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Friday, September 9, 2011

Diane Von Furstenberg Fashion Night Out Win + Reader Poll

Not that I quote Charlie Sheen often, but last night I had a Fashion Night Out WINNING moment, I won a DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) Wrap Dress playing along with @DVF on Twitter! Me and Twitter have a very special relationship anyway, this just solidified it!

So for those asking where the official #TwitterPartyDJ is? She is enjoying Fashion Night Out as a party attendee, not a DJ! And boy did it pay off!

Reader Poll: Which is your favorite DVF Wrap Dress? (check out the pictures and comment below with the name)

Linda Dress in Glaze Red

Julian Wrap dress in Black
Genevieve Dress in Teal

Ah, Decisions, Sweet Decisions! Hope you are enjoying Fashion Week as much as I am this year Butterflies!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, no monetary compensation has been received. I won a DVF Wrap Dress during Fashion Night Out in a twitter contest I am under no obligation to post. But with designs, this classic and beautiful I couldn't help but share! ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lucky Magazine and Lord & Taylor's Shop. Eat. Blog. Blogger Breakfast

@loribergamotto  (Left) & Suze Yalof Schwartz (Right) Kicking off Blogger Breakfast at Lord & Taylor New York City

My schedule hadn't permitted me to attend any events hosted by Lucky Magazine until today, and what an event to make my first! I was invited to a very unique' Fashion Morning In' hosted by Lucky Magazine and Lord & Taylor this morning. The 'Shop.Eat.Blog' Breakfast Blogger Event was a heavenly way to start the insanity that has been Fashion Night Out. (Don't get me wrong it's Good Insanity, but being this over-booked in a walking commuter city in inclement weather can be a challenge!)

You can sometimes feel very much lost in the shuffle no matter how 'intimate' an event claims to be, but this morning I didn't feel that way at all, the team at Lucky Magazine and Lord & Taylor truly went out of their way to make us feel like we were just hanging out with friends. (You know if you and your friends get to shop privately at your own equivalent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.)

After breakfast, the bloggers in attendance were gifted with a shopping spree at Lord & Taylor before the store opened to the public.  (Insert Choir of Angels sound here). Being able to shop before the store even opened gave us the opportunity to really see styles we might have missed in the crowds, and I got the chance to interact with some amazing folks including the visual merchandiser for Guess who happened to be stocking when I walked over to the Guess Section! I probably spent WAY too much time checking out shoes and handbags which will always be my weakness!

As many of you already know I have dropped 26 pounds this year so far, and was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the stuff in the womens section was actually too big! YAY! I was super stoked to experience the REVERSE problem, usually stuff is too small, but today a ton of way 'too bigs' had me leaving the store floating on a confidence high.

I met some wonderful bloggers I didn't know whose blogs I am off to follow, and discovered a scent that an employee was wearing that I fell in LOVE with! (More to come on that scent later!)

And of course as with everywhere I go, there was a butterfly sighting, I spotted quite a lovely butterfly necklace with a swarovski crystal that did catch my eye.

I can't think of a better way to have started Fashion Night Out! I certainly hope Lord & Taylor was on your agenda!

And now, tell me all about your Fashion Night Out experiences. Where did you go? Which shows did YOU see?

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FTC Disclosure Info: A Gift Card to shop at Lord & Taylor was provided to bloggers in attendance, however, no monetary compensation has been received and I was no under no obligation to post and all experiences and opinions regarding the blogger breakfast are my own.

Odilon Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Presentation!

Last night I attended the Spring/Summer Fashion Presentation for Odilon and thought I'd share some pictures with you. What stands out most is that this is truly wearable straight from the runway, and I don't often say that. I may like what I see at some shows, but that doesn't always mean it's wearable, it's usually 'interpretable' more than wearable, so when I attend a show where I really find the fashion wearable it stands out for me. Last year it was EMU Australia's show that stood out in my mind, and this year Odilon's wearable fashions for Spring/Summer 2012 are becoming a real standout for me as well. (Yes, I'll admit the week is still young and there are about a million more events to go!)

Designer, Stacey Clark, put together a great show, and as I'm fondly called 'The Official' #TwitterPartyDJ on Twitter, I have to tell you the DJ really rocked it! You can keep up with all things Odilon on Twitter @odilonbysc

Totally digging the white jacket above!

This is perfect resort wear and I can see me taking this set along with me to the Caribbean!

A shot of the all the white outfits and the designer!
(Sorry about photogs head on the lower left!)

Navy and White are my fave color combos for summer, Love that set on the right, yet more summer/resortwear for me! :)

Not sure if my camera did this shot justice, the green on this dress is a bit more vibrant than this photo would indicate!

OK, you know I HAD to snap a shot of the DJ, he ROCKED!

Here's a shot of all the models, I have a penchant for catching models smiling in my coverage, don't you love it?

Designer Stacey Clark (center) and her lovely creations!

I enjoyed getting a sneak peak of Odilon's S/S 2012 line, and hope you now feel like you were there!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. No monetary compensation has been received, nor swag, I was under no obligation to write about the show, however because disclosure is very important, please note refreshments were provided! :)