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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

{#WordlessWednesday} Photo Highlights from @curvexpo Mode #Lingerie & #Swimwear Spring/Summer 2016 Preview Show! #CURVENY


I was stoked that CURVE EXPO worked with my crazy schedule this year and while I didn't spend all 3 days there I maximized the time I did spend at the show to the fullest. It was fun getting a sneak peek at the styles and trends that will be prominent for Spring and Summer of 2016. (Is it just me or is this year truly FLYING by?)

As with most tradeshows (and for those who know NYC well, the Javitz can play host to an incredible number of vendors/booths), I can only hit so many booths/exhibitors/vendors. Which makes my natural tendency to go with brands I actually wear and feel I 'know'. But I also seek out unique stories and brands with 'heart' and 'soul'.

Most trade shows are so focused on retailers/buyers that press/media can very much get lost in the shuffle which is sad, but not entirely surprising. (Not my first time at the Rodeo). So in some cases I will have mostly pictures (making this perfect for Wordless Wednesday), but with some brands I did get a chance to make a real 'connection'. 

So while this is an overview with photo highlights, expect that some of the brands I connected with during #CURVENY will be featured here again separately.

Here are my Photo Highlights, (in no particular order):

LEFT: ME! Ascending Butterfly Right: Helen Sánchez
ABOVE: Helen is the founder of a Luxury Lingerie Line that you can view at, I connected with her via twitter before the expo and she was super awesome about taking time for me despite the fact I was unable to make a set appointment time with anyone because I was also attending panel press sessions during the time I was there. Her line brings timeless and classic luxury to the forefront with designs that speak to the modern femininity of today's woman. It is the construction and details that stand out and how so many of the pieces can so easily double as 'outerwear', in fact the 'blouse' she is wearing in the photo above is from her collection. Her initial silk collection was inspired by the fashion of the 30's and 40's (and there was actually quite a theme for the entire show in my eyes of lingerie going back to a more classic elegance - the true epitomy of a 'sexy lady', stressing the LADY part!) 

Helen Sánchez holding up her designs at MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: Ladies, men find it super sexy when you wear their shirts to bed, this set gives me that 'boyfriend' borrow feel, but in a cut that's actually flattering to your figure and curves!

I have a strong feeling we both felt a sense of relief to connect with another Latina in this industry, where I don't see enough 'bosses' with faces that match my own. I love seeing a Latina in the forefront of a Lingerie brand that stresses LUXURY and ELEGANCE with quality construction, pieces with a sumptious feel that transport you just by looking at them! I could easily see myself wearing many of her pieces on my next resort vacation. (Which I think I need to take soon - I'm in a bit of a 'burnout' mode lately!) - I'm hash-tagging this meeting #LatinaPride


ABOVE:  You have got to love the name alone, 'Naked Princess' - isn't that exactly what you want to feel like in the bedroom? Luxury Lingerie, Loungewear, Beauty and Gifts were on display and I got to leave with some fun sample size goodies including their Naked Shine Lip Gloss, Body & Boudoir Spray and Body Souffle's in scents like: 'Midnight Bloom' - (a blend of vanilla musk, exotic citrus and eastern florals) 'Vanille Blanc' - (a blend of Moroccan Vanilla, Sweet Almond and Tonquin Bean Notes) and last but not least 'Boudoir Blush' - (a blend of pink peppercorn, White Lilies, Rose and Jasmine notes).


ABOVE: Natori is a brand I thought I knew quite well, but I had no idea about 'Natori + Support' and was happily surprised to stumble upon it. I didn't get to meet with their reps so I can't report much about it but I will be looking into these!

ABOVE: When you see normal size undies and not tiny dental floss sized ones, you stop and honor them with a photo! LOL


ABOVE: It was nice seeing some of Natori's Spring/Summer 2016 pieces as I haven't worn them in awhile, but I do remember them to be well constructed and they were always durable!


Rosa Faia, Bra and Panty Set, Lace Bra & Panty Set, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: This set by Rosa Faia caught my eye, great color! They also offer a wide range of sizes, from very small bust to very large!

Red Bra and Panty Set, Lace Bra & Panty Set, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: I am an Aries - we are known for being ahem 'bold' (understatement of the century!) and our color is Red - so needless to say this set caught my eye!

White Bra and Panty Set, Lace Bra & Panty Set, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: Buyers are able to ask to see styles modeled before they place their orders. so sometimes where I didn't have a booth appointment I would take advantage and nab shots of the models as they were showing off sets for the buyers!

Le Mystere, White Bra and Panty Set, Lace Bra & Panty Set, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: This set is by a brand we have featured often on these pages, Le Mystere! I have been wearing them for a very long time. I was bummed I couldn't get some time with reps at this booth as I have actually been wearing Le Mystere LONG before my blogging days! Isn't the model totally ROCKING this set? Her hair, the bold white against her gorgeous skin tone, she is FIERCE!

Emerald Green, frilly Bra and Panty Set, Bra & Panty Set, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015

ABOVE: This frilly Emerald set is super cute!


Promostyl Trend Wall, Yellow Vintage Lace Body Suit, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015

ABOVE: The trends wall by Promostyl featured really pretty pieces, and this vintage looking lace number is so retro I just had to nab a shot of it, I hope the photo does justice to the detail. (Butterflies I will make a pinterest board for this post, just give me a few days -prepping for a Food and Wine Bloggers Press Trip - I will come back and update you guys with the link, and you know I will tweet it out as well.)

Le Mystere, Bra and Panty Sets, Lace Bra & Panty Set, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: Aren't these colors so very Spring! As the Fall is slowly transitioning to Winter it pains me to think the cold is swiftly approaching and pretty Spring things feel so far away right now! These sets are by Le Mystere as well.

munki munki, pajamas, loungewear, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: Now all this sexy, lacy is nice, but at the end of the day I need loungewear, I can't greet the UPS/Fedex daily deliveries with that kind of stuff (well I could I guess, LOL), I like my comfy PJ's - North East winters are COLD!!!! It was dragonfly PJ's that made me want to peek in, you know I love all things with wings! Munki Munki is a brand I am familiar with but haven't yet tried personally, but these definitely look like lazy, comfy, warm, Sunday mornings to me!

munki munki, dragonfly pajamas, loungewear, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: This is the Dragonfly set that drew me in!

munki munki, giraffe pajamas, loungewear, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: In addition to butterflies I used to collect giraffe stuff too, they were my favorite animals to visit at the zoo when I was younger, this set brought me a bit of giraffe nostalgia, I just love their gentle grace!

munki munki, pajamas, loungewear, MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
ABOVE: This one sort of reminds me of nurse's scrubs!


ABOVE: Pampour Couture also gave me a wonderfully retro vibe, and after checking out their site I love that they do custom and made to order so you know for sure your piece will fit just right!

ABOVE: There is something a little 'superstar' about this one! #PajamaBallin

Elila booth at #CurveNY Model Asia Mone't #CURVENY 2015
Elila booth at #CurveNY Model Asia Mone't #CURVENY 2015
ABOVE: OK, I haven't been this excited since I hit on Le Mystere (before the Oprah craze I might add!), I got to connect with Elila on Twitter as well before the Show and after checking out the Elila Website I was even more excited to see the line up close and personal! I got to see Asia model a few pieces for Elila, and I fell in LOVE pretty much with the entire collection! They re-sized me at the booth, (my sizing for them is a bit different than I am used to with other brands) and when I got to try a few styles on the very first thing I noticed is that 'the girls' were very much back up where they should be, (ahem and how woefully poor the bra I came in with was doing for me!), and the fact that the styles were absolutely beautiful and so were the colors. Variety is still lacking for plus size lingerie, and while we have made strides in the past few years, you either sacrifice style or support, very rarely do large size bras truly give you BOTH, these do!

I know the struggle is real when it comes to sizing ladies, all I can tell you, is get sized individually by a very knowledgeable 'fitter', you can very well be a totally different size from brand to brand, and suprisingly from style to style even within your fave brand! I know it can be time consuming, but you have to try every bra on BEFORE you make that purchase. Even a style and brand you wear consistently you should re-check every so often as your weight fluctuates, so to will your bra size my friends! (You know how some people say if they eat something it will go straight to their butt? Apparently my cheesecake indulgences go straight to my boobs!!!) Thankfully Elila will have me covered if my weight changes again! And my years of blogging have helped me learn the right styles to accentuate (yes accentuate because nothing can really HIDE them, at least Elila will help me keep them pointing in the right direction!).

Elila booth with Naama Laufer MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
Left: ME! Right: Naama Laufer from Elila

ABOVE: Elila sizing runs from 34-54 | B-N cups, and they offer seasonal color palettes to their key collections (Jacquard, Lace, Leopard, Soft Cup, Underwire, Strapless, Specialty, Shapewear, Molded and more). They recently sent me some styles to test out and as soon as I have given them all a good 'road test' I will update you guys! Having the girls up where they belong will make you look and feel a good 10 years younger! The team behind the brand was awesome, straight talkers, knowledgeable and with a deep understanding of the needs of us curvy lingerie lovers. Not all plus size bra wearers want under-wire, and with a well constructed bra you don't really need to make them all underwire if you don't want to. When you are lingerie shopping, go to a good bra store, ask for recos and start to get a look AND feel for quality construction, design and construction MATTER that is what constitutes perfect fit. Different weight and different stages of my life has brought me to various brands, I'm glad that a 'day at the office' brought to me a brand that truly took the time to not only 'measure me' correctly, but help me find styles that fit with my wardrobe and lifestyle needs. And also I was getting into a 't-shirt bra rut' so the fact they added some much needed lace to my life is awesome, stay tuned to my instagram feed, they will go up on there first! (I have to do something on the social channels that I don't do here to keep you all guessing and keep the content fresh on each channel).

Love+Grace booth with Julie Zipperer MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015

ABOVE: Love+Grace has actually been on my radar WAY before CURVENY so I am glad I had the chance to meet them in person. I am a loungewear addict and I know you guys responded quite well to our loungewear/PJ giveaways in the past so comfy PJ's are definitely a fave of yours as well, I am always happy to put new PJ's on your radar, especially with the holidays coming up! I got to see some pieces from this season's Holiday's Collection as well as from the upcoming S/S 16 collection. They actually get extra brownie points from me for something you probably wouldn't expect. I arrived at their booth when some of their team was getting ready to order lunch and they asked if I would like something for lunch as well, I declined, but made mental notes that I would mention it, at tradeshows so often booths shoo shoo press away, particularly if there is a retailer or buyer in the immediate vicinity. They usually want to get rid of press quick, so I thought it was an incredibly thoughtful gesture and one that speaks volumes! The 'Cassie in Prints' PJ's offer some cute holiday styles you should check out, c'mon you know you want a new set for those Christmas Morning Selfies, Snapchats and Periscopes!

Love+Grace booth with Julie Zipperer MODE LINGERIE AND SWIM CURVEXPO 2015
First Bra Foundation and their amazing brand partners share their story with Press at #CURVENY 2015
And last but not least a give back story that truly touched my heart, First Bra Foundation shared about the amazing work they are doing giving Breast Cancer Survivors a symbol of renewal - a bra - First Bra Foundation provides survivors with a free bra of their choice that includes a private, personalized fitting experience.


Whether you are in 'sexy kitten', 'boardroom to bedroom' mode or just plain cuddle bunny, CURVEXPO definitely had a little 'something something' for everyone, and with the styles and sizing that covered ALL body types and body shapes I have to admit it was worth the trek to the Javitz in the middle of a super cold New York City Winter to get there. I am amazed by the work First Bra Foundation is doing and I hope to see their list of cities expand and their list of Brand Partners for donations as well. C'mon bra brands fork over more bras to First Bra, what they are doing for Cancer Warriors deserves some extra help! Readers visit their site and consider donating as well. Let's all ban together and give a collective rally cry '#FUCKCANCER'!

All the brands listed above are now on my radar and are definitely ones I will be watching. They are all brands I hope to be able to deepen the relationship with!

Readers, here's YOUR call to action: Which Brand Featured Above Interests YOU most? Brownie Points: If you visit their website, share a specific style that you liked best, who knows, maybe I can have them come back and do something fun for YOU as well.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dream Tisha Set Giveaway sponsored by Le Mystere! Ends 12/11 (ARV $98) Win one of Oprah's Favorite Things!

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This giveaway is now CLOSED. Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsor Le Mystere! We look forward to working with you again! The winner is 'SlipofaGirl'. At the end of the 'Surprise-A-Day' Giveaway Countdown, we will post an official winners list on our homeage with every single winner to each holiday buying guide giveaway! Remember: There are great giveaways active on the upper right hand side of the page!
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Ascending Butterfly Holidays Buying Guide 2010, Eighth Giveaway sponsored by:

I am very happy to say that I discovered Le Mystere WAY before Oprah did! I had hit a point where I wasn't happy with the same old same old. You know, the same old lack of style, the same old lack of support, and the same old lack of availability in my size. My weight had changed and so had my size, I knew it was time to go 'pro'. I decided to get a professional sizing done. I set out to Macys in New York City and didn't have to do much work. A very wise woman with tape measure and a fantastic eye saw me looking like a deer caught in headlights in the bra section and she instantly knew I needed help!

In a series of amazingly fortunate coincidences, after she measured me and gave me my true new size and asked several pertinent questions about my expectations (like having the girls at least appear to be pointing upward at all times). She ushered me to the Le Mystere section. I already liked the name, I felt like a secret agent of breasts. I actually did a double take as we got closer to make sure no one was following us. There was a rep from Le Mystere there filling the racks and watched us approach. The Macy's fitter and the Le Mystere rep spoke a bit and I kept hearing the word 'Tisha' being bandied about.

At first I thought she had forgotten my name, but then they both waved an assortment of bras that oddly resembled Mickey Mouse Ears when lying flat at me and said pick a color and try one on! I grabbed the black (yes I am a New Yorker you know!) and went into the fitting room. I tried on my first Le Mystere Bra. And lo and behold the girls were pointing in the right direction again, there was no bulge, lumps or bumps to be seen, and when I threw on a thin summer weight cashmere twin set over it I was super happy with just how well everything looked. I was elated. Except for one thing. I found that the band was a super perfect fit, and I asked them both if I should size up. And they both smiled and said 'NO' in unison. (Scary like the twins from 'The Shining' movie unison.) They told me the band is supposed to be a perfect fit because that is where the support actually comes from with Le Mystere bras, which after having worn them for many years now, I believe, is the key to why they hold up so well. They are not solely relying upon the straps to provide you the support you need.

Now I will tell you with all honesty to that point in my bra buying history, I'd been purchasing a popular 'boxed' brand that are often sold on sale in chain stores. So while my brain said 'BUY, BUY, BUY in EVERY COLOR', when I took a gander at the price tag, I realized I could only afford one. With my normal brand, that amount of money would have netted me three bras. My inner frugalista argued that 3 bras in the box are much better than one, but I knew that this time my inner frugalista was WRONG! Gasp, yes I said it, frugality was actually NOT the right choice this time.

That very next day I wore my new bra and because it is super supportive, I noticed and so did everyone else a marked change in my posture. PERK!

I noticed that nothing you don't want to see poking out if the room is cold or it's a chilly day out, remains well concealed with this bra. Again, PERK!

And fast forward five years later, Le Mystere is my ONLY bra of choice. No other bra has been able to deliver the same quality results. And I love that I can find it in various colors in my size. Which is many times a challenge with other bras.

Le Mystere recently took a good thing and made it that much better by adding lace to my beloved Dream Tisha Style Bra. So now I've got the same function, with a touch of cute girly fashion, it's a match made in lingerie draw heaven. I can wear the cute lacy Tisha with it's matching panty, and always feel like I'm keeping a super sexy secret during the day when I'm wearing them!

I actually have very mixed feelings about Oprah discovering MY Bra. Yes I said it, MINE!!! Now everyone knows just how great Le Mystere is and just how fantastic the Tisha style is. OH NO!!! I sometimes have trouble finding them, especially when Ms. 'O' re airs that episode on finding the right bra. I know it's good because it's helped the brand grow, but sometimes her love of my perfect bra makes it harder for me to get my hands on it!

Today I get the honor of playing Oprah for a day and sharing one of my ultimate favorite things with YOU. The Dream Tisha Bra and Panty set! Once you try this Bra, I can guarantee that you will never go back to the bargain bras in the box. They are literally THAT GOOD.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ - WIN IT! - Ascending Butterfly and Le Mystere, would like to provide 1 Ascending Butterfly Follower with a Dream Tisha Bra and Panty Set!  ARV $98
Don't you just ♥ Le Mystere? I know I do!

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