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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This Lifelong #Insomniac is taking back the night thanks to @ZzzQuil and @Influenster #Zzzquil #SleepLovers #Zzzquilvoxbox

#ad: This is not a compensated campaign, however an Influenster #Zzzquilvoxbox was sent to us for editorial consideration. Full Disclosure Below.

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I am a lifelong insomniac. I have tried everything, hot baths, turning off digital and the TV, meditation, you name it I have probably tried it.

While I was much younger it was great, I could read, get more studying done, cram for exams, write reports, etc.

As I got older and entered the workforce, my insomnia would let me work into the night, moving me ahead quicker. And working in International Corporations this proved useful as conference calls needed to happen in the time zone that was best for the client. Often times wee hours of the morning here in NYC.

As a blogger, most of my writing is done during 'graveyard' hours when most of the world is asleep. (Not that the noise level goes down very much in New York City, but it dies down enough to concentrate a bit better late at night).

I have to say all these sleepless nights are starting to catch up with me. They affect my mood during the day, and I tend to graze more to keep my body fueled as I am not quite giving it the rest it wants, needs and deserves.

Perhaps all my late night insomnia tweets got noticed because when I found out I qualified for an Influenster #ZzzquilVoxBox I definitely jumped at the chance. Was someone reading my tweets and reading my mind?

So tonight I am going to try these. I will report back to you all later, I have been secretly testing various 'natural, non-habit forming' supplements (on my own dime by the way with the exception of these) and have one other thing I want to test and then will come back to you guys with a full even-handed recap of my progress and results with getting a better night's sleep!

I have a very strong feeling that winning the Lotto, Mega Millions or Powerball would go a very long way in helping me sleep better at night! OK Universe, are you listening? Let's put THIS theory to the test ASAP! LOL

In the meantime folks #TheStruggleIsReal

And as always, another (NON) Wordless Wednesday was had by all.

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Butterflies/Readers: What helps YOU to get a good night's rest?

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