butterflies and I can't wait to read your answers!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own! I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway & Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. Things that lure this butterfly out of her cocoon: Technology, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Spirits (Sparkling, Champagne, Prosecco, Sake, Bourbon, Craft Brews), Foodie Fun - really I'm such a *simple girl*.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

They wore Black to the @goldenglobes and this New Yorker loved every minute of it! For the first time ever we are discussing #GoldenGlobes and #Fashion #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #MeToo


Award Show season is in full swing my butterflies.

For the history of my blogging career before and after most award shows I get a ton of news releases asking me to share what designers were worn, what makeup was used on who even what shampoo and haircare products were used.

I rarely blog about award shows and when I do it is usually not because of the Fashion, or the makeup, or the haircare products or the jewels they wore.

I rarely write about celebs on these pages either, when I do it is because of a charitable initiative or way they are giving back.

In December I blogged a bit about The Kennedy Center Honors for many reasons, including our President's notable absence from the ceremonies, which has been attended by The President of the United States since the inception of the ceremony, in case you missed it, my blog about it can be found HERE.

For the first time I am blogging about Fashion Choices at an Award Show, because They Wore Black and WHY they wore black:

75th Annual Golden Globes, Nicole Kidman, Allison Janney, Kerry Washington, Penelope Cruz

Above: Left: Nicole Kidman, Allison Janney, Kerry Washington and Far Right: Penelope Cruz - this was borrowed directly from Golden Globes Website, and someone really should let them know they have this captioned wrong they have Penelope Cruz captioned as Salma Hayek - for shame Golden Globes, you need a new Editor!

#whywewearblack is a hashtag that was actually trending BEFORE the Golden Globes. The entertainment industry's most prominent female voices in the industry made a statement of solidarity with their Fashion choices and the #metoo movement strongly influenced the Golden Globes. The CNN has a great article on how the #metoo movement was coloring the Globes ahead of time HERE - it compiles some of the posts made by celebs who used their social media platforms to raise additional awareness.

While the Golden Globes is an award show that many celebs have used their acceptance speeches in the past to share about causes they were passionate about, this year you knew those causes not only with a pin, not only in their speech, but the moment they stepped out on that carpet, it was a POWERFUL display of solidarity.

I remember watching a recent Dave Chappele's Comedy Stand up Special, where he said something I had a recent conversation on, after all these allegations have come to light, if women don't keep up the momentum things will get that much worse and that much harder. On that I very much agree. And this Red Carpet was just that show of solidarity and strength I would love to see continue and grow bigger.

I am a born and raised New Yorker, the color black is almost a daily uniform here, but to see that ocean of black on the red carpet of The Golden Globes filled my heart with pride. I live in a city where many woman have experienced sexual harassment, not just in the workplace but on the commute in the subway, just walking down the street and it is NOT acceptable. It has got to stop!

"We wear black in solidarity with men and women asking for equality, respect and meaningful change within all industries." ~Amy Schumer

Rosario Dawson did a great job with her instagram video (follow her while you are there) in support of the efforts of Times Up Now and the Times Up Legal Defense Fund who utilizes the monies raised to subsidize legal support for men, women, disabled persons, LGBTQIA who have experienced sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace. I also love her makeup free delivery on this one as well, way to go Rosario! She also thanks others who have come forward with their stories.

"It's time to celebrate each other - not just the nominees on our film and television screens but our storytellers who have bravely come forward and courageously shared their stories and liberated so many of us too." ~Rosario Dawson

Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Brie Larson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tessa Thompson and Rashida Jones posted a video and you can find that one on Instagram as well on Kerry Washington's Page HERE (follow while you are there!) The group's efforts has driven donations to the legal fund which has raised over $15.7 million to date!

"Wondering #WhyWeWearBlack ?!?!?! Because we stand with YOU! We stand in solidarity. Together we can end harassment, discrimination & abuse. And create safety, inclusion, equity & parity! FOR ALL PEOPLE. ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES" ~Kerry Washington

Gal Gadot at 75th Annual Golden Globes
Above: Gal Gadot at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

It annoys me to no end that the only thing people are focusing on about Gal Gadot is her $6 lipstick, I would rather focus on her solidarity to the cause instead. (And secretly admit that I hope the rumors are true about Lynda Carter joining her for Wonder Woman 2)

Women Empowering Women is how 2018 has begun, and this momentum needs to continue.

And while it is sometimes a sore spot in personal conversations with parent friends, I am going to use my platform to remind women who are mothers with sons, that YOU need to teach your son how to be a gentleman, the way he treats women later has much to do with how you raise him NOW. Teach your son to wash his own dishes and laundry, sew his own buttons, iron his own clothes, seek a partner in life because he loves her, not because he needs a replacement mother. Be careful with music videos and listen to how his circle of friends refer to girls and young women, you can set good foundations.

Women can't keep complaining about sexist pigs when they are raising them! We have to do better!

As Fashion has always been the yardstick by which women have been measured and let's face it how we often measure ourselves and each other, for women to turn the tables and turn their fashion on the most watched moment of the year on it's ear and use their very fashion - the thing men notice about us - and use it to make such a powerful political statement is one of the most amazing ways this year could have started in my opinion.

While my Facebook feed has been filled with people 'who just wanted to see pretty dresses' and didn't want 'politics mixed in with their entertainment' - sorry, not sorry to all of you but wake up. Get Woke. If women don't stand up and fight for their place, fight for the respect they deserve and the equality they deserve in the workplace and beyond, we are going to be in trouble, these are going to be the longest four years in history with the person who wants to take us back to the 50's.

That was the point of the show of solidarity people, we are not just stick figure Barbie's who need to dress pretty and put on a show, we are hard working human beings deserving of respect.

And there is also the talk of Oprah Winfrey running for President. I have no idea whether or not she will or she won't, but I can tell you we need to use this impetus to channel and funnel it into a woman taking the White House in 2020. That is not going to be easy.

But think about this, for any Presidential Election, it takes someone with smarts and resources (or the ability to drum up quite a bit of funding) - Oprah is smart, resourceful, always put her money where her mouth is, doesn't back down and has her own school for pete's sake, trying to think of a male candidate in the history of the Presidential Race who came into the game already having built schools.....can you think of one?

In my opinion Presidential Elections have never been more than deciding who the lesser of two evils is.

Don't you want your vote to stand for MORE than that?

Don't you want to vote for a candidate that is smart, savvy, generous, informed and actually gives an eff about people and this planet? I know I do.

Tarana Burke, Social Activist and founder of the #MeToo (2006), Right: Michelle Williams, Actress at the 75th Annual Golden Globes

Above: Far Left: Tarana Burke, Social Activist and founder of the #MeToo (2006), Right: Michelle Williams, Actress at the 75th Annual Golden Globes.

Aside from wearing black, many actresses also chose to walk the carpet with activists. This year entertainment reporters were tasked with more than just the "what are you wearing question", it was the "who you are with". And it often made them uncomfortable. But when the pre-carpet arrivals included Debra Messings talking about the wage gap at E! while being interviewed by E!, twitter was LIT and it was amazing to see!

It is the #MeToo movement that colored this whole thing. Tarana Burke founded the movement in 2006, and at a very early age she was the victim of sexual assault, the movement picked up momentum again when Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted about it in response to the Harvey Weinstein Allegations unaware of the earlier movement.

The movement was born when Ms. Burke met a young woman named Heaven who had shared with her a story of assault and Ms. Burke regretted not telling Heaven, 'Me Too' and sharing her story with that young woman, and that is how the movement was born.

And now the movement has become a force to be reckoned with.

I hate still seeing commentary that focuses on who started the movement, Tarana did. I hate the commentary talking about Alyssa taking anything away from women of color, she didn't do her research, that she didn't know the movement already existed.

She posted as soon as she learned about it, and quite frankly if her tweets revived the IMPORTANCE of this movement, I'll take it.

Women need to be outspoken and bring these stories to the light.

When it took off again on social, women on my Facebook Feed shared their stories. It was incredibly moving and made my heart hurt to know so many women I actually know have been victims of assault or sexual abuse.

Tracy Iglesias of Ascending Butterfly #MeToo Story

Above: This was me the year my #MeToo happened.

While I only wrote #MeToo as a status update, I never really shared my story. I know many found it odd, I have been in journalism for over 20 years now.  I'm a Bronxite. A New Yorker, and I am incredibly outspoken, especially about causes I am passionate about. (I started backwards so to speak, first as a Television News Writer, then Editor for a popular Newspaper, then went to Magazines, then when I went Digital in 2008 I was blogging for a high end handbag line before starting my own blog shortly after in 2009). I know many people were waiting for the whole story. Some sent Direct Messages, others just taggged me on their stories after seeing my status update with the hashtag.

It seems only fitting to share my story now.

As a College Sophomore I was attacked on Campus. I lived at home, that school has no dorms, and while I fought off my attacker and he did not succeed, it shook me to my core. At the time I was studying Taekwondo and while I am sure my Martial Arts Background worked to my advantage in taking back the control despite the element of surprise, it remains with me to this day. I have had a gun held to my head on a subway train although that was an attempted mugging, also not successful for my attacker, and incidents like this rob you of feeling secure in the places you visit everyday. The places you can't avoid, the places where you should always be safe.

My Take:

I did not miss the annual pre-carpet Fashion Show one bit, I did LOVE the pre-carpet showing women standing up for women. Showing women highlighting the work of amazing activists, of women sharing their passions and not just the name of a Fashion House. MORE OF THIS, YES PLEASE.

And because I want you to be very careful on your responses, I was NOT wearing what I was wearing in this photo on either occassion, NOT that it should matter, I selected this photo because I am wearing a black dress and that is the year the incident occurred.

I hope PR firms do not even bother with their press releases about who was wearing what dress, what makeup, what shoes, what jewelry, again I focus on empowerment, all those other things are nice and have their time and their place, but please understand this award show and it's 'red carpet' was WAY more than that.


Butterflies - Do you have a #MeToo story? Do you know someone who has a #MeToo story? If you posted yours be it your blog or your social channel, please share and by all means post the link to your story as well.

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

{21+ Only} Happy New Year Butterflies! Here's a peek into my New Years Eve celebration with @cinzanoofficial #Cinzano #Prosecco and #Asti and @BottegaGold Prosecco and Sparkling #Moscato

All things bubbly/sparkling provided by Palm Bay Imports!


I hope 2018 is treating you well, I will be back soon with an inspirational post and to share my "word/phrase" for this new year, the theme is actually a personal one that will cross over into the blog as I will post monthly to hold myself accountable for truly living my word this year, don't tell me yours yet, we will share them together on an upcoming post (more than likely on Monday for "Motivation Monday" on the interwebs).

Remember that EPIC BabbleBoxx Holiday Party where I got a chance to meet the nice folks at Cinzano Prosecco? ICYMI - In Case You Missed It - here is a link to that post: BabbleBoxx Holiday Party New York City

They were nice enough to hook me up on New Year's Eve, I usually share a shot on social media with a picture of what I am sipping leading up to midnight, but this year things were pretty festive so I thought I would share my sparkling sips with you in a full blog post.

Above: Bottega Il Vino Poeti Gold Prosecco

Bottega Gold - Prosecco Doc Brut Sparkling Wine, Glera Grapes grown close to the Venetian Prealps. Stainless Steel containers at low temps to preserve freshness and the golden bottle also protects the wine from any source of light helping to also preserve aroma and freshness. Alcohol Content: 11% - and it just plain looks cool on your bar!

Above: SWEET DECISIONS! From Left to Right: Bottega Platinum, Sparkling Moscato, Cinzano Cuvee Storica Prosecco, Dry Sparkling Wine, Cinzano Asti D.O.C.G. Sparkling Sweet Wine and Far Right: is the Bottega Gold Prosecco. Also featured in the close up photo above with the two glasses.

My Take:

I already raved about Cinzano Prosecco when I got to try it at the BabbleBox Holiday Party in NYC, it tastes amazing and won't break the bank, and is really well balanced, not sweet yet not overly dry.

Bottega Prosecco is just slightly sweeter than Cinzano but also very well balanced and the bottles are such a beautiful presentation in addition to blocking light to preserve freshness.

Quite frankly any of these would make lovely hostess gifts!

And I have no idea where I have been, but this was my first time trying a sparkling moscato! YES to that! Yes to all things sparkling and bubbly!

I had a lovely start to my new year and hope you all did too!

Butterflies What Did you do for New Year's Eve? Did you got out or stay in? What were you drinking?

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FTC Disclosure: Wine provided for Editorial Consideration, all opinions are 100% my own! I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway & Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. Things that lure this butterfly out of her cocoon: Technology, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Spirits (Sparkling, Champagne, Prosecco, Sake, Bourbon, Craft Brews), Foodie Fun - really I'm such a *simple girl*.

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Did you watch @kencen #KCHonors? Congrats to the honorees: @GloriaEstefan ‏@LionelRichie ‏@llcoolj @CarmenDances @GloriaEstefan @TheNormanLear


I hope the holidays have been treating you well and that you were surrounded by good food, good friends and family and that very same spirit of good will carries you all into a prosperity filled New Year! I want the best for you all butterflies.

I have been wanting to get to back to Ascending Butterfly's early roots - you know that blissful year we spent together in 2008 that was PR free/Brand Free and Sponsored Post free.

I need a bit more of that in my life to fuel my writing. But when I stare at my computer and those calendar pop ups, sticky notes and notifications remind me just how many sponsored posts (those do keep the lights on), event recaps and overdue Social Media Consulting Deadlines are looming, I put my Op Ed Drafts away and plug away at what I am "supposed" to be doing and "supposed" to be writing about.

But last night I checked out the Kennedy Center Honors on CBS and it filled me with all kinds of feels, and I actually let myself watch it in its entirety without my phone or laptop and really take it in. Again I stress this is NOT a sponsored post, this is just me staying woke. It really was an amazing show to watch and it made history in so many different ways.

After the show I got on Twitter and read what people were posting about the show by following the hashtag, and this was the first tweet I saw:

The New York Times Op Ed regarding Kennedy Center Honors, #KCHonors

This was one of the top tweets on the trending hashtag for the show and I pressed on the article and read it through, re-tweeted it and then went back to Twitter to read more tweets on the hashtag. There were some in support of this Op Ed and others against it.

And it brought to mind a very early memory of an elementary school substitute teacher who asked us if we were familiar with the phrase "America is a Melting Pot", and those that did raised their hands.

She waited until all hands went down and immediately exclaimed "WRONG!".

We were all puzzled and all looked at her quizzically. She said America is NOT a Melting Pot, it's a Salad Bowl.

She exclaimed that in a Melting Pot ingredients 'lose themselves' and become something else entirely as it blends. She said again America was a Salad Bowl because the ingredients do not become something else entirely, they retain their original shape, color and texture.

I honestly was never really sure why she felt the need to teach this lesson, it was not what our teacher was working on with us at that time.

Caroline Kennedy opened the show and there was a not dull moment from beginning to end, here are some of the tweets that stood out for me, if you look carefully at my screen grabs you will see the hearts are red, as these are tweets that I chose to "like" and some I also Re-Tweeted. (Press on each picture to make them bigger so they are easier to read).

@kencenter The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017 All Nominees

Above: Such a nice photo of all the honorees: Top Left: LL Cool J, Top Right: Lionel Richie, Bottom Left Seated: Carmen De Lavallade, Center Seated: Norman Lear and Right Seated: Gloria Estefan

All such noteworthy nominees! 

@llcoolj @kencenter The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017 All Nominees

Above: LL Cool J salutes his fellow Kennedy Center Honorees in this tweet

About the Honorees:

James Todd Smith, also known as LL Cool J is actually one of the youngest honorees and is an Actor, Author, Rapper, and Entrepreneur. 

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017 @llcoolj thanking performers and fellow nominees

Above: This tweet included a great gif, but to screen grab it, it stops the GIF. Since the next honoree is up Lionel, it works.

Lionel Brockman Richie,  is a singer, songwriter and record producer, member of funk and soul band the Commodores, has sold over 90 million records world wide and is a five-time Grammy Award Winner. In 2016 he received the Songwriters Hall of Fame's highest honor, the Johnny Mercer Award. 

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017 @jozenc tweet

Carmen De Lavallade is an Actress, Dancer and Choreographer who was raised by her Aunt Adele who owned one of the first African-American history bookshops and her cousin Janet Collins was the first African-American prima ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera. 

Norman Lear is a Television writer and producer who produced notable 1970's sitcoms including: All in the Family, Sanford and Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons, Good Times and Maude. He also founded the advocacy organization People for the American Way in 1981 and supports first amendment rights and progressive causes.

Gloria Estefan is a Singer, Songwriter, Actress and businesswoman who started off her career as the lead singer in the group "Miami Latin Boys" which was eventually called "Miami Sound Machine"

The tributes that were made during Kennedy Center Honors were all quite moving and many of the presenters and performers who were part of each tribute segment are also noteworthy in their own right.

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017, @kencen tweet

There were so many performers on stage but there was one performance that I think raised the most eyebrows and it was Luke Bryan who performed two of Lionel Richie's hit songs including Penny Lover. He was an un-expected choice for certain, but it was so fun watching everyone in the audience singing along to that song, and many waiting for Lionel's reaction, which was positive.

Dave Chappelle also introduced Norman Lear and thanked him for his shows being pretty much his baby sitter growing up as a latch key kid.

Norman Lear was never afraid to tackle the tough issues and quite frankly his progressive thinking is something we really need more of.

The cast of On Your Feet performed during Gloria Estefan's tribute as well as Becky G. I am linking you to my review of the Broadway Musical On Your Feet because I LOVED it so much, if you haven't seen it or Kinky Boots please get on that like ASAP, and I am also linking you to a post I wrote recapping the Cosmo For Latinas #CFLFunFearless 2014 Awards where I met and nabbed a photo with singer Becky G who performed at the Kennedy Center Honors last night in tribute to Gloria Estefan. (And props to her very Selena inspired top! I see you Becky!)

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017, @mikab98 tweet

Above: I am not sure how readable this one is, so just in case you don't feel like pressing it to make it bigger it reads:

"Watching #KCHONORS reminds me that intellectualism, the arts, empathy, honor, education, activism, and  just plain doing the right thing cannot be dumbed down, unless we let it, its being ignorant, prejudiced, and noninclusive, greedy that is harmful" ~ @mikab98/Doc Brown via Twitter

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017, @ChangeofHabits tweet

Above: My blog template is making some of these way too small, so I am typing this out too:

"Watching the #KCHonors & realizing how excruciating it would have been for this POTUS to celebrate the talents of a Cuban singer, a pioneering dancer, and a philanthropic rapper, & a mulitalented musician who are all people of color & a liberal producer who changed TV forever." ~ @ChangeofHabits/SKeveryday via Twitter

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017, @pauljschutz tweet

Above: This tweet reads:

"In the absence of @POTUS, @realDonaldTrump seeing the #KennedyCenterHonors recognize four tremendous #PoC performers and white ally @NormanLearFilm - whose shows placed black and brown actors front and center on TV screens - makes a powerful statement. This is #America. #KCHonors" ~ @pauljschutz/Paul Schutz

The Kennedy Center Honors #KCHonors 2017, @estateplanjax tweet

Above: This Tweet Reads:

"Take a minute and realize this historic time in history. For the first time since the @KCHonors started, the current @POTUS isn't there. The honorees refused to attend if he was there (so I've read). So tonight, we have the same seat as @realDonaldTrump for the #KCHonors" ~ @estateplanjax/Mark F. Moss, Esq. via Twitter

My Take:

I am saddened and very disappointed that this is the first time in the show's history that our President wasn't there -  for so many reasons and on so many levels.

I will say that the last time something got me this heated was reading about The Poor Door, and I link you to my reaction post on that topic as well, as I can say about many topics, the comments are Gold.

I do understand that the honorees themselves really didn't want him there, and I can't say I blame them quite frankly, but a leader has got to lead, we may be a salad bowl and not a melting pot but this country simply cannot afford to regress. We cannot afford to lose hard fought rights, we cannot afford to be divided by gender and race again. Will history really always be doomed to repeat itself?

Butterflies What Do YOU Think?: Do you think our President should have continued the long standing tradition of attending the Kennedy Center Honors? Why or Why Not? (Please be respectful of each other in your comments, all comments will be moderated before going live!)

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Monday, December 25, 2017

EPIC @BabbleBoxxTeam #BabbleBoxxHoliday Party including: @23andMe @AQUACarpaticaUS @algenist @BadgleyMischka @cinzanoofficial @EarthFootwear @Edible @EdibleSelfie @grandecosmetic_ @JustFabOnline @Match @MyMo_Mochi @Perfumania @SabonNYC @SplashMixers @teaforte @TheOwlsBrew

♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Event Recap Coverage, NOT compensated ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 

Happy Holidays Butterflies!

Wishing all butterflies a very magical day today, I hope you were nice and Santa brought you just what you wanted!

Remember that un-boxing video that I posted via Social Media promising a full recap of BabbleBoxx's Epic Holiday Party? Well here it is! BabbleBoxx as you probably guessed if you are not already a member yourself provides products to influencers and bloggers to share the product love on their channels or blog. I am relatively new and only recently joined, so I was stoked to be invited to the holiday party considering I haven't reviewed my first box yet!

Here are the brands I met at the Bash in mostly alphabetical order (at least my attempt at it with Christmas brain):

#BabbleboxxHoliday @23andme BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: This shot was provided by BabbleBoxx, I did so much talking with the rep from 23andMe that I forgot to nab a shot. I can't wait to try this out and as a science nerd I would love to try out the Health part of the services they offer as well. My understanding is you start with the ancestry kit and can upgrade to a health report for an additional fee. Will share more once I have tried it and have my results, hopefully they will come back and do something fun just for you butterflies.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @AQUACarpaticaUS BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: Us busy New York City Editors have got to stay hydrated and I wasn't passing up on the chance to try "Nature's Most Perfect Water", pretty bold right? The Natural Sparkling Water is Nitrate Free, Sodium Free, Natural Electrolytes, Rich in Bicarbonates and stimulates metabolism, while the Natural Spring Water is Naturally Alkaline ph8,2 and also touts itself as being best for Prenatal and Newborn Care, that is a lot of benefits in a simple bottle of water my friends!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @algenist BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: As much beauty as I review, I must be living under a Beauty Rock, because folks were going nuts for Algenist! I haven't tried them before this event, but did like the feel of the products I played with during the holiday party and am looking forward to trying out my sample of the Genius Liquid Collagen - they use sea algae in their products so I am hoping that the results will be something akin to what I experience with La Mer, you know without the budget busting price tag! One La Mer product = ramen for month as a single gal in the city with no room-mate, Algenist I can swing!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @BadgleyMischka BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: You may remember that Badgley Mischka was in the un-boxing video I sent out, here is a closeup of some blinged out shoes. They were hosting a raffle and a ton of folks I know won, guess who was NOT so lucky. Can't win em all, but who doesn't want blinged out shoes? Can I get an Amen Ladies?

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @cinzanoofficial BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: The folks at Cinzano are magicians I tell you! They can take an $11 bottle of Prosecco and make it taste like a $60 bottle of Prosecco. I'm not sure how they do it, but their Prosecco is fab and I will be featuring here again for New Year's Eve so stay tuned! Can you believe it's almost 2018 already? Pick up some Cinzano Prosecco to ring in your New Year with something sparkling!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @EarthFootwear BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: I was SO STOKED to see one of my favorite footwear brands in attendance, Earth Footwear who are no stranger to my feet and to these pages (Prance Boots (the giveaway is CLOSED, Talera ShoesVeria Shoes) came strong with the Raleigh Boots pictured above which I instantly fell in love with and now they are sold out. THE TORTURE!!!! I must have these particular boots in my life! They are just so me and they are waterproof which I need for the winter!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @Edible BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I finally got to try Edible Arrangements, YUM! I can't believe I hadn't tried them yet. I did attend a conference years ago with their marketing director, but they were attendees of the conference, not exhibitors. Glad I got the chance to finally try them out and also hope they will come back and do something fun!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @EdibleSelfie BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: Have you ever seen a prettier COOKIE? Yes that is me drinking my Cinzano Prosecco and the clever folks at Selffee have taken event photo booths to new heights by putting photos directly onto something edible. Sorry lovelies but I left it in the clear wrapper sealed to take this shot because I wanted to preserve it. Not to brag but it is a little too pretty to eat! Notice my trusty canon camera strap around my neck! My signature ponytail was totally making it presence known that night! I think I could have used a hair touch up booth.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @grandecosmetic_ BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Grande Cosmetics had a great assortment of ready to gift options, their lip kits are the business!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday Sponsors List BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

The folks at provided one of the most unique booth experiences I have had at an event so far! Palm Reading? Nope. Tarot Card Reader? Nope. Tired of guessing? Attendees got a "Lips" reading. They provided a lovely universal red lipstick and then we pressed our lip impressions onto a paper and got a lip reading! My lip reader said that I am super inquisitive and have a strong ability to get to the bottom of things and that I am a natural writer who loves to express myself and my voice through writing. Who knows maybe that novel is in me somewhere waiting to get out! I have never tried a dating service before not on or offline. I have never even tried speed dating before.

I have always described myself as blissfully single. Who knows maybe someone will sweep this butterfly off her feet this year. Do you think the future Mr. Butterfly is waiting for me on Match?

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @MyMo_Mochi BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017Holiday Party 2017

Above: My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream was a very tasty surprise! They surround premium ice cream in a soft gooey dough and they are different from anything I have ever tasted!

See that ball back there? They were taking Holiday Wishes you got to pick someone you would like to surprise with the gift of Mochi. I had to nab a close up:

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @MyMo_Mochi Holiday Wishes Ball BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: There were so many sweet and heartfelt wishes, it was fun reading through a few while I sampled some of the Mochi Ice Cream Flavors

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @MyMo_Mochi deflour yourself hand wipe BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Pictured Above: The Strawberry Flavor and the Cookies and Cream Flavor My/My Mochi Ice Cream Ball, I just had to get a cheeky shot with the hand wipe telling guests to 'deflour yourself"!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @Perfumania BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I am using BabbleBoxx's overview shot from the Perfumania Booth, guests were invited to select a scent which they placed in the handy travel perfume atomizers that you see in the lucite display case. One of my longtime faves, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue was on display, I live for this scent year round although most people only wear it spring or summer.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @Perfumania Vince Camuto Terra for Men BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: I also love wearing men's cologne, I have that chemistry that makes many of them work well for me, I liked Vince Camuto's Terra For Men so I nabbed this close up of it!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @SabonNYC BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I loved SabonNYC's set up, that little tub filled with ornaments though! I am living for this idea, except mine might have ice and alcohol mixed in with the ornaments! LOL

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @SabonNYC Blue Snowflake BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: Isn't that snowflake just too cute?

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @SplashMixers BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: When it is Cocktail Time, I want to prepare them quickly so I can enjoy time with my guests, with Splash Cocktail Mixers you can do just that, add your favorite spirit, or enjoy them as is if you prefer a non-alcohol version!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @teaforte Warming Box BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: I actually nabbed a similar shot but I didn't like the way mine came out, so I borrowed this one from BabbleBoxx.

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @teaforte Holiday Flavors BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Now this is the highest compliment I can actually pay - I am NOT a Tea Drinker, if I am drinking tea it is normally because I have the Flu or a Cold or my throat is sore. I LOVE these. For someone who is not a tea drinker by nature to tell you they can get behind a tea, it's a very high compliment. I also love that they are invented to attach to your cup and not move all around, GENIUS! I am definitely inviting them to come back and do something fun for you butterflies, I can see why they call it "The Exceptional Tea Experience". I think the only other time I have ever enjoyed a cup of tea this much not being sick was when I visited the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco and enjoyed a full Tea Service. This was comfort in a cup!

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @TheOwlsBrew BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017
Above: Ever have that moment where one of you wants a Beer and the other Tea? If you have then The Owls Brew might just be the answer you have been looking for it is BEER & TEA

@teambabbleboxx #BabbleboxxHoliday @TheOwlsBrew That's My Jam BabbleBoxx Holiday Party 2017

Above: That's My Jam was my fave but I also really wanted that cute stuffed owl!


There were gift bag inclusions by some brands that were not in attendance like Just Fab - they offered to send us shoes and so did Earthies, which I am like a kid at Christmas waiting on. I keep stalking my UPS and Fedex Carriers!

I did get a box of love from Mochi Ice Cream and one from Cinzano, so you will see those under separate posts.

There was nothing not to like, the decor was set up by Christmas Central, all the brands were top notch and really engaged and it was plain fun!

Spill Butterflies: What is the best Holiday Party you have ever attended? Why? What is the best Holiday Party you ever hosted?

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% my own! This is an event recap, no compensation has been received, there was a phenomenal gift bag but this in no way influenced my opinions. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway & Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. Things that lure this butterfly out of her cocoon: Technology, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Spirits (Sparkling, Champagne, Prosecco, Sake, Bourbon, Craft Brews), Foodie Fun - really I'm such a *simple girl*.