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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

{#TelevisionTuesday} Did your fave character die? Let's Discuss the #GameofThronesFinale for Season Five #GoT

I held back on posting this for as long as I could, if you haven't caught up by now, then come back once you have seen it, this is ALL spoilers!

I couldn't even live tweet while watching the Game of Thrones Season Finale lest my eyeballs miss something important!

It's TV crack, crack I tell you!

Let's Dive Right In:

Stannis Baratheon

(1) Let's just call this paragraph "God Don't Like Ugly",  or "Karma is a Bitch" - Stannis is dead! Stannis sacrificed his daughter Princess Shireen by torching her to death last week. Stannis and Melisandre literally lit this sweet child on fire. This shouldn't have come as such a shock to me, as Bran fell out a window in season 1. Stannis finds his wife hanging from a tree and half his army is gone, serves him right! I have not read the books and I won't until the show is over so I hope he is truly gone! I hope Brienne of Tarth did the job!

Brienne of Tarth

(2) Speaking of Brienne - Sansa finally decided to put that corkscrew to good use and broke out and finally lit that candle, but since Brienne was a bit busy with the killing of Stannis and all she didn't see it. Sansa was forlorn but when she saw that things were about to get real she blew out that candle and was trying to make her way back to the room hoping she wouldn't be caught, that's when Myranda confronts her with a bow and arrow. GULP! Reek/Theon to the rescue he pushes her over and then SPLAT. One problem solved, or so we think. Later in the episode as Ramsay returns we see Theon and Sansa jump, are they dead or alive? What do YOU think? All I know is that Bran did survive his fall, perhaps they did too. You think haughty little Sansa is going to get off that easy? Somehow I don't.

The jump in all it's glory below:

(3) Chicks shouldn't let other chicks kiss them on the mouth - No this isn't an anti-les statement, read on my friends! Sneaky Ellaria kissed Myrcella on the mouth, and once her and her uncle/daddy Jaime set sail - they are having deep talk and Myrcella tells Jaime she knows he is her uncle daddy and suddenly her nose starts bleeding. Jaime freaks out as Myrcella is dying in his arms. Meanwhile back on land, Ellaria gulps down the rest of the vial. She knew that would be the only way to kill Myrcella, and she knew she would die in the process, no wonder she so readily kissed that ring, she knew she was still getting hers in the end though. POISON! (And was anybody else a bit creeped out by uncle/daddy Jaime during the boat scene? I thought he was going to try and mack on his daughter too for a minute, they all really make the Borgias look like the Partridge Family don't they?)

Many-Faced God and Arya Stark

(4) Stick to the God of 'One-Face' because that 'Many-Faced God' is a trickster! - Arya finally gets her revenge on that creepazoid Meryn I am sure there were folks collectively applauding when Arya slit Meryn's throat. But she doesn't even get to savor the flavor of that revenge. She puts the mask back and gets busted by Mr. Many-Faced himself! He tells her she is still not ready, then seems to kill himself but as Arya starts pulling off faces, she ultimately reveals her own and then loses her sight, turns out the faces themselves are Poison for a 'Non-Nobody'.  NO!!!!!!!! I can't take it, not Arya. I like her so much I just was not ready for this!

Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon the Dragon

(5) What Kind of Mother of Dragons is Dany?  - Even if your baby is a reptile, where is your motherly instincts? She could have ripped that little dress of hers and just tried to  make a tourniquet or something right? Try to stop the bleeding! Poor Dragon is bleeding, probably dying and tired from carrying her butt to safety and the best she can do is order that poor baby to kill her some food? I like you Dany but DAMN! You needed to stop thinking like a Queen for a minute and think like a mom! While foraging for food for herself:

(6) Fave Twitter Meme - The look you get when you see your ex's family - Daenerys dropped her wedding ring like it was the only hot potato though when she saw the Dothraki's coming. And can someone please explain why they were playing ring around the Daenerys on horseback?

I have a feeling that 'Drogon' the Dragon brought her there on purpose. I was praying that the real Drogo was alive and was somewhere in there.......a girl can dream can't she?

(7) The Walk of SHAME - Cersei couldn't take prison and opted to finally confess, so High Sparrow allows her to see Tommen, because after all the Mother is merciful. Cersei is told she must attone before she can go back to the castle. 'Attonement' is the cutting off of all her hair and stripping her naked for a walk of shame from High Sparrow Headquarters to the castle while her escorts chant "Shame! Shame! Shame!' and ringing a bell, the angry mob is throwing not just stones, but shit, yes shit, and others spit at her. I do not like Cersei at all, but damn that was tough to watch! I know she is going to emerge from that experience more evil and angry than ever!

This prompted folks on twitter to re-tweet this image:

Then the scene that had me screaming at my Television:

(8) Jon Snow dies in the SNOW! - That sneak Olly lured Jon Snow outside telling him one of the wildlings may know where Jon's uncle is. When Jon gets outside he sees a sign that says 'traitor', he turns to see Alliser Thorne who stabs him and says 'for the Watch', man after man does the same and then Olly joins in. Jon Snow ends up dying in the snow. That is just so wrong.

There are over 456 dead from seasons 1-4, and the washington post has an awesome infographic on it (NO this is NOT a sponsored post or a paid insertion! I am just another fangirl of the show with a blog....)

My Game of Thrones Pinterest Board gets a lot of love, so check it out and be sure to follow me on pinterest while you are at it, all I can say is my pinterest much like me is diverse and eclectic and reflects a wide range of my interests!

So this is fitting right?

My Take:

This show always succeeds in surprising me and that is why I love it so much! I couldn't even live tweet during the episode and that says it all. I live tweet during pretty much everything.

I won't miss Stannis, still shocked he burned his daughter to death, but I will miss Arya and Jon, I wasn't ready, I just wasn't ready. I was thinking that Many-Faced God was trying to get Arya do to his dirty deeds or some other dirty tricks, but I didn't see this one coming. And Olly stabbing Jon got me to shouting at my TV. 

Who will you miss? Do you think 'magic' will bring any of them back?

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