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Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene is coming! Are you Prepared?

After an Earthquake that still has most of us shaking (us East Coasters don't experience them as frequently as our friends on the West Coast), we are preparing this weekend for a Hurricane. Hurricane 'Irene' is on it's way!

I was shocked to hear on the news today that the 'City that NEVER Sleeps' is actually preparing for this Hurricane by SHUTTING DOWN.

As of Noon on Saturday, all mass transit including: Trains, Buses, Path Trains, Metro North and Long Island Railroad will shut down. I've lived in New York City my entire life, and to hear that the City is actually going to shut down is a very bizarre feeling. There was pandemonium in the Supermarkets with people pushing and shoving and the storm hasn't even arrived yet!

On the news I also saw that the Casinos are even shutting down, and if NYC Mass Transit shutting down entirely wasn't enough of a warning, that sure is!

I pray this storm veers off and no one is affected, but it doesn't hurt to prepare!  Check out the advice on Hurricane Preparedness from the National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center.

I haven't even seen bigger disasters shut this City down! New Yorkers are a pretty tough bunch.

I just want to remind you all, that if you live in an area where evacuation is required, please do as advised and get yourself and family to safety!

Be Safe Butterflies!

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