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Thursday, May 16, 2013

#ad: I am joining @AmericanCancer Society to #finishthefight against #Cancer, because for me, it's very much Personal! Learn how YOU can help too!

Let's Finish The Fight {Sponsored Video}

Disclosure: I am honored to have this opportunity to tell my story as part of the American Cancer Society's 100th Birthday Celebration. While this is a Sponsored Post that includes a Sponsored Video Message, all opinions and stories contained herein are 100% my own. This post is Sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

It's no secret that 'The Big C' has been a major part of my life. I lost my Great-Grandmother to a Brain Tumor, my Grandmother to Uterine Cancer, my Dad to Liver Cancer, and my Mother has battled Ovarian Cancer twice and thankfully is here to tell her tale. Last year I was diagnosed with end stage Lung Cancer despite the fact I have never touched a Cigarette in my entire life. My ongoing battle, (as it stands I am being told by one hospital it's not while another is very sure it is) has not been an easy one. My Godmother, (who is also by blood) my Great Aunt, lost her battle to skin cancer.

I HATE Cancer. There I said it. Hate is not a word I use lightly. I don't use it carelessly. Since I started blogging I have taken as many opportunities as I possibly can to share about initiatives that aid in the fight against Cancer, not just Breast Cancer, but ALL Cancers equally. The fight against Cancer is very much a personal one for me.

In College I helped to put together a Fundraiser Concert for the American Cancer Society, it combined two passions of mine, my love of music (you listen to a lot of music and do a lot of praying while someone you love (or while you yourself), is undergoing testing and treatments) and my desire to aid in the fight in some way. The way fellow students on campus rallied to help is something I have never forgotten.

Will there be a cure in our lifetime? I can't answer that question with total certainty one way or the other, but what I can tell you with 100% certainty is that Cancer does NOT discriminate. It doesn't care how young you are, how much life you have yet to live. It doesn't care if you have a family that needs you. It doesn't care how important you are, it doesn't care what you have done nor does it care what you haven't yet accomplished.


Close your eyes and imagine hearing a Doctor tell you that you have end stage cancer and that you are 'on borrowed' time. How would you feel? What is the first thought that crossed your mind? Was it the loved ones you'd be leaving behind? Something you really want to achieve in life that you haven't had the opportunity to do yet?

About The American Cancer Society:

The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization that is dedicated to eliminating cancer, they help save lives by helping people stay well by preventing cancer, by detecting it early, by being there during and after a diagnosis, by finding cures through investment in ground-breaking discoveries and by rallying lawmakers and communities worldwide to join the fight.

The achievements of this organization are amazing, they have contributed to a 20% decline in cancer death rates and have helped to save 1.2 million lives. Their efforts have directly lead to a 50% drop in smoking deaths since the 1960's, contributing to a drop in overall lung cancer death rates.

The Fight Continues:

Despite their impressive accomplishments the fight continues! Some current goals include the undertaking of a historic research study called the 'Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3), the goal is to enroll at least 300,000 adults from various racial/ethnic backgrounds from across the US by the end of THIS year. They want to be sure that people facing Cancer have the help they need including a free place to stay during treatment and a ride to get there (I can't begin to stress how important those two things really are when you are facing such an emotionally, physically and spiritually draining process). In addition to the continuation of giving everyone access to quality health care, lifesaving screenings, clean air and more! The Society currently operates 31 Hope Lodge Facilities around the country, each offering a home away from home for patients and their caregivers traveling for treatment at no cost.

Where my online persona and my real one meet:

On Twitter, I am 'The Official #TwitterPartyDJ' as I'm a Twitter Party online hostess, and I'm also a music lover who shares fun tunes and audio accessories that make music sound better because music, and travel are two of my biggest passions. Online, I may be the TwitterPartyDJ, but offline I'm a lucky survivor, and I was super excited to find out two musicians I really like are joining in the fight too, check out these videos by Mary J. Blige and Josh Groban:


Silence Won't Finish the Fight AGAINST Cancer:

My Take:

Will YOU take a moment against silence? You can sign up on the American Cancer Society website to join the boldest move yet in the fight against cancer and I hope you will take a moment to do so. Let's help the society with their effort to help people celebrate more birthdays. After you sign up check out the tab that reads '100 Stories of Hope'. If reading those stories don't put your day-to-day temporary worries into perspective, nothing will. Silence never helps anything, let's make noise, let's give this issue a voice online, talking about it raises awareness and raising awareness is the way to get closer to a cure!

Just like I took the StrongMoms Empower pledge, and shared with you recently about #MoonWalkNYC, I have also taken the pledge to help the American Cancer Society to make NOISE to finish the fight against cancer and I hope you will too!

Sixty years ago, 1 out 3 people diagnosed with Cancer survived. Today, thanks in part to the work of the American Cancer Society, 2 out of 3 will survive. Let's make it 3 out of 3!

How has Cancer or the American Cancer Society affected your life Butterfly? Please share your story. Together we can add 100 more stories of hope! 

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FTC Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of the American Cancer Society. All stories and opinions are 100% my own. I am a survivor and it's important to me personally to empower others with my story!