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Monday, October 10, 2016

{#MotivationMonday} @TheMoms @Ford @WarriorsinPink @KChenoweth #MoreGoodDays Luncheon @TheCarlyleHotel

Although I am not a parent I am a long time member of The Moms Network and in October 2012 they hosted an event for Breast Cancer Awareness where Martini Rossi gave $10,000 to actress/singer Kristen Chenoweth's Foundation Maddie's Corner, to be allocated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Right Action for Women. You can see my coverage of the first event HERE.

Things came full circle when they hosted the event again, this time hosted by Ford at The Carlyle Hotel in New York City, where current Cancer Warriors including this time Denise Albert, co-founder of The Moms Network, who is herself now battling Breast Cancer.

Instead of just describing events I thought I would share the video taken at the event instead:

This also saves me days of trying to edit, optimize and watermark my own photos which feels like hours of hell considering the FLU has knocked me on my butt for the past two weeks! So thank goodness for venue photographers right? You can see The MOMS coverage with more photos from the #MoreGoodDays Mamarazzi event HERE.

Here are a select few of my own photos that sum up the range of emotions:

Now I've got a ton of 'ugly cry' photos that I will spare you of, the video is enough to give you the feels, but if you really want to see those let me know and I will try to make a pinterest board for this event when my fever goes somewhere below boiling.


I think the one thing readers appreciate about me is my 'good, bad and ugly' approach to everything, when it comes to the truth you will definitely find it here!

As even handed as possible, here is my rundown and personal feelings:

GOOD: You already know my mom is a Survivor which is why I attended the first event with her, and you know what I have been going through personally when it comes to Cancer (although my cancer color would be teal not pink for what I went through which I actually didn't know until very recently). So I take the cause seriously and brands that support it. Ford has supported Warriors In Pink for 22 years now. The courageous women who shared their cancer battles/journeys were definitely an inspiration. Denise catching her Cancer early and using the media as a platform to share her story with others is also an inspiration, and I am glad she is courageously sharing her story.

BAD: Sorry but there were things I can't exactly gloss over. While the Carlyle is certainly a prestigious venue, it was a very small room for the amount of people, and when folks butts are rubbing across your back for an hour it felt a bit more confining than it did 'intimate'. I think the first venue, while also intimate, gave a bit more breathing room.

UGLY: And my last but not least sorry not sorry is that I usually feature the gift bags when I attend an event, and on the outside they were lovely but the contents were all a size small. I did reach out to the PR firm and ask to swap the items but they refused to do so. UM, color me confused, but wouldn't you want two cancer survivors wearing the clothes in their own size and talking about "More Good Days"? We were happy to send the items back to exchange them. But that was a no go. I also wish Kristen Chenoweth's new CD had been in there. The PR firm was lovely enough to tell me where I could buy all of them. (As if I didn't know. ahem. let's just leave that there.)

Besides this specific event, here are my feelings when October rolls around as a Cancer Warrior Myself:

I take on very few Editorials during October for Breast Cancer Awareness, everyone slaps something pink on their site and then think when they reach out to survivors that we are required to give them a free product placement. Warriors have bills people and we can't pay our mortgages, car note or buy food with a picture of your pink product.

Sorry Not Sorry, but the legit reporter in me has questions the moment your emails hit my inbox:

  • How much of the proceeds are being donated to the cause?
  • What do you do throughout the year, not just October?

And of course who gets labeled the "B" of Blogging"? Me! Maybe I should change my blog's name (or is that name already taken?), I was considering a re-branding anyway. Sorry darlings while I like Wool during these long, cold North East Winters, I certainly don't like Wool over my eyes.

Now back to the event, I loved hearing other survivor's share their journey, there is a vein of similarity in so many stories, humor and music is what got so many people through their battles and chemo/radiation, and I loved that this event combined both, yes there were moments with 'the feels', and 'ugly tears' (thug tears folks!) too, but being given one more good day really is a gift.

And the reminder that having a 'bad day', and having one more 'good day' really isn't the same thing, put your perceived problems into perspective and on this Motivation Monday let's take a moment to send Good Vibes to both MEN and WOMEN everywhere battling Cancer and hoping for One More Good Day.

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Happy Motivation Monday Butterflies!

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