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Monday, August 3, 2015

So how awesome was getting a sneak peek of @Grandfathered and meeting @PortableShua during #BlogHer15, this awesome!

Fox Television TV Series GRANDFATHERED, #Grandfathered, #BlogHer15
I don't think I can give you guys one big post that would fully recap BlogHer 2015 in New York City, so I am going to give it all to you in bite size chunks! One of the cool things I got a chance to do was attend a preview screening of the upcoming FOX Television Series Grandfathered starring John Stamos and Josh Peck. (Oddly enough I am watching Josh on an episode of Big Bang Theory as I write this, coincidence? I think NOT!).

You may remember Josh Peck from his role as Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon live-action sitcom Drake & Josh, but Josh is all grown up now and is coming to FOX TV on Tuesday, 9/29 at 8/7 central.


Successful restaurateur and confirmed bachelor, JIMMY MARTINO (John Stamos) is used to being the most suave, most handsome, and most single guy in the room. All that changes when Jimmy discovers he not only has a son, GERALD (Josh Peck), but also a granddaughter, EDIE. Jimmy's blissful selfishness will make it difficult to juggle success with his new-found, unlikely family.

Josh was brave enough to face a room full of bloggers who had a ton of questions and he was down-to-earth and had a great sense of humor!

Here are some of my photos:

Fox Television TV Series GRANDFATHERED, #Grandfathered, #BlogHer15
Above: (Left) Actor Josh Peck fields questions during GRANDFATHERED Sneak Peek during #BlogHer 2015 in New York City

Josh Peck, Fox Television TV Series GRANDFATHERED, #Grandfathered, #BlogHer15
Above: OK, so there may have been a TON of questions on what it was like working with John Stamos and baby Edie at this point, LOL - Josh was such a good sport!

Josh Peck, Fox Television TV Series GRANDFATHERED, #Grandfathered, #BlogHer15
As you can tell I had AMAZE BALL seats (front row center all the way baby!) and my DSLR to capture all the action!

Check out the Official Trailer:

Get Social:

You can start cyber-stalking the show on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and be sure to use the hashtag #grandfathered!

My Take:

If you loved John Stamos in Full House as Uncle Jesse you are going to getting a huge kick out of seeing him play a grandpa! He does have a knack for working with babies that's for sure! He is definitely not your 'retirement home' grandpa, his character is still trying to get his 'single and ready to mingle, playing the field swag on' and then gets hit with being not only a dad to a fully grown son, but a grandfather as well. For me, being a single girl in the city with no kids myself, I would probably just go ahead and pass out with that kind of news (you can insert a Kevin Hart "I'm NOT ready!" voice here!), but his character takes to the news quite well all things considered, and Josh Peck who plays his son Gerald has great chemistry with him. The cast who plays John's restaurant staff are stand-outs as well, and look for Paget Brewster as Stamos's character's ex and Christina Milian who plays Vanessa, Baby Edie's mom (aka Gerald's 'baby mama').

I wish John Stamos was my sexy grandpa! But since he's not, I will have to be content with watching GRANDFATHERED this fall (9/29 to be exact) on FOX!

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think -- will you be watching this Fall?

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