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Thursday, April 20, 2023

A #420 that is three years in the making! Happy 4/20 day! Here is a round up of brands and products that stand out!

Happy 4/20 day butterflies!

Chronic Pain Warriors, Anxiety Suffererers and Insomniacs This Post is for YOU!

Note: This post does not make medical claims, and you must discuss incorporating CBD into your wellness plans with your physician!



Three years ago I attended a favorite conference, the conference had a ton of lifestyle brands there in addition to their core focus which I definitely loved, and someone urged me to visit a booth called "VERBÖDEN" and try the 'chocolate'. Me thinking it was an artisanal chocolate maker I headed over there as quick as my feet would take me! I met the team and realized the truffles were a little more than I expected. I have to admit this lifelong nerd has never smoked, anything, ever. And while that is still the case, I got a crash course in CBD from the owners who paid very close attention to my very long list of chronic pain issues, insomnia, anxiety and more and suggested I try their CHILL sublingual oil (Full Spectrum) and their no triflin truffles. (I took home the two piece sampler that day and I can tell you just go straight for the 9 count box!)


Those two products will always hold a special place in my heart as that is where my CBD journey began! Just getting started I found the truffles a bit more palatable than the oil at first, over time I got used to just how much quicker you get the benefits when using the sublinguals which I already had some experience with as a sublingual ginseng user.

I want to try more products from their line for sure. For anxiety I lean more toward CHILL and for Insomnia I lean more toward their truffles (not to mention if you have a sweet tooth it is a great way to wind down your evening). I am proud to report they are a Certified B Corp. and they are women led, their CEO Jena Min is such an amazing person and I am so glad to have met her in person. I only wish we would have had the chance to nab a quick photo, but needless to say with them being the only CBD brand there, her team definitely had their hands full that day.



Ancient Nutrition Organic CBD Hemp Oil - 20 mg. (Full Spectrum) This is literally the second sublingual I tried and I was lucky to be able to say this was another winner. Now when I say something is a *winner* I mean 'efficacy' - it works for me! And every time I tried a new brand or product I learned something new, they suggested adding theirs to coffee which I thought was a great idea, since I was having tea the day this arrived I put it in my tea and I didn't find that it altered the taste of the tea much (yes you'll be aware of the mct oil that is used as a carrier) and I enjoyed it a bit more in the tea than as a sublingual. They have this product with caplets in their intermediate kit or you can purchase the oil alone using the link provided at the beginning of this paragraph. I spent awhile with this brand as it was the only one available near me in retail (once the pandemic hit I branched out with ordering products online)



Winged Wellness - (affiliate link, be sure to use the discount code Tracy20) I won an international women's day contest via Instagram this year. It was a perfectly curated combo of some power house brands and Winged Wellness was one of them. I am just starting on a super wide assortment of their products and they are definitely going to need to their own dedicated post, but the first thing that stood out is they are as butterfly centered as I am as you can see on their packaging! They are also women led, founded by Jessica Mulligan.

"The idea to start Winged came after plant medicine saved me from a dark place. I wanted to share the relief I felt with other women and set out to design a product line formulate for women" ~Jessica Mulligan

This literally spoke to *directly* to me. It perfectly encompasses how I feel!

I am literally just starting with the line so a full review is forthcoming as I go along trying out the different products, but I did want to also single out that they have a Dark Chocolate THC Free, Vegan and sugar free ingestible that I want to put on your radar - Dark Chocolate Hibiscus Infused Relaxation Bites with Maca (a female specific adaptogen grown in the mountains of Peru, nourishes glands throughout the body responsible for hormone production and improves mood and stress response) & 5-HTP (an amino acid precursor to serotonin, the brain's "happy" neurotransmitter that is linked to feelings of wellbeing and positive mood) I tend to lean toward Chocolate anything as I have a late night sweet tooth and these are perfect! Crafted by a 4th generation chocolatier utilizing certified organic cacao ethically sourced from a female run co-op farm. Organic CBD that is sourced from broad spectrum hemp extract to help minimize the feelings of stress. Hibiscus flower petal extract adds antioxidant protection and a floral tang to each dark chocolate bite. The reviews are high for these for 'that time of the month' hopefully I have some left by then so I can report back on that specific benefit!

I applied for their ambassador program so keep your fingers crossed butterflies. I'd love to be able to work with them directly - there is just a very strong synergy I feel for the products and brand and what they are trying to achieve. 

I am happy to report that I am an affiliate and if you would like a 20% discount on this product or any other at Winged Wellness enter the code: Tracy20


Medterra True Full Spectrum Deep Sleep CBD Gummies - so you know those ads on Facebook that offer a full size product for the price of shipping the item to you? I pressed on one and discovered this hero product! I read the reviews and the complaints that the shipping was kind of high, but decided to proceed anyway and I am so glad I did. This product definitely delivers and should you see this offer show up on your meta/facebook page, do not hesitate! It was NOT a subscription, just a one time shipping charge for a full size product that arrived to me in perfect condition. Note: my mom, affectionately called "mama butterfly" around these parts, has been stealing these from me and asked me to re-order some! So in one sampling they gained two customers! (By the way I have tried a few beauty products this way since trying this and I have been greatly enjoying these types of offers. Please be careful and do your research make sure when you find these types of offers that they are legit - not all are!)



Highline Wellness CBD Body Oil - I also tried their CBD sleep gummies with melatonin which I did like as well, but the oil is definitely the hero product in their line, it is a combo of marula oil, Jojoba seed oil, vitamin E and Neroli oil, in collaboration with Health and Wellness Guru Hannah Bronfman's HBFIT, it will nourish and soothe your skin it is powered by a potent blend of oils paired with the relaxing and therapeutic qualities of hemp-derived CBD, you will find that your skin will drink it in! I personally would have appreciated a bit of scent with this one, but it is definitely hydrating and I use it while my skin is damp post shower. I do apply a squirt of my fave perfume in my hands and mix it with the oil before applying it onto my skin. (Full disclosure: I was a brand ambassador when I got to try these products. Sadly my affiliate codes expired as I was biting off a bit more than I could chew at the time. I will definitely have to re-apply and hope they will welcome me back!)



For the 'format I never knew I needed award' comes canibrands! This is not a perfume sampler spray bottle, this is a sprayer version from their Cani-Sleep family of CBD sleep products which are natural and non-habit forming, they target all three key sleep phases: relaxing before sleep, falling asleep and staying asleep.  For those of you like me who have issues with your hands, be it Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia you will find this spray format by far the easiest way to use a sublingual. If you drop it, there is no bottle to break and you won't lose product. You can spray it with more accuracy, no fumbling with a dropper and aside from gum or ingestibles is an amazingly easy way to travel with your favorite formulation in your pocket or purse!

They offer four sprays, see collections:

cani-boost for Focus and Energy

cani-mend for Repair and Recovery

cani-fresh for Relaxation and Revitalization

Cani Sleep CBD  for rest + sleep


Over the years I have slowly but surely tried a wide variety of brands and products. Some gifted/sampled and others I have purchased.

Regular readers may know that during the pandemic I spent time studying. First I did a certificate program in Women's Entrepreneurial Studies at eCornell and recently I graduated from NASDAQ's Milestone Circles program. Both of them together felt like the most well rounded, near Masters Degree Level experience out there. And both allowed me to interface and learn and grow from a wide variety of entrepreneurs and study with fellow entrepreneurs. It was a time consuming but totally amazing experience. I have been trying to start writing again more this year. Oddly at the time where I had the most going on, the most to share and the most to say, I genuinely did not have the time. But I did have a ton of sleepless nights studying again, and was glad that I was already well enough into my CBD journey to be able to find products that helped me.

I have been trying to make a conscious effort to support women led brands. Helping other female entrepreneurs succeed be it by supporting them on these pages, or on social media, or of course by purchases, just feels right after spending two years immersed in women's entrepreneurial studies.

If you are asking yourself  'butterfly if these products are so great why do you keep trying others'? Simple, I am still very much learning and trying out different products helps me learn what works best for me, remember dosing might be different from brand to brand as it will be from person to person. If you have questions about dosing always check out a brand FAQ page and feel free to use contact us to ask questions to a rep when you don't see an answer on their page or a review that addresses your specific type of issues. You will find that the brands are always happy to help and will steer you in the right direction.

I have been enjoying the wide range of ways/products that are available and most importantly how effective they are for me. The benefits of the cumulative effects of taking them regularly, and find the topical, ingestible and spray formulation by far to be my favorites.

Readers Sound Off: Have you tried CBD yet? If so what brands and products do you recommend?

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