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Monday, October 26, 2015

#ad: @JENGA is a 2015 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalist Help them win the @museumofplay #toyhalloffame top honor!

This is a compensated sponsored post brought to you by JENGA:

Remember those days when playing actually meant *doing* something? You weren't in front of a computer monitor, you weren't developing super long thumbs by texting your friends, but you were playing and testing your dexterity with a bit of wooden goodness called JENGA....

I remember those days fondly and while you all know I'm an avid tech enthusiast I do fondly recall simpler days of play, when the most 'technical' game I knew was 'Operation'! and before the Atari hit my radar, games like JENGA is what game night was all about and I definitely want to see classic toys introduced to newer generations.

I have to admit often times my friends pets would knock down many a game, at that crucial moment when you all knew there weren't too many 'good moves' left - an exuberant pup or attention seeking cat would knock the game down at just THAT moment. Diffusing the tension with gales of laughter that was just as fun as the game itself. Sometimes we would start games over multiple times only to have a pet (or a kid brother or sister for that matter) knock it down and no one find out who that days 'loser' would have been.

Our friends at JENGA need YOUR help. This isn't for prize money, they don't get a 'prize' for winning, they get bragging rights - hey much like the game itself right?!

JENGA is in the running for the 2015 National Toy Hall of Fame, they are a finalist and they want your vote! With 30 years on the shelf, who doesn't have a great JENGA story to share?

When you visit you will see a big blue box, under that box are purple banner tabs the one on the right reads 'Choose Your Favorite Toy Hall Finalist!' Press the button that says JENGA then hit Submit, you can take this poll once per day - the winner will be announced on November 5th. It's a super simple quick click right on the homepage of the Toy Hall of Fame website and NO personal info or email address required to vote, how easy is that?

I think one of my fave things about JENGA is how it 'grew' with us and was just as fun when I got older as it was when I was little.

In all fairness, now there is wine with game night now, but I do digress.....


There is just something about a classic game night that never grows old for me. I still have them with friends and family. My fondest memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve Family Gatherings was playing games with my cousins while we waited for the big family dinner. And on Christmas Eve while the city was blanketed in white and we were waiting for Santa and counting the seconds until midnight when we were allowed to open ONE present we were always playing board games. If you don't want to see classic board games disappear be sure to give them as gifts too, introduce your child, nieces, nephews, and god-children to the joy of a classic board game night if you are not doing so already.

I hope you will consider giving JENGA your super quick vote!


Did you vote and want to let them know you did? Of course you do! Here is the tweet I used:

I just voted for @JENGA in the @museumofplay 2015 #toyhalloffame

What was your favorite classic board game as a kid? Did you/Will you vote for JENGA?

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