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Monday, December 22, 2014

{#Movies} Looking for a family flick to see for the holidays? Check out @AnnieMovie #NorwegianMOMS

Annie Theatrical Movie Poster
Annie Theatrical Movie Poster

As my butterflies know I am NOT a Mom, and I do NOT have children, but that doesn't mean I don't occasionally enjoy a family friendly movie or two. (My movie genre of preference is actually Horror, but there aren't exactly a ton of horror flicks being released during Christmas! LOL Although 'Dexter Claus' has a kind of nice ring to it right?).

I recently had the opportunity to see the new Annie movie at a very special screening hosted by The Moms which was sponsored by Norwegian (ssh don't tell anyone but I have never actually taken a cruise before, I'm a 'Cruise Virgin') and held in the Sony Screening Room in New York City!

And while I am a huge lover of music, I am not normally a big fan of musicals, so I always approach them with a bit of caution, I tend to find them contrived as life doesn't come with people spontaneously bursting into song for hours. So when I actually enjoy a musical - be it a play or a movie, it surprises even me. I read so many bad reviews on this one, and honestly it surprises me. I found it a perfect family movie, and I thought it was very well cast, had a great pace, and the songs were done well.

I get that we all know the story by now, but so many movies have been re-made with the actors of that generation that I hate to see this one getting so much backlash when it was very well done.  I'm not a big instagram lover and the movie even made me see it in a whole new way! (No spoilers here, but it's the most creative use of a social media channel integrated into a movie - second only to the Facebook movie of course!)

After the screening there was a Questions and Answers Session with the young ladies who play the 'Foster Kids' in the movie, they are not 'orphans' in this movie, they are 'Foster Kids'. Here is the video:

Photos from the Questions and Answers:

@AnnieMovie #AnnieMOMS #NorwegianMOMS Annie 2014

@AnnieMovie #AnnieMOMS #NorwegianMOMS Annie 2014, Annie Mamarazzi
Far Left: Denise Albert of THE MOMS, to her left Nicolette Pierini who portrays 'Mia', then Zoe Margaret Colletti who portrays 'Tessie', then Eden Duncan-Smith who portrays 'Isabella' and Amanda Troya who portrays 'Pepper' and Far Right: Melissa Musen Gerstein of THE MOMS.

My Take:

Oddly enough I was invited to a Sony screening before this one where Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis were slated to appear but I wasn't available that night so I was super happy that the chance to catch this movie came around again at a time that I was available to see it!

I personally liked the twists that made this more modern and up-to-date.

Will you catch a movie this Christmas this Butterfly? If you do go so see Annie, then come back here and let us know what you thought!

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