Sunday, September 19, 2010

Official Winner Announcement - Play-Doh Sesame Street Elmo Sit and Spin Giveaway Winner!

**And the Winner is:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - Nicole G. (We know we have multiple Nicole's, please note Nicole has already confirmed her win)

Congrats Nicole!

Our winner's daughter is having a birthday soon, so please join me in congratulating our winner and wishing her dear daughter a very Happy Birthday!

Ascending Butterfly would like to thank our friends at Hasbro & Play-Doh  for sponsoring such an amazing giveaway!

FYI - Our system went crazy and deleted our post entirely for Thursday, September 16th, while I pull my hair out, I just wanted to re-post that the winner of the Elliott Lucca Granada Trapezoid Satchel (in color 'Twilight') was Courtney S. (and again, we know we have multiple Courtneys, this Courtney has already been notified via email and confirmed her win) Courtney I'm sorry your Official Winner's Announcement 'dis-appeared' :(

But I know you will enjoy your new Fall bag! :)

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1) Ends 09/27 - "Fall Into Bags' - Amber Pollard's Taqueria Satchel Giveaway! In a great, smoking hot red color called 'Salsa Picante' (OK with this being Hispanic Heritage Month, I have to admit I totally love the name of this bag!) Enter HERE

3) Coming Soon: The Return of the Ascending Butterfly Monthly Book Club (and other amazing giveaways)!

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** We post our winner usernames instead of full names to protect privacy

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  1. Congrats. Nicole G. hope your little girl enjoys her gift!!wishing her a very happy birthday!!!
    Sry you had problems with your site I really enjoy it!!
    But it's like you've said in your writtings focus on the the wonder to come not the darkness of the moment.