Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 - Today's Words of Inspiration and Great Giveaways!

Surround Yourself with High-Energy People

Today I am directly quoting one of my favorite sources of inspiration, Dr. Wayne Dyer, in the title of today's inspiration and this quote:

"Choose to be in close proximity to people who are empowering, who appeal to your sense of connection to intention, who see the greatness in you, who feel connected to God, and who live a life that gives evidence that Spirit has found celebration through them."

They say tell me who your friends are, and I can tell you who you are! Are you positive and upbeat? Do your friends drag you down? Are they mired in negativity? Worse still, are they 'glass half-empty' types who are not happy until those around them are un-happy too?

I've been actively applying this inspiration to my own life, and highly encourage you to do the same. Surround yourself with people you respect, people you admire, people who are up-lifting. Don't get me wrong, troubles do no pass some of us by and go torment others. Positive people have problems too, they just don't allow those problems to take over their spirits while they are dealing with them. And because they have learned to remain light spirited, to walk in life not just saying but knowing that they are 'too blessed too be stressed' they attract positive people and experiences unto themselves.

You can possess this spirit also! You can actively choose to make yourself optimistic and face each day with renewed enthusiasm or you can allow your problems to keep you mired in un-happiness. If you remain negative and constantly attract more negative people and experiences to you, you can't grow spiritually, emotionally or even physically!

I love Dr. Dyer's words about surrounding yourself with people who see the 'greatness within you', remember this does not mean surrounding yourself with 'yes men' it means surrounding yourself with people who are quicker to point out what you do well and what you have accomplished that is working for you as opposed to those who would rather spend time nit-picking over 'perceived' flaws.

I always feel like I've had a better day when I've spent it in the company of up-lifting people! Seek out your 'uplifting Ursula' today and send the 'negative Nelly's' to voicemail! Let's actively get uplifted! And don't forget to be a source of high energy to those you love today and everyday.

Use 'Today's Words of Inspiration' as a breathing meditation to still your mind, quiet your thoughts and bring in positive energy. As you inhale bring in only positive energy by saying in your mind, I breathe in positive energy (or you can say creative energy if that is what you wish to create more of) and as you exhale, Affirm out loud today 'I will actively seek out the company of High-Energy and 'Up-Lifting People today and everyday!'

Spend some time each day enjoying focused breathing AND soul guided meditative visualization, in doing so, you can bring about amazing, profound and powerful changes in your life.

Visualize yourself manifesting something unique, guided by universal forces that emerge spontaneously from within your soul. Do this at least twice today and see how by taking a moment away from the hectic pace and breathing in positive energy and affirming what you wish to create, your thinking will become different.

Remember, attitude really does determine altitude.

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Make this your best day ever, Bless and Be Blessed!

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  1. Hey Butterfly,
    I have a Sunshine award for you stop by my blog and pick it up.

    Have a great day!

  2. Tracy, I love Dr Wayne Dyer as well. I always watch his seminars on television. When I was having a bad time in my life, my lawyer of all people told me to go home, wear nice clothes and go to places where people were succeeding and to network with them. When I asked him why he told me the same thing. His words were, "birds of a feather flock together" It is so true. When you are around people you not only pick up their energy but you pick up their habits and mannerisms to a degree, therefore if your "friends" are low lifes with no ambition then you will be also but it also applies to the opposite. If your friends are successful, loving people you will be also. If I had learned this lesson growing up, life would have been different for me. I spent many a night wondering why all the popular kids seemed to flock together and why I wasnt included. If I had taken the qualities I admired in them and applied them to my own life, I wouldnt need to be in the A crowd. I would have my own A crowd and I would have been happy with them and myself. Thank you for your loving, inspirational words yet again.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more on this. Wonderful post!