Friday, March 24, 2023

Do you like rooting for the underdog? Here's your chance! #SephoraSquad2023

Am I a glutton for punishment or just the most persistent blogger on the planet?


Do you remember Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures and its successor show, Animaniacs? She would chase kittens and say "I'm gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever. I love cats I love kitties, squeeze them into itty bittys!" - You have to admit that Elmyra was cough *persistent*. That is how I am feeling going into another year of applying for Sephora Squad.

During College one of my many part time jobs was selling Classified Ads for a local paper. Sales in general help you develop a tough skin. You learn to let rejection roll off your back and take it in stride. I am sure you remember I tried in 2022, here is the link to my post:

Why I feel 2023 is *my year*

🦋 Sometimes doing something different just pulls you right back into what you love doing. 

I started off as a print journalist, a human interest reporter to be exact. Eventually a pro film critic. Then it was lifestyle pieces for magazines, and then a television newswriter. I came into blogging 'backwards' - most people start here hoping to propel into mainstream media. All this time during the pandemic I haven't been writing on these pages as often because I was in back to back Post Graduate study programs. I already have my Bachelors of Arts in Mass Media Communications, and used these programs as a tool to figure out whether or not to pursue a Masters. These programs, both run vastly different, one by eCornell and the other the Milestone Circles program sponsored by NASDAQ both had me tap into various sides of myself. Both prepared me to dive harder into my serial entrepreneurial pursuits.

🦋 Connections.

Both programs created a sisterhood during the cohorts of women Entrepreneurs in different stages of their journeys. Those connections very much lit a spark within me in many ways. But the one thing that both my studies and connecting with other Entrepreneurs had in common was that they motivated me to want to re-engage with my own community more.

🦋 Women Led/Women Owned/Women Founded

The beauty industry is often women led brands. It is the place where women create that seat at the table for themselves and other women. It dovetails perfectly with all I have learned during my multi year deep dive into the challenges of being a Woman Entrepreneur. When I started Ascending Butterfly in 2008 I was already a ghost writer for brand social media pages and a contributing writer to an award winning brand blog. So when I started my own digital space I knew it was important to me to work with women-led brands, entrepreneurs of color and brands that focus on giving to charitable causes.


The nature of brand Ambassadorships have morphed quite a bit throughout the years, but it still my remains my favorite ways to work with brands. It gives me an inside view of a brand and deepens my relationships with them. I love that they often come with the opportunities to host giveaways, offer exclusive discount codes and many times there are headquarters visits which I always find exciting! What delights me about the chance to work with Sephora is that they carry such a wide variety of products - they literally have something for everyone. I was smart enough at the onset of my blog to know that it needed to match my personality - I never wanted to be 'niched'. If someone had to put me in a box I only allowed it to be *lifestyle* or *empowerment* not a specific type of industry or product. For most that would prove a challenge, but for me (and maybe that is the Aries in me) I loved the opportunity to breeze in and out of topics and let them be as varied as my interests. As you may know I started a new Ambassadorship this year with Pure Encapsulations. For me health and beauty start from within, and working with Pure has made me even more selective with what I put in my body.
🦋So much to say!
Truth be told while my nose was in the books, I had so much to say. But I knew myself enough to know that to succeed as a student again I needed to focus. I knew just how easily events, a plethora of products and developing new interests could become a distraction if I took every thought to my blog. Now that my studying is over, I can dive back into my community, with a renewed sense of purpose and energy and I can get back to writing/blogging and photography again. 
🦋 JOY!
Learning really sparks joy in me. One of the things about this Ambassadorship that delights me is getting access to learning opportunities from the best and brightest in the industry. My love of beauty was born from the joy of alchemy. From making my own signature lipstick color because what was on the market at the time didn't suit me, to making my own signature fragrance and even mixing products to get a concealer and foundation that is a match for my skin tone (all this as a teen) has made me realize I am still very much excited by the beauty industry and there is still so much to learn. 
🦋 Where you come in: 
I am going to need testimonials to move to the next round and then votes when I get there! Here is the link to provide your testimonial:
Just for clarity - they want to hear what about my blog or my social feeds resonate with you. So men you too can leave a testimonial, this is not just how I inspire people when it comes to makeup, skincare and hair care but in general.
🦋 Readers Sound Off: How does the Ascending Butterfly community inspire you?
While I have always had my hesitations when it comes to voting contests (they end up feeling more like a popularity contest to me) I do love a challenge and I know this year I am very much up for new challenges personally and professionally! 
So right now, I am a just a blogger, standing in front of a brand, asking them to include her. (If you picked up the Notting Hill vibes I put down, you really are my people!)

 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•●•٠·˙˙·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•●•٠·˙˙·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•●•٠·˙

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  1. I hope the contest goes well for you. I’m right with you - I love a challenge as well! Good luck!


  2. Thanks for sharing her story. It's great to know women supporting fellow women. This industry is amazing. Its a great opportunity to work with brands that we love and learn many things.

  3. I’ve been following Tracy for years. She is incredibly bright and talented and has such a way with words she is amazing!

  4. I love that they're women-owned and led. Best of luck in your applications to work with them!

  5. So many wonderful things to say. I haven't had too many ambassadorships but the ones I've had I really did enjoy. Like you said, they do give you a deeper understanding of the brand.

  6. I haven't done and ambassadorships before but worked with a few brands.

  7. Ambassadorships are brilliant. Ambassadorships led by women. Even better. Good luck. you'll rock at it.

  8. I stumbled upon your article about rooting for the underdog and found it quite interesting. I love how you highlighted the importance of empathy and the potential benefits of rooting for the underdog. Keep up the great work!

  9. Good luck in the contest! I like doing partnerships too it has always been my biggest side project aside from my photography.

  10. Oohh's been a while since I last saw the consistent you here! I didn't know you were that busy during that entire time. Well done for yourself. Let me work on that testimonial.