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Thursday, August 13, 2015

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This is a sponsored post in conjunction with KidzVuz and AmazonKids, in addition to compensation, advance copies of all 13 episodes of Wishenpoof have been provided to us for Editorial Consideration BEFORE they were released to Amazon Prime Members.

Wishenpoof An Amazon Original Series

While I don't have children, I was a former Special Education Teacher and if there is one thing I do know it is that making learning 'FUN' is the best way for the lessons to sink in - and make the medicine go down - so to speak anyway!

In addition to Back-to-School shopping, easing kids back into the transition of putting their 'learning caps' back on doesn't necessarily have to be a chore. And for those of you with 'pre-schoolers' who will be watching their older siblings go off to school, I have a show I want to put on your radar!

On Friday, August 14th (THIS Friday Butterflies!), Amazon will premiere all 13 episodes of the Amazon Original Series Wishenpoof for Amazon Prime Members in the US, UK and Germany (shout out to our German Readers, for some reason Ascending Butterfly attracts a ton of LOVE in Germany! Yes I do look at my Google Analytics every now and again!).

My schedule is so nuts that I was invited to but couldn't make the kickoff event here in NYC at Central Park (even though I am based here which totally bummed me out), but when I was offered the chance to screen the series at my leisure I jumped on it! (I'm a lifelong insomniac which is why writing is the perfect gig for me, when the world is half asleep, I'm up writing, for the past few days I have been watching episodes of the show on my computer!)

Bianca and Bob the Bear from Wishenpoof An Amazon Original Series

Supporting kids as lifelong learners and incorporating the "Seven Essential Life Skills" framework (life skills that help children reach their full potential and unleash their passion to learn) by giving children the life skills and mindset they need to lead purpose-filled, creative lives - the series centers on "Bianca" and her ability to magically fulfill her friends' wishes. You can check out the offical trailer on Amazon HERE.

A fun, magical adventure series that teaches lessons through imaginative play, Wishenpoof inspires children to solve life's big preschool problems in creative ways.

Wishenpoof was created by (19 Daytime Emmy Award Nominee) Angela C. Santomero (Blue's Clues, Creative Galaxy, Super Why!) and produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises, and calling all my 90210 fans out there, Bianca's dad is voiced by Jason Priestley (his daughter, Ava is voice talent in the show as well!).

Bob the Bear and Bianca High Five Each Other in Wishenpoof An Amazon Original Series
When Bianca's friends 'wish' it calls her magic to action and with the shake of her hand (and sometimes a cool wand) and a shout of "Wishenpoof!" she brings their wishes to life via magic, it's the learning of the when and how to harness her powers with the help of her teddy bear, Bob and her mom who has the same powers - where she both learns and teaches fun lessons on playing nice, not bullying, being creative, using her imagination, being kind - and she uses her "wish magic" to make her world a better place, but learns that ultimately she doesn't need to always resort to her magic to solve her problems.

"With Magic or Without, you Can do ANYTHING You Put Your Mind to!" ~ Bianca's Mom

Bianca and Bob the Bear as Mermaids with Mom still from Wishenpoof An Amazon Original Series

This show made me all kinds of happy. You know I'm partial to all things with wings, she is a fairy, there are butterflies and dragonflies galore and in one episode when even her beloved teddy bear Bob, becomes 'Bob the Butterfly' I may have giggled (let's not tell anyone I got that into it OK?). I only wish my nieces and nephews were still young enough for this show! There is glitter and sparkles and unicorns and magic, it's pretty much perfect! The fact that you can check it out for FREE if you are already an Amazon Prime member and also as part of 'AmazonFreeTime Unlimited' which was designed from the ground up for kids and is exclusively available on Amazon devices including Fire TV, Fire Tablets and a year long subscription is included with every Fire HD Kids Edition too. You can also watch shows using the Amazon Video App, (The Amazon Video App can be found on iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets and phones, Smart TV's, Roku and many Blu ray players as well, so get the App, and the show! (The show will be a total lifesaver during long car rides to keep the kiddos entertained and engaged. You're welcome!).

No spoilers, but the show may just make you crave pickles. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Here is my tribute to Bianca (her ponytail holder is an actual 'wish' aka dandelion - I totally want one by the way!) and Wishenpoof:

I only wish I was holding my butterfly wand in this photo! (YES I have a butterfly wand - courtesy of last year's Blogger Bash!) Hope this show puts a little magic in your weekend! WISHENPOOF! Celebrate your inner magical fairy butterflies! (and I say a Tiara doesn't hurt either!)

Need an Amazon Prime Free Trial? Just press the banner below, I've got you covered!

Are you going to check out Wishenpoof with your little one on Friday? (No little ones of your own? Be sure to introduce the show to any nieces, nephews, godchildren or little ones in your life!) What is your favorite fun and educational show for your little ones?

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