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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{CLOSED} It's MY Birthday but YOU Get the Cake #Giveaway sponsored by @wetakethecake via @Ascending1

Ever since I founded Ascending Butterfly (except the first year because it was founded after my birthday) I have hosted an annual 'It's MY Birthday but YOU Get the Gifts!' series of promotions, because it's my birthday and I can, because it's fun and who doesn't like presents? Am I right?

But what's a birthday without cake? We've had some fun cake collaborations over the years, for my birthday, for Easter, for our Mother's Day Buying Guide, for our blogaversary, I mean who really needs a holiday or a reason to enjoy cake?

Well this birthday I had the privilege of trying a cake from a company whose cake is one of 'Oprahs Favorite Things'! I discovered her favorite bra well before she began talking about it (and of course after she did my favorite colors and sizes were always sold out!), but this time I will admit I found this great find from her, and what a sweet find it is!

About We Take the Cake:

With a cake for every occassion, from birthday, baby shower, holidays and even cupcakes and corporate gifts, We Take the Cake has got you covered! Madame 'O''s particular favorite is their Key Lime Bundt Cake!

What began in 1997 as a mail-order bakery got its start when Lori went to visit a bakery to buy a cake for her son Sean's third birthday, it was 'love at first bite' and she ended up buying the business! It's a small team that makes each cake by hand, and butterflies I can tell you that you can literally taste the love!

"To us, cake isn't just a dessert. It's a symbol of celebration, happiness, friends and family. That's why we take so much care in creating the most splendid and delectable cakes and cupcakes... because we know what it means to you." ~ Lori Karmel, Owner, We Take The Cake

Unboxing My Cake!

My Take:

I love the background story on We Take The Cake, can you imagine loving something so much you just decide to buy the business completely? What started out as something so simple, buying her son a birthday cake became a thriving business operation that still makes each cake by hand!

Here is a picture of my cake:

We Take the Cake Award Winning Chocolate Cake with Creamy Rich Cheesecake!

I love that it's wrapped in plastic, and once I removed the plastic it looked like this:

Is it a bit too much to admit that I wanted to just dip my face directly in it? I didn't do that, but I was tempted to!

I swear I cut two slices one for me and one for Mama Butterfly, I didn't eat it all!

And above is a picture of my slice!

There are two things I didn't like when I was younger that I absolutely love now Yogurt and Cheesecake, it took me forever to eat them both, and now I appear to be making up for lost time! I can't enough of either one! This Cheesecake enrobed in Chocolate Cake is totally decadent, totally sinful and totally delicious! My advice for when order a Cheesecake that arrives cold is to let it thaw well so you get a creamy rich moist bite the first time and every time! I personally knew better than to even try freezing any because I knew it would all get devoured rather quickly!

I couldn't recommend We Take The Cake highly enough, it's fantastic, and now I want to try out their other flavors, maybe I'll even relent and try Oprah's Favorite Key Lime Bundt Cake!

Had to use a pro-shot of the Award Winning We Take the Cake Chocolate Cake with Creamy Rich Cheesecake, because my cut was not so neat or so even!

Win It:

It's THAT time! While Thursday, April 4th is MY birthday, YOU get the gifts too! Our friends at We Take the Cake want to provide 1 lucky Butterfly the opportunity to win a Cake of their own! How cool is that? Not to mention if you sign up on their website to receive their newsletter, you get another chance to win a Key Lime Bundt Cake that way!

Don't you just  We Take The Cake? I know I do!

DISCOUNT: Do you know someone celebrating a birthday soon? Send them an incredible birthday cake with "Happy Birthday" written on the cake and birthday candles included. Save $10 using code BDAY10 (use all caps, case sensitive) when checking out at

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FTC Disclosure: We Take the Cake provided Ascending Butterfly with one cake of our choice for editorial consideration, and they are also fulfilling to one prize winner, all opinions are 100% my own. Sponsor is responsible for Prize Fulfillment. Neither Ascending Butterfly or it's giveaway sponsors will be held responsible for lost, late or mis-directed mail. Our full disclosure policy can be found at: