Wednesday, March 16, 2016

{#WineWednesday} Photo Highlights from @TropicanaAC Winter #Wine Festival

My recent trip to Atlantic City was definitely Epic with a kick off event to preview Atlantic City's Restaurant Week, which coincidentally got extended for a second week (if you missed my coverage of it, click HERE), I also experienced a delicious Chef's Tasting at FIN Seafood Restaurant at Tropicana Atlantic City (if you missed my coverage of the menu tasting click HERE) and on my last day out there I got the opportunity to check out Tropicana's Winter Wine Festival. I always end up extending my trip when I visit there and it always turns out worth it! Always a fun mix of 'work' and 'play'.

I'm going to titillate your Wine Wednesday senses with a bit of what I got to see and sample: (In the order I walked through the room)

Above: Needless to say my eye is immediately drawn to anything with a butterfly, check out this butterfly wine corks holder!

Above: Transport your wine in style with this super cute mini guitar case Wine Holder!

An Etch of Glass Decanter and Wine Glasses

Above: I love the soft leaves pattern on this Wine Decanter and Matching Wine Glasses by An Etch of Glass

An Etch of Glass Decanter and Wine Glasses

Above: For those carrying the wine theme through this grape decanter and matching glasses would be perfect!

An Etch of Glass Decanter and Wine Glasses

Above: These caught my eye as they totally remind me of 'The Scream' painting by Edvard Munch, these would be perfect for that art loving wine lover in your life.

Hank Sauce Hanks Rub Seasoning, Dry Rub

Above: Hanks Rub Seasoning is a dry rub you can use on practically anything!

Hank Sauce Hot Sauce

Above: Hanks was offering a 'Hot Sauce Tasting' and you know I wasn't passing that up!

Hank Sauce Hot Sauce Mystery Brew Witches Brew

Above: I love the 'mystery batch' idea, this one is called 'Witches Brew'

Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, Jewelry, Jewelry Home Parties

Above: Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski is a Jewelry Home Party concept that is a great way to earn extra income!

Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, Butterfly Jewelry Box

Above: Needless to say the butterfly jewelry box caught my eye, sadly it was a display and not for sale!

Taste Artisanal Market presented their Herbal Infused Honey, Marinated Asiago Spread, Southern Pimiento Spread, Spicy Smoked Bacon Pub Cheese and Blue Cheese Walnut Spread

Above: Taste Artisanal Market presented their Herbal Infused Honey, Marinated Asiago Spread, Southern Pimiento Spread, Spicy Smoked Bacon Pub Cheese and Blue Cheese Walnut Spread - these were delish, perfect for your crackers when hosting an at home wine tasting too!

funny napkins from Top Shelf Specialties

Above: These funny napkins from Top Shelf Specialties caught my eye!

funny tees from Top Shelf Specialties

Above: These funny tees are also by Top Shelf Specialties, definitely a fun idea when you and crew visit a winery so you can easily spot each other if you get separated! LOL :-)

Salem Oak Winery

Above: The team at Salem Oak Winery was fun, we tasted from white to red and they were all a slam dunk which for me is pretty rare!

Salem Oak Winery, Julia Marie White Table Wine

Above: One of my standout faves from Salem Oak Winery was their 'Julia-Marie' White Table Wine (Cayuga, not too sweet, not too dry, this one is very balanced)

Monroeville Vineyard and Winery

Above: Monroeville Vineyard and Winery also had a great display

DiMatteo Vineyards, Traminette - a sweet-spicy white wine

Above: We also tasted from white to red with DiMatteo Vineyards, featured is Traminette - a sweet-spicy white wine produced from a new American variety of grape - a cross between gavertz and sevval, a great compliment to seafood, poultry, pork, fresh fruits and desserts. Definitely a great hostess gift!

DiMatteo Vineyards, Crancherry Red Wine

Above: The CranCherry is a perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving and Holiday Meals and certainly an interesting choice with Easter coming up.

Tomasello Winery, Sparkling Blueberry Wine

Above: I had a great tasting with Tomasello Winery and my standout from the tasting was their Sparkling Blueberry Wine (you all know I am a 'bubbles' girl first and foremost! So it was no surprise to me or my palate that this one would be my fave!)

Gourmet Creations presented an assortment of their Veggie Dips and Wine Spreads

Above: Gourmet Creations presented an assortment of their Veggie Dips and Wine Spreads

Bellview Winery

Above: Bellview Winery took us through their wines as well, I am partial to their 'Dry Whites'

Fin Seafood Restaurant

Above: Fin Seafood Restaurant was on hand with some soul-warming soups!

Fin's Award Winning Lobster Bisque and Cape May Clam Chowder

Above: Fin's Award Winning Lobster Bisque and Cape May Clam Chowder was available for purchase. And after tasting enough wine, an eats break is a *MUST*

Amalthea Cellars

Above: Amalthea Cellars took us through tasting from white to red, and again I found myself drawn to the white.

Valenzano Family Winery

Above: We tasted through some great offerings by Valenzano Family Winery and their Vidal Blanc 2014 (crisp with hints of grapefruit, pears, and peaches) was my standout choice!


I love how most Wine Tastings have expanded their offerings to include seminars, tastings, live concerts during the tasting, and an assortment of food and accessories.

I got a strong sense of the passion that each winery puts into their wines, many are family owned, and many of the wineries also shared their food menus.

Tropicana utilized the space well and there was a good deal of walking room (which is one of the complaints I usually have at tastings, the booths tend to be so crammed it's hard to maneuver), and I thought there was an excellent variety of vendors. It was great seeing local wines featured and I want to add some of these New Jersey Wineries to my list, there is nothing more fun than a tasting at the actual winery.

Atlantic City on the whole has seen so many closings in such a short period of time that one of the things I feared was that the remaining Casinos would rest on the fact that they are still standing, Tropicana continues to reinvent itself and offers a wide variety of events and experiences, in fact this spring Ivan Kane's Kiss Kiss a Go-Go is set to launch at the Tropicana (I got invited to the Press Conference for it, but sadly couldn't take the time off!) and will be located inside The Quarter at Tropicana. (You may remember me mentioning Ivan Kane's Royal Jelly Burlesque Nightclub that was inside the (now closed) Revel Casino.) This is nightlife as art and I can't wait to see it for myself. Will report back on it once I have had the opportunity to visit.

Have you attended a Wine Tasting Recently? What is your Favorite Wine? What will you be sipping this Wine Wednesday?

Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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