Monday, April 19, 2010

Winner Announcement - Ascending Butterfly's 'Spring Into Renovation' featuring Mythic Paint and Accubrush Giveaway Winner!

*Congratulations to '~dab' confirmed winner of Ascending Butterfly's 'Spring Into Renovation' featuring Mythic Paint and Accubrush Giveaway! We hope you will send in photos of your room 'before' and 'after' using your Mythic Paint and Accubrush win! I hope you enjoy your room makeover as much I enjoyed using these products to make over my  kitchen! 

Join me in congratulating our winner!

We would like to thank our sponsors, Mythic Paint and Accubrush for this great giveaway! We look forward to working with you both again soon! (and based on the enthusiastic response in your entries it seems like you all feel the same way!). Maybe we can revisit another room makeover giveaway for the holidays! Feel free to post here if you have any thoughts on the idea.

I wanted to remind you all that recently we hosted our very first guest Blogger! Dr. Lee contributed the first article in our new monthly feature 'Mid-Month Moment of Health'. We want to make sure our Butterflies are happy and healthy;  both in  'body', 'mind' and 'soul'. If you missed the article, you can go straight to it HERE (remember to post a comment and welcome Dr. Lee). Let him know how well the excercises are working for you!

Thank You for choosing to spend a part of your day with Ascending Butterfly; and Remember to enter our active giveaways on the upper right hand side of the page!


(1) The latest bag in our 'Spring Into Bags' 2010 Special Feature ends soon so please enter to win the 'Sierra' Cross Body Leather Bag (ARV $196) HERE! Remember to get in your entries by 11:59pm EST on Wednesday 04/21/10 

(2) Our Mother's Day Buying Guide has kicked off with the gift of 'Clean Rest', Win the Gift of CleanRest® - 2 pillows, 2 pillow encasements and 1 mattress encasement in your choice of bedding size! HERE!

(3) The Second Gift in our First Annual Mother's Day Buying Guide is 3 winners will win their choice of gift from The Cream Perfume Company! Including the eco chic packaged cream perfurmes in a wide array of wonderful scents, and even scented body lotions that match the cream perfumes are among the choices you can select from to find mom a perfect gift!

Stay tuned, the next gifts in our Mother's Day Buying Guide will launch soon. Plus the next book in our monthly book club will also be launching soon so please stay tuned!

--Ascending Butterfly's Editorial Team

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*Out of respect for privacy, We post our winner(s) username/comment name(s) instead of full names.