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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Check out the #Photo Highlights from @kimcoles show #ohbutwaittheresmore + Mama Butterfly's Birthday!

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Butterflies the day I keep it entirely Wordless on a Wordless Wednesday you should probably WORRY! I'm not good at the whole wordless thing which is probably what drove me to blogging in the first place! The reason there are words in this post are a good one. This is a tale of Twitter. And Twitter is what I do best, I'm sort of like the 'Tigger of Twitter' - and you know from Winnie The Pooh, that the wonderful thing about Tigger is that Tigger is a wonderful thing!

Actress Kim Coles is one of the first 'celeb' followers on Ascending Butterfly, Kim and Dita Von Teese are the two first celebs to really get me! With Kim I share a love of inspiring others and much like Wendy Williams says often 'she's like my best friend in my head'. Kim put out the call on twitter that she was hosting a contest to win tickets to her one woman show while the show was here in New York City, and I entered and won! I couldn't have possibly been more excited. One of the things that always excites me about Blogging Conferences is finally meeting the bloggers I've spoken to only virtually for so many years in person. And that is the same excitement and enthusiasm I felt at heading off to see Kim's show.

In fact that night was My Mom, Mama Butterfly's Birthday so we headed off to the West Bank Cafe's Laurie Beechman Theatre together to check out the show and celebrate mom's birthday! (I highly recommend ordering the bottle of Prosecco and the Fried Calamari).

Here are my photo highlights:

West Bank Cafe Laurie Beechman Theatre
Once you enter the West Bank Cafe and walk towards the back, there is a stairwell down to the Laurie Beechman Theatre

Ascending Butterfly and Mama Butterfly at the West Bank Cafe Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City
Left: Me! Ascending Butterfly (the red top I am wearing is by Igigi!) and Right: My mom, Mama Butterfly, Happy Birthday Mom!

Actress Kim Coles signs autograph at Oh Wait But There's More one Woman show post show meet and greet at West Bank Cafe Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City
After the performance there was a meet and greet! Left: A cut off Mama Butterfly and Right: Actress Kim Coles

Left Mama Butterfly Right Actress Kim Coles signs autograph at Oh Wait But There's More one Woman show post show meet and greet at West Bank Cafe Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City
That's Better! Left: My Mom, 'Mama Butterfly' and Right: Actress Kim Coles signing an autograph!

Actress Kim Coles poses with fans during post performance meet and great of one woman show Oh Wait But There's More at the West Bank Cafe Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City
Left: My Mom, 'Mama Butterfly' (The Leather Jacket Mama Butterfly is wearing is by Wilson's Leather), Center: Actress Kim Coles, and Right: ME! Ascending Butterfly (the trench coat I am wearing is also by Wilson's Leather!)

My Take:

Most of you probably best remember Kim Coles from the hit television series 'Living Single' that featured an amazing ensemble cast. Her character 'Synclair James-Jones' was sweet and naive and the popularity the show gained brought Kim the Actress fame and success, but like every life journey she has had many challenges along the way, her one-woman show 'Oh Wait, But There's More!" chronicles the arc of her performing career from it's start to where she is today. It's very raw, honest and powerful, her innate sense of humor and good nature shines through all the way. And the meet and greet after was amazing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these to me are absolutely priceless. It was fantastic to finally meet a 'virtual friend' in person, but the show itself was wildly inspirational and motivational for me and getting the chance to share it with Mama Butterfly on her birthday was literally and figuratively 'the icing on the cake'!

Even on what was supposed to just be a night out to 'just be' I found myself inspired and learning lessons! Another awesome day to be grateful for.

Butterflies if there was a one-woman show (and of course for our male butterflies - a one man show) about your life, What would the title be? Mine? Ascending Butterfly of  course! I'm on an upwards journey!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a Sponsored Post. I won tickets to the show and was under no obligation to post about my experience! The links to the clothes I am wearing and the show venue are provided for reader convenience, they are NOT sponsored links. But should anyone wish to sponsor a Wordless Wednesday please contact us and let me know! :-)