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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{#WINE WEDNESDAY} Recap of NYC @WinesFromSpain #SpainsGreatMatch Event #WordlessWednesday

Spain's Great Match Wine Food Design

I would like to say I was winery hopping in Spain. Close, but not quite, I was sampling great wines and attending seminars but I was in my home city of New York and not in Spain!

Here is a Photo Recap just in time for Wordless Wednesday of the Spains Great Match event in New York City:

Agoston, Paniza, artigazo, Wines from Spain

Cute labels always end up catching my eye, I couldn't resist that wild boar!

assorted cheeses featured at Spain's Great Match

Wine and cheese are the perfect pair so I was happy to find this station! Wine tasting can certainly open the appetite!

Beso de Vino Macabeo White 2013, White Wine

Another creative label that caught my eye, but the wine also pleased my palate! This is Beso de Vino Macabeo White 2013, it gives off fresh citrus, a sort of burst of lime that was more intense and savory than I expected (in a good way!). And very lovely of the company rep to offer to be a pretty backdrop to the bottle!

Cariñena Crafted in Stone

Cariñena (the top wine-producing region of old vine Garnacha) is a red grape used to make wine in Spain and Chile. It thrives in harsh conditions and makes a wine that is very strong in flavor. It can be very hard to find wines made with this grape, but if you enjoy hearty reds, it's worth the search! If you have a Trader Joe's near you I hear they carry a few at a great price, it's worth nabbing a few if you can find them!

Mia Wines

I am a long time fan of Friexenet (despite the fact that their PR team does not like me for calling BS on how a contest was run a bit back, -like they literally blocked me from the brand's facebook and twitter (I will admit it's funny to be public enemy number one to a brand I actually consume and purchase - so they rarely grace my pages because of that - but just because a brand's PR are idiots doesn't mean I hate the brand, I just dislike their idiotic PR team) and was delighted to try Freixenet Mia, a very fruity and certainly refreshing inclusion for your summer mixed cocktails or wonderful to enjoy chilled on its own!

Segura Viudas

I also tried Segura Viudas, whose offerings include a Brut, Extra Dry Cava (my particular fave), Rose, Gran Cuvee Reserva and Reserva Heredad. Personally, you couldn't go wrong with any of them. I tend to prefer Extra Dry when it comes to my Cava and that is actually how I discovered Freixenet well before my blogging days when planning a work party for a team whose palate ran much like mine, the team actually requested that both an Extra Dry Cava and a fruity one was offered and they asked for their preferred Cava by name. After that I made sure to locate a retailer near my home that offered Freixenet as well.

2013 Pata Negra Verdejo

I prefer white to reds and this 2013 Pata Negra Verdejo (Origin: Rueda) which is 90% Verdejo and 10% Sauvignon Blanc was definitely a stand out!

Wines from Spain Seminar with Steven Olson, Wine & Spirits Educator
Wines from Spain Seminar with Steven Olson, Wine & Spirits Educator

Seminars and classes are where you get the nuts and bolts of the wines you are tasting, specific info about the regions and how the wines are produced!

Vinos de Jerez Seminar by César Saldaña, General Director, Jerez Control Board

A Sherry is a fortified wine from Spain with a great variety of styles from very dry to very sweet. (I love to drizzle a touch of sherry on my Lobster Bisque!)

Vinos de Jerez Seminar by César Saldaña, General Director, Jerez Control Board
Vinos de Jerez Seminar by César Saldaña, General Director, Jerez Control Board

The Sherry Seminar was absolutely informative and engaging! I will admit my notes during this seminar were a mile long, I learned so much I didn't know about Sherry!

Oloroso Elite Sherry


Vallformosa shared quite a few of their offerings which I loved!

Bodegas Riojanas

Bodegas Riojanas brought a few stand out offerings, but I had to give this one it's own day in the sun!


Wine tastings are a great way to explore, learn more about and enjoy a wider variety of wines than your local retailers may offer. I am still on the look out for a 'perfect red' as many of my friends prefer red and I prefer Cava then white wines. Rosé's have a been a great entry-way for me to help develop my palate and locate reds I can enjoy. What I love most about Spain's Great Match are the seminars as I find I learn way more taking classes at this point than just the tastings alone.

Have you tried any of the wines featured above? If so, which is your favorite? Happy WINE Wednesday! Stay Thirsty Butterflies!

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