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Thursday, October 15, 2015

{#TheatreThursday} The Rhythm is Gonna Get You! Go see @OnYourFeetBway #OnYourFeet #Broadway

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Photographer: Chad Griffith
Remember when I shared that I have been stalking the new Broadway Musical On Your Feet!? If you don't remember, check out my post HERE! - I finally got to see it - and I have to tell you, The Rhythm is Gonna Get You!

Each year I can't help but pick a play that was my favorite, last year it was Kinky Boots! 

On Your Feet!, The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan, is a Musical directed by two-time Tony Award Winner Jerry Mitchell of Hairspray AND KINKY BOOTS! (Three-time Tony nominated Scenic Designer, David Rockwell also worked on Kinky Boots - you can check out my review of Kinky Boots HERE). I left On Your Feet! feeling as uplifted and happy as when I left the theatre after seeing Kinky Boots and I have a strong feeling that On Your Feet! is going to be my front runner for my favorite play/musical of 2015.

Even mega fans will find this is the story that they both know and DON'T know, it is touching, heart-warming and triumphant, everything a Broadway experience should be! ~ Ascending Butterfly
Making her Broadway Debut is Ana Villafane as Gloria Estefan (Ana looks so much like Gloria). Josh Segarra (who may you know as Billy Cepeda in the comedy series 'Sirens' on the USA network), plays Emilio, both were hand selected by Gloria and Emilio respectively. Alexandria Suarez plays 'Little Gloria' (her voice is AMAZING by the way - she is going to be one to watch!) and Eduardo Hernandez plays both Little Emilio and Nayib (Emilio & Gloria's son). Alma Cuervo (whose NYC credits include: Allegro, Road Show, Cabaret, Beauty and the Beast, Titanic, The Heidi Chronicles and more) also put in a strong performance as 'Consuelo' (Gloria's Grandmother/abuela) - honestly there really isn't a 'weak link' in the cast, everyone truly 'brought it'.


I have been following the progress of this show since I first heard about it, and well before I was even approached to consider writing about it. It definitely lived up to my expectations and I hope to see it soar. To finally see not only Latinos on stage, the story of a Latino power couple no less that overcame tremendous obstacles to see their music done their way - but most importantly a Broadway show for Latinos BY Latinos for me will always be absolutely priceless, and the joy of watching fellow members of the audience of ALL ages and races dancing in the aisles, singing along to every word, and even watching people be moved to tears during the more sentimental moments is something I won't soon forget. I highly recommend On Your Feet! (It is certainly an amazing date night experience or just a girls night out! And for my fellow cocktail lovers, there are signature drinks for the show you can enjoy, my personal fave was the "On Your Feet A Rita" which includes Sauza Tequila!)

"The American Dream" doesn't come wrapped in a cute box with a pretty bow, it is something that often comes with great sacrifice and struggle, while our faces may be different, our dreams are very much the same - wanting a better life for our families, wanting to enjoy creative self-expression and personal and professional fulfillment. The Estefan's road to the American Dream comes with many relatable highs and lows. There were moments that brought the audience to tears (a touching scene with Gloria and her Father), and moments that are incredibly heart-warming (the wall of thousands of fan letters that were written to Gloria after her horrific bus accident while she was on her road to recovery) and triumphant ones (When Emilio gets in the face of a record company Executive who thought they should stick to the 'Latin Market' and he exclaims: "This is what America looks like." - there were literally people cheering out loud!).

What I wrote on the My Take for my pre-coverage of this show very much still stands:

"THIS is exactly the story about our culture that we want out there, that we are passionate, focused, driven men and women with so much to contribute. Let's put aside the where a Latino/Latina is from nonsense - the country of origin separation thing does more to hurt our community than help, that's not what is important, this is a human story, an inspirational and powerful story, and one we should rally around seeing be told, and being told BOLDLY on the Broadway Stage no less." (I normally don't quote myself so much in a piece, but I couldn't quite help myself this time!)

I have two small 'cons'

(1) I suggested a Latino/Latina Bloggers themed night, particularly since the show is still in previews, but I never got a green light, I think a Q&A with the cast and the Estefan's by NYC based Latino/Latina Bloggers would have been amazing!

(2) They don't yet have a show soundtrack (I am hoping that post previews this will be remedied!) - there are two songs in the musical that are original to the show and I want them so I hope a soundtrack is coming.

On Your Feet! is currently in previews at The Marquis Theatre in New York City and opens November 5, 2015.

****I do hope to be able to bring you all a tickets giveaway as well, so please stay tuned!****

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What is your favorite all time Play/Theatre Production/Musical? Do you have a favorite song from Gloria Estefan, if so which one?

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