Sunday, September 9, 2012

If you like your Fashion Shows with Ineptitude and a Side of Pretention then by all means @Moroccanoil sponsored @GenArt is your kind of show!

It's been exactly FOUR years since I encountered a level of ineptitude so annoying it warranted a post. I avoid snark like the plague, and normally follow the centuries old sage advice that if I can't find something nice to say about something or someone not to say anything at all. And normally that's exactly what I do. Today I break my amazing record.

Above is the visual image of the invite that I received for today's GenArt's Fresh Faces in Fashion show, below is the email I received inviting me to the event:

=============Original Message======================

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Jeter, Page (LAN-RCN) wrote:


Please submit your request to attend GenArt’s Fresh Faces in Fashion presented by Moroccanoil at New York Fashion Week on Sunday, September 9 at RUNWAY @ Pier 57.  If you have already RSVPed, you will receive a confirmation shortly.

3:30 p.m. - Red carpet media check-in

4 p.m. - Red carpet/Cocktail reception

5 p.m. - Fashion Show

6 p.m. - After Party

The 14th Annual GenArt Fresh Faces in Fashion presented by Morrocanoil will be held on Sunday, September 9 at RUNWAY @ Pier 57 (25 11th Avenue) in Manhattan.  The 2012 Fresh Faces in Fashion program at New York Fashion Week will feature Spring 2013 collections from women’s and men’s ready-to-wear Anne Sofie Madsen, Amanda Lew Kee, Chloe comme Parris, COMEFORBREAKFAST, Gretchen Jones and A-morir.  This year’s Fresh Faces will also feature designer Katungulu Mwendwa from Kenya selected from this year’s GenArt Global program that launched in May.  Moroccanoil will work closely with the designers to create their runway hairstyle looks with special emphasis on hair trends for Spring/Summer 2013.  The Fresh Faces program is the largest and most recognized fashion event of its kind and is a catalyst for emerging designers in the industry, and over the years, many notable designers, such as Rodarte, Vena Cava, Zac Posen and Phillip Lim have participated in the program for their very first runway fashion shows.

Page Jeter

Group Manager | ROGERS&COWAN
8687 Melrose Avenue | 7th Floor | Los Angeles, CA 90069


I submitted my RSVP to both the address on the invite AND the rep, Page Jeter. I even tweeted after sending my RSVP to both @GenArt and the Sponsor @Moroccanoil, perhaps now in hindsight I should have seen it as a sign that @GenArt didn't even have the courtesy to reply to the tweet, but the show sponsor did, here is their reply:

Moroccanoil Aug 30, 11:55am via HootSuite

We're stoked too! MRT @Ascending1: @GenArt Just put in my RSVP I am super stoked for the @Moroccanoil sponsored GenArt Fresh Faces...


It was shades of my recent nightmare experience with Samsung at BlogHer all over again (while I didn't write about that, I did tweet about it, Samsung told me and a few other bloggers during a holiday preview they were hosting we were not 'real press' but anyway I digress, back to today's #failwhale), I arrived early, well before 3:30 pm to be told that 'legitimate press would get the red carpet' and 'just bloggers' were being asked to line up and wait until 4pm to get in. Fine. We were asked to form a line to the left, and then separate people were told to the right, and then just before a quarter to 4pm, they tell us all the line should form to the right, so those of us who were already lined up on the left had to join an existing long line that had been formed on the right despite us all asking which line was the right one. The women at the door couldn't find my name on the list, they ask me to stand to the side, and after watching more than half the line go in, I asked again to speak to Page as she had sent the invite.

I then get told to make another line inside called the 'media line', they also couldn't find my name, and they too asked me to 'stand aside'. I was standing next to the mother of one of the designers who they also wouldn't let in. But oddly enough it seemed if you weren't on the list but was wearing a skirt whose hemline barely covered your underwear, you could just walk right in. The person who took my card kept asking Page what to do, and Page kept walking away and not answering. Finally one grabbed her arm, and said but Page the person said you invited her (this is all within earshot by the way), and she glances at me and said 'I highly doubt it.'. I'd like to know why she highly doubted that SHE invited me? Hopefully the email above will jog both hers, ROGERS&COWAN and GenArt's memory.

Finally they let the designers mom in and since I was standing next to her, I was told that Page said I could just go in and 'stand and watch the show' while people who arrived well after me, some also who weren't on the list were sitting. REALLY? As the young lady was very helpful, I politely declined the option to stand and watch the show and did alert her that she should let Page know that Ascending Butterfly would be posting TONIGHT.

I opted not to stand and watch the show, and stop and post about the abominable treatment instead.

Where in the invite above does it say I was invited to stand and watch the show? I for one don't see it and I can assure you I didn't cut out or edit their email in any way.

So apparently both GenArt and Samsung don't feel Bloggers are 'legimate press'? There are blogs whose monthly site hits run rings around many magazines at this point!

I don't want the generic statement back from anyone at GenArt saying not to hold them responsible for the PR Firm's lack of organization. I won't accept that as a response because I spent a majority of my professional career in conference management and I took responsibility for the actions of each and every member of my team, from door staff to wait staff to account managers. I trained and empowered my staff so when something above and beyond a piece of paper went down they knew how to handle it.

I am absolutely outraged by the pretentiousness, the obnoxious attitudes and downright ineptitude of GenArt's PR firm, ROGERS&COWAN and the so called 'Group Manager', Page Jeter. Honestly, SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

I am so thankful that I never wanted to niche myself, and today was exactly the reason why I never wanted to, I am so glad that my content is not dependent on any single person, event or brand to remain current, fresh and resonate with my readers.

And it couldn't be more odd that this happens literally days before a twitter party where I am a Featured Guest called:  

Bloggers to Brands: Best Practices for Working Together 

The twitter party will be hosted this Thursday, September 13th at 1pm EST, and I encourage all my fellow bloggers as well as brands and PR firms to get in on that chat and learn how to work together, NICELY!

Readers thanks for letting me VENT. I rarely ever need to, but I'm glad you guys are there for me when I do!

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FTC Disclosure: This is obviously NOT a sponsored post!


  1. wow. I'm insanely disgusted with this. How dare they act like this. I guess they didn't want the press that they could have had. Sorry you had to deal with this. It blows my mind.

    1. @Laura - This type of behavior while I always say it will never surprise me, always does! You took the words out of my mouth, DISGUSTED really does accurately describe how I still feel. I thought venting it would release the energy, but I'm still really upset! (So I'll have to sneak in some Yoga before tomorrow's 'eventathon' - I'm seriously looking forward to Fashion Week being over this year!)

      Thanks for your support! :)

      ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  2. Shame on them for treating bloggers in such a shabby manner and if that is how they treat the press, how do they treat the companies that they represent?

    1. @Big Happy Buddha - That's certainly a great question! I've been on both ends, event planning and sponsoring events, and I'd be appalled if I sponsored an event and had ANYONE press or otherwise treated that way.

      ♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ