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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#Election2012 Let's all pull up our American 'Big Boy Pants' and RUN, not walk to the polls today! - Your polling place may have changed, here is where you can check! #VOTE

For those of you who have been around here for awhile, you know I don't discuss my political, religious or sexual beliefs here. Not that I won't answer questions about the above to those who ask, but this blog is NOT intended as a politics or religious forum for that matter. My mission when I began in 2009 still remains the same to this day 'To seek out and share the best inspiration both on and offline'. We are an empowerment and lifestyle community. Period.

Today is election day, and I am NOT, repeat NOT telling you who to vote for. Only YOU can decide which candidate will affect the best change for you. I am not telling you which party to side with, that's up to you, but I want every single person that is reading this to seriously pull on their 'American Big Boy Pants' and do what in some places is still a privilege and not a right, VOTE! Your vote is your voice butterfly, today I highly encourage you to use it.

Another reason I felt it was super important to check in with you on this issue, is that post Hurricane Sandy, many polling places in New York City as well as New Jersey have changed, I don't want anyone using that as excuse not to vote! The Board of Elections In the City of New York has released a list of PollSite Changes Post Hurricane Sandy - New Yorkers click to check if your polling place has changed, remember many schools are currently being used as shelters to house people that were displaced because of Hurricane Sandy. Your voting place may change this year because of this, so take a second to read this list to see if your polling place was indeed changed. This way you avoid confusion! 

I read an article entitled: WillLatinos Rock the Vote? Sure, But When? by Giovanni Rodriguez on Forbes, that mentioned that despite the fact that every 1 in 6 Americans are of Hispanic descent, a very small percentage are actually voting, I don’t know that I agree with everything the article mentions, particularly about Hispanics being purposely ‘intimidated’ at the polls and that is one of the factors discouraging Latinos from voting, but I do know it’s important for ALL Americans of EVERY descent to get out to the polls and vote today! As a Latina who is born and raised in the US, as was my mother and grandmother, (and a Grandfather who was a decorated Vet) I take voting very seriously and as soon as I was eligible to go vote, I did. I certainly hope that all Latinos eligible to vote go out there and do so today! I for one will be at the polls as early as possible!

I am not turning off comments for this thread, but they will all be moderated before being posted, please do not respond to this post with WHO you are voting for, it will NOT be posted, who you are voting for is your decision, this article speaks to the importance of actually voting. Remember if you DON’T Vote, you don’t get to complain to anybody about how this nation is progressing or not progressing! Let your vote, and not just your words actually make change today!

What are you still doing here, GO VOTE NOW BUTTERFLY!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. No monetary compensation has been received. I feel it's important that regardless of WHO you end up actually voting for, that everyone get out there today and Rock The Vote! Just Do it!