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Friday, March 11, 2016

Epic Menu Tasting at FIN Seafood Restaurant @TropicanaAC in #AtlanticCity #DOAC #FoodieFriday

Lobster Bisque Shooter, FIN, Seafood Restaurant, Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City
Atlantic City Restaurant Week is in full swing, earlier this week I shared photo highlights from the Exclusive Preview Kick Off Event that was hosted at the Borgata, if you missed that post, check it out HERE. The photo above is actually from the Restaurant Week event, but it was just too good to pass up using it here since I will be taking you through my epic menu tasting at FIN.

One of the Restaurants we featured who was at the Kick off event was FIN Seafood Restaurant. FIN is located within Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I had the opportunity to try a tasting menu that was prepared personally for me by Chef Danny, and it was EPIC! I just had to share about it!

Our Maitre D' was a very familiar face and it took me awhile to realize he used to work at a fine dining establishment in Hilton Atlantic City (which sadly the Hilton AC Casino is closed now), it was great to see a familiar face! 

A great start to an epic meal.

Above: An assortment of breads with butter and cheese with horseradish
Our table was in expert hands with Maurice and Jesus, and Chef Danny led strong with Bluepoint Oysters which is one of my faves!
Blue Point Oysters, FIN Restaurant, Tropicana Casino
I am a shellfish lover and there is a particular spot in Atlantic City where I go specifically for Blue Point Oysters, so I was excited that the chef opted to open with these, they were super fresh and just bursting with flavor. I have this habit of trying the first one sans condiments, then I 'fix' the next ones to my liking with horseradish, hot sauce, and cocktail sauce.

Here is the view out the window from table/eye level:

See the reflection of the chandelier on the glass?

For me it doesn't get better than eating seafood, seaside.

I was stoked that I got a chance to take a photo with Chef Danny, it was great to meet him in person and thank him for the incredible opportunity to taste our way through so much of the Menu!

At the Restaurant Week Event the night before I nabbed a shot of FIN's Head Chef, Demetrios Haronis. There are some 'off menu' specialty items that Chef Demetrios has added to the menu, so don't forget to ask about those as well if you are looking for something unique and fun, some are dishes - like the Dancing Shrimp or Grilled Block Island Swordfish as well as a specialty cocktail called 'mermaid's mary' that is a Tropicana Twist on a Bloody Mary!

Above: Crispy Point Judith Calamari cooked to perfection and served with a delicious Sweet Chili Indian Tamarind Dipping Sauce and Cajun Remoulade!

I love Calamari but won't eat it everywhere, these were just right not over or under cooked and the dipping sauces were perfect!

Above: Spicy Tuna Rolls (front) and the rolls behind them are the Crunchy King Crab (King Crab, Tempura Flakes, Cucumber, Masago, Scallions, and Japanese Mayo)

I am a sushi fanatic and much like Calamari and Oysters I am picky about where I will eat them, these were FANTASTIC! FIN also has a sushi bar with it's own specials on certain nights (like 'Wasabi Wednesdays' - 1/2 price sushi and 1/2 price Sake and Saketinis, Prohibition Thursdays, Fin Fridays and R & R Sundays with 1/2 price Raw Bar and 1/2 price Rose Wine), so if you don't have time for a full sit down at the Restaurant you can enjoy some time off the gaming floor at the bar - honestly you can't go wrong either way!

These three starters - oysters, calamari and sushi were a grand slam tri-fecta of perfection for me as these are my faves. At this point my tummy was about to burst, but then the entrees came out:

Above: Seafood Au Gratin - Sauteed Shrimp, Lobster, Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, Hand Cut Fettucine, Parmesan Cream

This is literally Seafood 'Comfort Food' at it's absolute finest! Creamy, Cheesy, Delicious, Goodness!

Above: Fin's Stuffed Shrimp - Wild Pacific Shrimp Stuffed with Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, Lobster, Roasted Peppers, Artichokes, Grilled Zucchini, and Roasted Pepper Pesto

This one is actually deceptively dense and more filling than you might expect! (although in all fairness, by this point in the tasting menu I was slightly afraid I might bust a pants button! Someone certainly would have lost an eye! LOL)

Above: Front: Meyer Lemon Cheesecake (Lemon Curd and Fresh Berry Compote), Fin's Chocolate Jubilation Cake (Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Infused with Caramel)

Complete and Utter DECADENCE! 


You guys know how much I love 'GamingCations'. I am on the East Coast so I hit Atlantic City way more often than I do Las Vegas. The industry here has taken quite a few hits with the instability in the economy. Many Casinos on the infamous boardwalk have shut their doors for good. But the past few years visiting both as Media on Press Trips/Familiarization Visits and as someone who has frequented the City for two decades now on my own, what I can tell you is that the Casinos that survive the hit with so many dips in the economy are the ones that are not afraid to re-invent themselves. What I love about the Tropicana is exactly that, they are not afraid of change, they are always doing something new and you rarely will have the same experience there twice. During my recent visit I got the chance to stay in the newly renovated North Tower. It definitely needed an overhaul and I am glad to see the changes being made.

For some weird reason every time I hit Tropicana set out to go to FIN it was closed and I can now say without reservation that it was SO worth the wait and I will DEFINITELY be going back when I am back in Atlantic City. The meal and service were absolutely phenomenal. The next time you are in Atlantic City make a reservation for FIN, and tell them 'Ascending Butterfly' sent you!

Which of the dishes on this EPIC tasting menu appeal to you most? What is your favorite seafood?

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