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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

They wore Black to the @goldenglobes and this New Yorker loved every minute of it! For the first time ever we are discussing #GoldenGlobes and #Fashion #TIMESUP #WhyWeWearBlack #MeToo


Award Show season is in full swing my butterflies.

For the history of my blogging career before and after most award shows I get a ton of news releases asking me to share what designers were worn, what makeup was used on who even what shampoo and haircare products were used.

I rarely blog about award shows and when I do it is usually not because of the Fashion, or the makeup, or the haircare products or the jewels they wore.

I rarely write about celebs on these pages either, when I do it is because of a charitable initiative or way they are giving back.

In December I blogged a bit about The Kennedy Center Honors for many reasons, including our President's notable absence from the ceremonies, which has been attended by The President of the United States since the inception of the ceremony, in case you missed it, my blog about it can be found HERE.

For the first time I am blogging about Fashion Choices at an Award Show, because They Wore Black and WHY they wore black:

75th Annual Golden Globes, Nicole Kidman, Allison Janney, Kerry Washington, Penelope Cruz

Above: Left: Nicole Kidman, Allison Janney, Kerry Washington and Far Right: Penelope Cruz - this was borrowed directly from Golden Globes Website, and someone really should let them know they have this captioned wrong they have Penelope Cruz captioned as Salma Hayek - for shame Golden Globes, you need a new Editor!

#whywewearblack is a hashtag that was actually trending BEFORE the Golden Globes. The entertainment industry's most prominent female voices in the industry made a statement of solidarity with their Fashion choices and the #metoo movement strongly influenced the Golden Globes. The CNN has a great article on how the #metoo movement was coloring the Globes ahead of time HERE - it compiles some of the posts made by celebs who used their social media platforms to raise additional awareness.

While the Golden Globes is an award show that many celebs have used their acceptance speeches in the past to share about causes they were passionate about, this year you knew those causes not only with a pin, not only in their speech, but the moment they stepped out on that carpet, it was a POWERFUL display of solidarity.

I remember watching a recent Dave Chappele's Comedy Stand up Special, where he said something I had a recent conversation on, after all these allegations have come to light, if women don't keep up the momentum things will get that much worse and that much harder. On that I very much agree. And this Red Carpet was just that show of solidarity and strength I would love to see continue and grow bigger.

I am a born and raised New Yorker, the color black is almost a daily uniform here, but to see that ocean of black on the red carpet of The Golden Globes filled my heart with pride. I live in a city where many woman have experienced sexual harassment, not just in the workplace but on the commute in the subway, just walking down the street and it is NOT acceptable. It has got to stop!

"We wear black in solidarity with men and women asking for equality, respect and meaningful change within all industries." ~Amy Schumer

Rosario Dawson did a great job with her instagram video (follow her while you are there) in support of the efforts of Times Up Now and the Times Up Legal Defense Fund who utilizes the monies raised to subsidize legal support for men, women, disabled persons, LGBTQIA who have experienced sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace. I also love her makeup free delivery on this one as well, way to go Rosario! She also thanks others who have come forward with their stories.

"It's time to celebrate each other - not just the nominees on our film and television screens but our storytellers who have bravely come forward and courageously shared their stories and liberated so many of us too." ~Rosario Dawson

Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Brie Larson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tessa Thompson and Rashida Jones posted a video and you can find that one on Instagram as well on Kerry Washington's Page HERE (follow while you are there!) The group's efforts has driven donations to the legal fund which has raised over $15.7 million to date!

"Wondering #WhyWeWearBlack ?!?!?! Because we stand with YOU! We stand in solidarity. Together we can end harassment, discrimination & abuse. And create safety, inclusion, equity & parity! FOR ALL PEOPLE. ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES" ~Kerry Washington

Gal Gadot at 75th Annual Golden Globes
Above: Gal Gadot at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

It annoys me to no end that the only thing people are focusing on about Gal Gadot is her $6 lipstick, I would rather focus on her solidarity to the cause instead. (And secretly admit that I hope the rumors are true about Lynda Carter joining her for Wonder Woman 2)

Women Empowering Women is how 2018 has begun, and this momentum needs to continue.

And while it is sometimes a sore spot in personal conversations with parent friends, I am going to use my platform to remind women who are mothers with sons, that YOU need to teach your son how to be a gentleman, the way he treats women later has much to do with how you raise him NOW. Teach your son to wash his own dishes and laundry, sew his own buttons, iron his own clothes, seek a partner in life because he loves her, not because he needs a replacement mother. Be careful with music videos and listen to how his circle of friends refer to girls and young women, you can set good foundations.

Women can't keep complaining about sexist pigs when they are raising them! We have to do better!

As Fashion has always been the yardstick by which women have been measured and let's face it how we often measure ourselves and each other, for women to turn the tables and turn their fashion on the most watched moment of the year on it's ear and use their very fashion - the thing men notice about us - and use it to make such a powerful political statement is one of the most amazing ways this year could have started in my opinion.

While my Facebook feed has been filled with people 'who just wanted to see pretty dresses' and didn't want 'politics mixed in with their entertainment' - sorry, not sorry to all of you but wake up. Get Woke. If women don't stand up and fight for their place, fight for the respect they deserve and the equality they deserve in the workplace and beyond, we are going to be in trouble, these are going to be the longest four years in history with the person who wants to take us back to the 50's.

That was the point of the show of solidarity people, we are not just stick figure Barbie's who need to dress pretty and put on a show, we are hard working human beings deserving of respect.

And there is also the talk of Oprah Winfrey running for President. I have no idea whether or not she will or she won't, but I can tell you we need to use this impetus to channel and funnel it into a woman taking the White House in 2020. That is not going to be easy.

But think about this, for any Presidential Election, it takes someone with smarts and resources (or the ability to drum up quite a bit of funding) - Oprah is smart, resourceful, always put her money where her mouth is, doesn't back down and has her own school for pete's sake, trying to think of a male candidate in the history of the Presidential Race who came into the game already having built schools.....can you think of one?

In my opinion Presidential Elections have never been more than deciding who the lesser of two evils is.

Don't you want your vote to stand for MORE than that?

Don't you want to vote for a candidate that is smart, savvy, generous, informed and actually gives an eff about people and this planet? I know I do.

Tarana Burke, Social Activist and founder of the #MeToo (2006), Right: Michelle Williams, Actress at the 75th Annual Golden Globes

Above: Far Left: Tarana Burke, Social Activist and founder of the #MeToo (2006), Right: Michelle Williams, Actress at the 75th Annual Golden Globes.

Aside from wearing black, many actresses also chose to walk the carpet with activists. This year entertainment reporters were tasked with more than just the "what are you wearing question", it was the "who you are with". And it often made them uncomfortable. But when the pre-carpet arrivals included Debra Messings talking about the wage gap at E! while being interviewed by E!, twitter was LIT and it was amazing to see!

It is the #MeToo movement that colored this whole thing. Tarana Burke founded the movement in 2006, and at a very early age she was the victim of sexual assault, the movement picked up momentum again when Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted about it in response to the Harvey Weinstein Allegations unaware of the earlier movement.

The movement was born when Ms. Burke met a young woman named Heaven who had shared with her a story of assault and Ms. Burke regretted not telling Heaven, 'Me Too' and sharing her story with that young woman, and that is how the movement was born.

And now the movement has become a force to be reckoned with.

I hate still seeing commentary that focuses on who started the movement, Tarana did. I hate the commentary talking about Alyssa taking anything away from women of color, she didn't do her research, that she didn't know the movement already existed.

She posted as soon as she learned about it, and quite frankly if her tweets revived the IMPORTANCE of this movement, I'll take it.

Women need to be outspoken and bring these stories to the light.

When it took off again on social, women on my Facebook Feed shared their stories. It was incredibly moving and made my heart hurt to know so many women I actually know have been victims of assault or sexual abuse.

Tracy Iglesias of Ascending Butterfly #MeToo Story

Above: This was me the year my #MeToo happened.

While I only wrote #MeToo as a status update, I never really shared my story. I know many found it odd, I have been in journalism for over 20 years now.  I'm a Bronxite. A New Yorker, and I am incredibly outspoken, especially about causes I am passionate about. (I started backwards so to speak, first as a Television News Writer, then Editor for a popular Newspaper, then went to Magazines, then when I went Digital in 2008 I was blogging for a high end handbag line before starting my own blog shortly after in 2009). I know many people were waiting for the whole story. Some sent Direct Messages, others just taggged me on their stories after seeing my status update with the hashtag.

It seems only fitting to share my story now.

As a College Sophomore I was attacked on Campus. I lived at home, that school has no dorms, and while I fought off my attacker and he did not succeed, it shook me to my core. At the time I was studying Taekwondo and while I am sure my Martial Arts Background worked to my advantage in taking back the control despite the element of surprise, it remains with me to this day. I have had a gun held to my head on a subway train although that was an attempted mugging, also not successful for my attacker, and incidents like this rob you of feeling secure in the places you visit everyday. The places you can't avoid, the places where you should always be safe.

My Take:

I did not miss the annual pre-carpet Fashion Show one bit, I did LOVE the pre-carpet showing women standing up for women. Showing women highlighting the work of amazing activists, of women sharing their passions and not just the name of a Fashion House. MORE OF THIS, YES PLEASE.

And because I want you to be very careful on your responses, I was NOT wearing what I was wearing in this photo on either occassion, NOT that it should matter, I selected this photo because I am wearing a black dress and that is the year the incident occurred.

I hope PR firms do not even bother with their press releases about who was wearing what dress, what makeup, what shoes, what jewelry, again I focus on empowerment, all those other things are nice and have their time and their place, but please understand this award show and it's 'red carpet' was WAY more than that.


Butterflies - Do you have a #MeToo story? Do you know someone who has a #MeToo story? If you posted yours be it your blog or your social channel, please share and by all means post the link to your story as well.

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