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Thursday, August 6, 2015

{#TheatreThursday} @OnYourFeetBway 's journey to Broadway this Fall, previews begin October 5th! #OnYourFeet

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On Your Feet Broadway Musical, Photographer: Chad Griffith
Photographer: Chad Griffith

When my blogging world and real world collide and I can shout from the rooftops about something I am truly passionate about, it's a GREAT 'day at the office' in my book. As a born and raised New Yorker I can say the theatre is in my blood and so is music.

Being contacted to share the journey of Emilio and Gloria Estefan's journey to Broadway and their upcoming musical was something I have been following along with very closely anyway and I couldn't possibly be more excited to share about this with you butterflies. I saw some coverage on TV about this show months ago and I have been following it's progress since with baited breath.

While I am sure many of you know Gloria and Emilio from Miami Sound Machine, their marriage and partnership have endured such tremendous highs and lows and their new upcoming Broadway Musical On Your Feet! set to debut at the Marquis Theatre this Fall, shares the story of their true love and international success on a new stage, the Broadway stage to be exact.

The site has a wonderful timeline of photos that span their career, which you should definitely check out, HERE.

With all the recent 'un-coupling' these days - Ben and Jen, Gwen and Gavin and now even Miss Piggy and Kermit there are very few love stories standing the test of time - The Estefan's give me HOPE! Piggy and Kermie may have thrown in the towel at the 40 year mark, so watching Gloria and Emilio beat the odds is giving me life right now!


Her Voice. His Vision. Their Story

Here is Episode One - Here We Are - of their Journey to Broadway for your viewing pleasure:

I have to admit re-watching the news footage of the accident in her tour bus still gives me goose bumps to this day!

Here is Episode Two - Writing The Show:

As I writer myself, I can't even say enough how these words from the video resonated, I just had to quote it:

"In America You Can Dream Big - And if You Are Willing to Sacrifice It All, there's A Chance!" ~ Alexander Dinelaris, reveals how he captured the lives of the Estefans in his writing for the show. (Alexander is an Academy Award Winner for Birdman)
Here is Episode Three - Casting the Story:

Here is Episode Four - Directing the Musical:

It's full of passion, it's full of color, it's full of people, it's full of life - it's going to be really incredible! ~ Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell (of Kinky Boots! You know how much I love that play, see my review of Kinky Boots HERE!) BTW, choreography is by Olivier Award Winner Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys)

My Take:

Episode 5 reveals the actors portraying Emilio and Gloria, and for that episode my lovely butterflies, you will have to check out the show's YouTube Page. I can't give it ALL to you here! This post is meant to entice you, the rest is up to you!

I am looking forward to seeing On Your Feet! The Musical and my hope is this post will make you want to see it too. I want to see this show surpass it's own box office sales expectations and literally SWEEP the TONY Awards. I want to see the Latino community rally around this one hard. We can't complain that there aren't show's 'made for us' where we can see people 'we can truly identify with' and then when they are produced not support it. Latinos please join me in putting your money where your mouth is with this production. THIS is exactly the story about our culture that we want out there, that we are passionate, focused, driven men and women with so much to contribute. Let's put aside the where a Latino/Latina is from nonsense - the country of origin separation thing does more to hurt our community than help, that's not what is important, this is a human story, an inspirational and powerful story, and one we should rally around seeing be told, and being told BOLDLY on the Broadway Stage no less.

As a Latina I feel an extra sense of pride seeing their story hit the Broadway Stage, they are a Latino 'Power Couple' (sorry bae and jay but the Estefan's were doing it FIRST!) and that is to say the least, they have been making amazing music together and they have also been giving back, supporting charitable organizations such as We Are The World Foundation and Disaster Relief among others.

They are hardworking, focused, determined and driven and that drive has been channeled into this Production, I have no doubt in my mind it will be an amazing night on Broadway. One that I can't wait to experience for myself. The show will be in previews starting October 5th 2015. I may or may not be camped out by the theatre the night before! (Will have to check my closets for a sleeping bag!)

****I hope to be able to bring you all a tickets giveaway as well, so please stay tuned!****

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What is your favorite all time Play/Theatre Production/Musical? Do you have a favorite song from Gloria Estefan, if so which one? Did any of my Chicago based readers catch the show there? - If so PLEASE spill the tea here!

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