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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Tweetie Pies and Butterflies! A Sweet Reminder to Count Your Blessings!

The wine is already chilling (and NO, this is NOT sponsored) from my table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving Butterflies!

I selected this Cabernet Franc from Salem Oak Vineyards for a special reason that I thought fitting to share with you on Thanksgiving.

I met Salem Oak Vineyards during my Atlantic City 2016 Restaurant Week Press Trip during Tropicana Casino & Resorts' Winter Wine Festival.

The first thing I noticed was that the wines were all named after people and I couldn't resist asking about the people behind the names, Salem Oak names their wines after their employees who are all their partners in bringing their creations to life. The wine I selected is named after an employee named Brandon Jae. Brandon sadly passed away, very young. Too young. You may remember I featured their White Table Wine called 'Julia-Maria' HERE.

You guys know I love Dragons, and that is what initially drew me to the bottle. Brandon Jae is a dry red that starts off 'effervescent' but mellows as it breathes. My palate in most wines leans to dry and the bottle art really resonated with me.

It makes me sad to think the person this wine is named after, isn't here.

But it does remind me that life is fleeting, precious and something to be always grateful for.


Hug your family a little harder today, take photos even if you don't feel like it, count your blessings with those you love.

Love harder, Laugh often.

I'm grateful for many things, but I can tell you when I sit to eat and sip this wine I will remember to savor every delicious moment today. I hope you do too.

Readers Sound Off: What are YOU grateful for today?

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Smile if you got this far, twirl around twice and sing Mariah Carey Butterfly.

Still here? Now go make someone happy today.