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Monday, March 9, 2020

An equal world is an enabled world #IWD2020 #EachforEqual #MotivationMonday #everydayIWD

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International Women's Day 2020
IMAGE: Libbi Reed

I hope International Women's Day 2020 didn't pass you by this year.

It is never too late to celebrate the women in your life:

Your Mother
Your Daughter
Your Aunt
Your Grandmother
Your Wife
Your Niece

I link you to International Women's Day website above, but I couldn't help but borrow this amazing quote from their website:

"An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender equal world? Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality."

They have a page devoted to increasing the visibility of women creatives and to promote their work for commercial projects in a number of fields and industries. You can find it here:

And the page celebrating street artists worldwide is also a great read, I would love to see more women street artists earn a good commercial living from their passion!

I am a writer and photographer, and it is a struggle to make a living doing what I love, any chance I get to support female led companies/brands is important to me.

The 2020 Presidential Race saw the most female candidates in history, it literally breaks my heart that there are none left in the race.

Just like we are getting better at encouraging our girls to enter tech and sciences, I hope we begin to make strides in encouraging young women to enter politics. I hope female politicians put strong internship programs in place to allow those women who strive toward a career in politics to have a training ground.

I found out quite randomly via twitter that clothing company M.M.LaFleur (Twitter: @mmlafleur) will actually loan clothes to women seeking to run for political office! Now that my butterflies is putting your money where your mouth is about supporting women. I haven't researched this particular topic extensively but hope to learn of other brands following suit. (No pun intended!) Fellow NYC peeps should RSVP for their Complimentary In-Person Styling at their event on 03/11 to celebrate International Women's Day - your hour long appointment comes with complimentary hemline alterations in stores only and a prosecco to toast your wardrobe refresh!

Another Twitter account to put on your radar if The Oval Office is in your future is @CAWP_RU - Center for American Women and Politics.

I love all the hashtags but my favorite has to be #everydayIWD and I plan to follow it more closely to stay inspired, motivated and empowered.

And while I normally steer clear of politics on these pages, I do want to strongly encourage you all to use the power of your vote, it is more important than ever that each and every single voter makes it to the polls.

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