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{#Empowerment} Recap of Day Two of @Cosmopolitan @funfearlesslife #FunFearlessLife Weekend!

@Cosmopolitan @funfearlesslife #FunFearlessLife

Cosmopolitan Magazine's Fun Fearless Life Weekend was an empowerment experience so big I knew it would take two posts to recap it properly! If you missed our coverage of Day One, click HERE!

Day two started with an Express Core Performance by the Fordham U Cheerleaders and we transitioned straight into "Morning Fitness" with Cosmo Body hosted by Adam Rosante and Tara Stiles:

Adam Rosante Tara Stiles Cosmo Fun Fearless Weekend
Left: Adam Rosante, Right: Tara Stiles

Considering the small space between chairs Adam definitely got everyone's blood pumping and watching Tara do her Yoga Poses in those sky high stilettos and not miss a beat was amazing to watch! I got to do Yoga at Tara's studio Strala in New York which was a great experience and her workouts are included in FitFusion which I got to try in my last Fab Fit Fun Box! (You can check out the review of that box which includes FitFusion HERE)

The first panel of Day Two, "Love Your Body" included Cosmopolitan Editor Joanna Coles as the moderator, Kelly Osbourne, Jillian Michaels and Jennifer Ashton. While all the panelists were wonderful, I have to admit I was refreshingly surprised by Kelly's candor. She was an open book and her fashion line Stories not only runs in plus sizing, but the prices are the SAME regardless of the size, KUDOS to Kelly! Loving your own body with it's scars, cellulite, dimples or fat is where it's at butterflies!

The next panel was called "Invest in You" moderated by Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine US and featuring LearnVest's Founder, Alexa Von Tobel. Zuckerberg isn't the only Harvard Drop Out that went on to great success. From avoiding impulse purchases, asking for the raise you deserve (and the right way to do it!). Financial empowerment certainly helps everything else fall into place! Get control of your finances butterflies!

Alexa Von Tobel Quote and Photo Cosmo Fun Fearless Life Weekend
"At LearnVest, we're working to make financial planning both accessible and affordable so that everyone has the opportunity to get on track financially." ~ Alexa Von Tobel (Left), Right: Joanna Coles

The next panel was "Find Your Voice, Express Yourself", moderated by Laura Brounstein (Special Projects Director Cosmopolitan Magazine) and included Liz Crystal (Chief Marketing Officer at Express), Christene Barberich (Editor-in-Chief Refinery 29), and Katherine Vargas (Director of Hispanic Media, White House). Now this panel was a bit of a disappointment because so much time was spent focusing on what these powerhouses wear, don't get me wrong I get Fashion is important but there is so much more I would have liked to see Cosmo ask these powerful women! They were awesome, the questions asked, not so much. But then again I'm at a different stage in my life than the average age of the conference attendees for this particular event.

Left to Right: Laura Brounstein (Special Projects Director Cosmopolitan Magazine) - Far Left (Moderator), Katherine Vargas (Director of Hispanic Media, White House), Christene Barberich (Editor-in-Chief Refinery 29), Liz Crystal (Chief Marketing Officer at Express)
Gabrielle Union was interviewed solo by Joanna Coles and she was also refreshingly honest and straight-forward, and nothing was off limits. Gabrielle was one of the victims of the celebrity nude photo leak when apple was hacked. Not an easy thing to go through. She then joined the panel "Change the World", with Beverly Bond (Founder of Black Girls Rock), Nina Vaca (CEO and Founder of The Pinnacle Group), and Michelle Mulligan (Editor-in-Chief Cosmopolitan for Latinas).

Left: Gabrielle Union, Right: Joanna Coles
Left: Gabrielle Union, Right: Joanna Coles

Far Left: Joanna Coles (Moderator), Michelle Mulligan (Editor-in-Chief Cosmopolitan for Latinas). Nina Vaca (CEO and Founder of The Pinnacle Group), Beverly Bond (Founder of Black Girls Rock), Far Right: Actress Gabrielle Union

There certainly isn't one formula for 'changing the world', but collectively each of these women are certainly doing their part!

Gabrielle Bernstein Cosmopolitan Magazine Fun Fearless Life Weekend

"The Authentic You" was the focus of Gabrielle Bernstein's talk (pictured above), she is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Author. She is the Author of "Miracles Now 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose" which you can purchase for a low price at Amazon by the pressing on the banner below. (Which helps Ascending Butterfly too! :)

The Empowerment Extravaganza ended with a live concert by Elle King! (Pictured Below)


Fun Fearless Life was an amazing opportunity to get inspired and empowered by women at the top who weren't afraid to share their failures as well as their successes. Every speaker was candid, raw and powerful and un-afraid to claim their gifts and put them to use. That's exactly what I want for myself and each and every single one of you, claim your gifts butterflies and as you fly upwards take a moment to stop and look around and enjoy exactly where you are NOW - you won't get this moment back, you can only make a new one.

Which speaker would you most like to have heard for yourself butterfly?

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  1. I think it's amazing to see so many women sharing and pulling from their own lives to help empower other women .My favorite comment was "There certainly isn't one formula for 'changing the world', but collectively each of these women are certainly doing their part! " that's how I live my life learing from others and hopfully sharing my knowledge .