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Sunday, December 3, 2017

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♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷThis is a Sponsored Post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Penguin Random House. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All opinions are 100% my own.

This Sunday, December 3rd is the both the FIRST AND LAST supermoon of 2017. The moon is going to appear up to 14 times larger and 30 times brighter than usual, and I can't think of any better way to enjoy it than cozying up to my favorite reading nook by the window with a good book and a nice glass of wine (or eggnog or hot chocolate, whatever floats your beverage boat!) And I will also have my Crystals on the windowsill 're-charging' as it is thought that the full moon shines down with so much pure energy, anything it touches is imbued with powerful radiance and love. And who couldn't use more of that in their life?

The illumination of the supermoon provides not only physical mind-blowing results when it comes to energy healing but on a soul level as well it helps to sort of shine a light on the dark corners of your subconscious and shine a light that gives you insight into your emotions, your soul, and your soul path. And that all ties so superbly with the review and giveaway I bring you today. (And don't forget in case you missed it, we teamed up with to host a fun Giveaway that includes a limited edition Christopher Radko ornament, only 300 of them were made, please be sure to enter it HERE

I know it's been ages since we have had an Ascending Butterfly Book Club on a regular basis monthly, not so much because I haven't been reading, I definitely have, but I have had less time to write and a regular feature was becoming too much of a commitment. Lately my blog life has been matching my single life, not much along the way of time to properly devote to either one. Le Sigh. Being a single butterfly in the city ain't easy!

I do have a title I wanted to share with you called Higher is Waiting by Tyler Perry (note this is an affiliate link to the book, when you purchase from our affiliate link it helps support this site and is always appreciated).

There are so many reasons this book resonates with me.

In addition to writing and social media consulting I am life/career coach and I am always scouring self help aisles to keep myself motivated. I know I have to keep my batteries re-charged if I am going to help others.

A Life Coach in a Funk?

Not cute.

Not a Good Look.

Bad for Business.

I love to scour the self-help aisle at the Library and my favorite bookstores for inspiration. And I squeeze in my reading anywhere I can, during my commute to the City each day, when I am traveling or on a plane, somehow despite the popularity of e-readers and even with my love of tech and tech blogging, I am still old school when it comes to reading, I like a hardcover book in my hand.

Whether you know Tyler Perry from his feature films, twenty stage plays or nine television shows, Higher is Waiting is a very intimate look at the Writer, Author, Filmmaker, playwright, songwriter, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Check out Tyler's "The Perry Foundation" which aims to transform tragedy into triumph by seeding individual potential, supporting communities and harvesting real change.

This is Tyler's second title, his first book, which is also a #1 New York Times Best Seller is called "Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea's Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life"

I want to make it very clear that this is NOT a Madea book, nor is this a sequel to that book, this is Tyler Perry opening himself up in a very raw, personal and open way sharing directly from a ten year period of his personal journals with a combination of humor and spiritual hope.

The book is divided into four sections: Planting, Nourishing, Branching Out and Harvesting.

The format is a little bit similar to a book that was a standout pick for me in our Ascending Butterfly Book Club in 2010, called Unforgettable You by Daisy Fuentes, see my review for that book HERE.

Like Unforgettable You, Higher Is Waiting has a call to action at the end of every chapter, and also has recommended bible verses and passages that relate to that chapter and help you expand deeper on the theme in that particular chapter.


I am partnering with Review Wire Media and Penguin Random House to give one lucky butterfly the chance to win your own copy of "Higher Is Waiting". Use the Rafflecopter Widget Below to enter, if the widget is 'stuck' just refresh the page and it should come back on it's own.

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I had seen interviews with Tyler Perry and had some idea of the abuse he endured in childhood, but not quite the extent of what he endured, while I appreciate Tyler Perry's humor it is in Higher Is Waiting that he gives us the biggest glimpse yet into his soul. Memoirs are terribly difficult to pen - just how much of yourself do you give? How does what you give of yourself impact how an already established audience perceives you?

I have read many other reviews on this book describing it as an easy read. (I always tend to read reviews before I write one.) And I am not quite sure that I agree. A Memoir is something akin to an open sore that you keep peeling the skin off of, it's a raw and a painful process, and to read of someone else's trials and tribulations I would never consider 'easy', but I will agree you can get through each individual chapter quickly because they are shorter chapters.

But the meat is in the end of chapter questions that ask you to probe yourself.

And the soul is in the extra bible verses that he asks you to refer to that expand upon that chapter's theme.

If you are doing it right, and really taking those extra steps at the end of the chapter, this is actually not a fast or easy read, but something that moves you to dig into your own soul in a very empowering way.

And before you say it, yes I am very careful with the three taboo conversation topics even here on my pages: Sex, Politics and Religion. However, I am enlightened enough to say I am open to wisdom and inspiration in any form or shape, and while this book uses bible verses at the end of the chapter for additional sources of inspiration, if you are not inclined, you can skip the bible verses, but please do NOT skip the questions that ask you to probe your own soul or you would be doing yourself a great dis-service. Those questions are for self examination and evaluation, and while you think you may know the answers, keep that pen and paper handy and WRITE out the answers to each question at the end of each chapter, your answers just may surprise you and seeing them written is super powerful.

I recommend this book to my friends in Faith and those who are not Faith inclined, it is an example of endurance, humor, and the wisdom that comes from a life in progress.

A most excellent Holiday Gift in my opinion.

Spill Butterflies: What is your favorite Memoir? or even if it wasn't exactly your favorite, what was the last Memoir you read?

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