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Thursday, February 16, 2023

A media preview day like no other! The Orchid Show: Natural Heritage to begin this Saturday at The New York Botanical Garden #LilyKwongNYBG

Caption: Video highlights of 'The Orchid Show: Natural Heritage'

I spent my Valentine's Day immersing myself in an exotic Chinese mountain landscape lost in an oasis of Orchids!

There are two sure sings of spring for me as a New Yorker - the Mr. Softee truck (which in all fairness I haven't heard yet) and my personal favorite, the annual Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. An annual event I have attended with family well before I started blogging about it!

The New York Botanical Garden Orchid show is now in its 20th year! This year the show reflects the vision of landscape artist and designer Lily Kwong. The Orchid Show begins this Saturday, February 18 and will run through April 23rd.

Caption: Opening remarks from the Media Preview of the 2023 Orchid Show

Jennifer Bernstein, Chief Executive Officer and The William Steere Sr. President of The New York Botanical Garden opened the Media Preview. When she introduced us to Lily Kwong whose work she described as being at "the junction of horticulture, urban design, contemporary art, climate awareness, urban agriculture, and wellness." who reconnects "people to nature through transformative landscape projects and site specific botanical art installations. Her work here is both meditative and captivating."

Caption: Designer Lily Kwong, 'The Orchid Show: Natural Heritage' - Ms. Kwong's off the shoulder pant suit was designed by her cousin Joseph Altuzarra.
Stop for a moment to press on this photo and make it bigger! For anyone who knows how hard it is to capture a speaker and get that 'perfect shot' this one is for you! Her hand is on her heart in this photo and I feel it captures her authenticity so perfectly!

Ms. Kwong studied Landscape Design at New York Botanical Garden in 2017 and she is both the first woman and first person of color invited to to be a guest designer for The Orchid Show. (and I personally want to see MORE of this happen!) Her designer touch has also been seen in botanical installations at The Highline in New York City, Faena Arts in Miami, Grand Central Terminal in New York City, and Taipei Night Market.

Caption: The Palm Fountain at The New York Botanical Garden transformed for "The Orchid Show: Natural Heritage" designed by Lily Kwong

Ms. Kwong was inspired by four scrolls given to her family by her grandparents who were born in Shanghai, those scrolls with their depictions of mountainous landscapes helped to foster her imagination and were the inspiration for her design of this year's Orchid Show. She said of the scrolls:
"When you are a second-generation immigrant, that's sometimes how the proverbial homeland can feel, like a fantasy you're attracted to but always feels an arm's length away."
~Lily Kwong

















Caption: While Marc Hachadourian, Director of Glasshouse Collections waits for the media to catch up during the tour inside the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, I captured this random shot of designer Lily Kwong and I couldn't help but include it!  

The show draws from traditional Chinese landscape design and garden design principles. Composer Gary Gunn adds to the immersive experience with music and sounds created from field recordings from the countries in which these orchids are endemic.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the meditative walkway that features medicinal and rare orchids that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. And a very peaceful waterfall feature adds to the moment of zen that awaits.

"The Orchid Grows Where Others Cannot"

My Take:
I loved the exhibit. I can't help but share a collective 'aw' moment. Ms. Kwong dedicated the show to her 92-year-old grandmother, Jeanette Wei, whose given name ironically means "Healthy Orchid" and her great-grandfather was an herbalist who opened up the trade of Chinese Herbs outside of China.

It was great to know the very personal connections that resonated so deeply with her and influenced her design style.

I am also thrilled to report the return of Orchid Evenings at The New York Botanical Garden starting Saturday March 18th. There are only six evenings scheduled: 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15 & 4/22. From 7-10. Entry times are at 7, 7:30 and 8 pm. Non-member adults of 21+ is priced at $39 and Member/Patron is priced at $29. Remember Orchid Nights are for adults 21 years of age and older. Advance purchase recommended.

This would be an amazing date night, and for my fellow bloggers/influencers, a great backdrop to take photos!

This is a show you won't want to miss!
Readers Sound Off: 
I love that artwork in her home passed down from her grandparents led to such an amazing creative vision. Is there a special piece of artwork from your childhood that has inspired your creativity as an adult?

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