Monday, February 26, 2018

Made the switch from @CanonUSA to @NikonUSA with a ton of inspiration from @PhotoPlusExpo I am making March #SpringIntoPhotography Month on #AscendingButterflyBlog

Last year's PDN Photo Plus Expo definitely inspired me, like most expos I am hoping to be able to work more closely with some of the exhibitors so I can bring you more in depth coverage on the hottest products instead of a broad overview that doesn't give enough 'meat'.

I am going to make March 'Spring Into Photography' month on Ascending Butterfly and I plan to open with a great giveaway that will help you improve your photos!

I also made the jump from Canon to Nikon - after 7 years of shooting with Canon pretty much exclusively this wasn't an easy thing to do. Before my Canon I had an Olympus Digital Camera and it was also hard making the switch. My Olympus had been with me for a ton of significant life moments and milestones. It was hard to wrap my mind around a new Camera - but my blog had picked up a lot of momentum by then so when my Olympus conked out I knew I needed an upgrade and that camera was a big upgrade.

But I really want to focus a bit more on my photography and my Canon wasn't giving me the same results it was giving me in the beginning. Instead of waiting for it to die out on me totally I thought I would put the decision in my own hands this time.

Just like when my HP desktop died and I switched to a gaming rig laptop from ASUS, I have been finding change to be a very good thing, and I hope it works this way with my new Nikon as well.

I am going to be honest I am tempted by SONY and I still plan to test them out - if you are wondering - *weight* is a factor that swayed me to NIKON - my CANON was *HEAVY* and I wanted something lighter as I do a lot of commuting throughout the city during the day, I wanted a lighter DSLR but I didn't want to give up picture quality.

I also wanted to be able to transfer photos from my Camera to my Phone wirelessly and Nikon has me covered there as well.

So here is my very first photo shot with my new camera:

Tarot Cards, The Lovers Tarot Card, Strength Tarot Card, The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Cards, Photography, Nikon D3300
I keep these Tarot Cards on my mirror, I was so eager to shoot something I grabbed the first thing I saw, but they are pretty good for a motivation Monday right? Who doesn't want love, strength and fortune?


So there is a bit more change on the way as I am contemplating either a site redesign or a complete re-branding. I'm an Aries, so I have a built in need to pioneer and re-invent myself. I have this strong need to revamp literally *everything* this year. On a personal level it's hair, I'm ready for a chop so if it is long enough I will donate the hair to a cancer charity like I did last time with Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I have been keeping true to my personal and blog theme this year - "Self-Care" and just recently getting over the FLU (which was horrible this year by the way), taking some time for Self Care has been more important than ever.

I will be attending one of my favorite annual events at a New York City Landmark on Tuesday! Another reason I wanted to break in my new camera so I could be ready, this event is a photography lovers dream! If you aren't already make sure to follow @Ascending1 via Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

Spill Butterflies: Do you shoot with a Digital Camera/DSLR or do you mostly use your smartphone for capturing the moment? (Your answer may just sway an upcoming giveaway so answer with care and stay tuned!)

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