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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Not so #WordlessWednesday with @SenteursdOrient and @ElilaFullFigure + Focus Phrase Time! #WednesdayMotivation

Getting my "NEW" on for New Year's Eve + FOCUS PHRASE TIME!

2018 was probably the second worst year of my life, so I decided I was breaking all New Year's Eve patterns completely.

Well maybe not *ALL* of them.

I kept the champagne.

I kept the eating something sweet during the 12 second count down. This alternates each year depending on what I have on hand, sometimes grapes or sometimes chocolate. During that time I read from a list of New Years Wishes - things I want to manifest during the New Year. So I start my countdown at 12 seconds before the new year so I can read off 12 wishes - one for each month of the year.

I normally wear red underwear because I am an Aries and Red is my "Power Color" And it has always been my tradition to do so.

This year I did not do red. I did a most divine plum instead from Elila Full Figure.

And I even changed my soap, using a brand new to me Senteurs d'Orient!

Elila Full Figure Bra and Panty Set displayed with Senteurs d'Orient Soap

The above photo I edited with Ribbet and the insta art below I did with Corel Paintshop:

Custom Art featuring Elila Full Figure Bra and Panty Set displayed with Senteurs d'Orient Soap

FOCUS PHRASE FOR 2018 - You know I have mixed feelings about 'resolutions', I am more partial to the idea of 'goal setting' for your birthday. That is when your personal year actually resets, not December 31st. But my phrase last year was "Self Care" and quite frankly butterflies, I failed MISERABLY at it.

So it is my phrase for this year as well.

Self-Care is and can be so many things.


If you remember I first met Elila Full Figure when I was covering Curve Expo, you can get a great description of the brand and see a model wearing Elila in my Curve Expo recap coverage post: HERE

I plan on covering Curve Expo again this year and will definitely be making a beeline directly to Elila's booth to see their new styles. I am obsessed with them now. They need to put a ring on it and make me an official ambassador!

The soap, Senteurs D'Orient I actually won from a Blog Contest being hosted by a blogger via instagram, it is definitely one of my favorite discoveries, I love the rich lather and the amazing scents offered by Senteurs. I haven't tried them all, but definitely love the Amber, and the Almond Exfoliant so far the best.

Both of these would be lovely for VALENTINES DAY or GALENTINES DAY! And this DSLR Photography Enthusiast is always up for creating custom Art Photos/Prints or Posters like the one displayed above, so DM me via Insta (@Ascending1 - this is also the blog Twitter) or email me directly here if you want a custom art piece for your walls.

Hopefully I can get Elila and Senteurs to come back and do something fun for my butterflies.

Readers/Butterflies Sound Off: What is your focus phrase/word for 2019? Do you have an underwear color preference for New Year's Eve?

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