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Friday, August 3, 2012

What does @BarackObama have to do with #BlogHer12 day one?

President Barack Obama Addresses Bloggers live during a webcast during BlogHer 2012

Butterflies, my apologies for the super brief post. There was so much to take in, and so much that I experienced just on day one, that I really don't know where to start!

BlogHer truly blew everyone away on August 2nd, when President Barack Obama addressed the bloggers in attendance via live webcast at the Hilton Hotel in NYC.

He gets it, the power behind our voices, how amazing our platforms are and the direct impact we have on our audience and our communities. I've attend a ton of conferences in general throughout my career in IT and now as a blogger, and I don't remember being addressed by a US President during a Conference, blogging or otherwise. For a moment it left many of us speechless. That's how high up blogging is being noticed! Ladies (and gentlemen too!), we have power with our words, our posts, our platforms, how do YOU want to use that power? How can you use that power to make your communities a better place?

Elisa Camahort Page, Lisa Stone BlogHer Founders

My day was a busy one as this year I'm working the conference from the inside, and I attended the Healthminder track today, I live Blogged, mic wrangled  and listened to some amazing speakers. I will provide real session recaps in a few days when I've fully had time to absorb the experience.

This year more bloggers are connecting with EACH other, and that makes me truly heart happy, those are the memories and ultimately relationships that last the longest. I'm so happy to see more bloggers make connections with fellow attendees, and go out of their comfort zones and not just talk to their friends all night long, but introduce themselves to someone they don't know. During the People's Party all the tables were already taken and a few of us just started camping out on the floor, there were exhibitors/brands, bloggers and PR folks too, just having a good old fashion camp out together. In those moments, breaking bread and talking while on the floor, we had amazing conversations, would those conversations come up at a table if we had been lucky enough to score one? maybe. But they were that much more fun in a mock campfire circle. While I will never forget Obama's webcast, I will also never forget the new people I met during The People's Party either!

And there were 3 specific online friends I wanted to meet in real life, and fate just put me in the right place at the right time to meet them ALL on day ONE, How cool is that?

I even met Nadia, from the Niche Mommy Conference I'm considering attending and wrote a great post about this week!

Now I hope the Favor Gods are smiling down upon me and I get picked for the #Windowstyle makeover too! I would be super stoked if I won!

I've received a few discount codes throughout the day, I'll compile the rest on Thursday and Friday and be sure to post about them all for you so you can nab some amazing deals even though you might not have been able to attend the conference in person this year!

I got to meet some super awesome PR folks I work with throughout the years and that was really cool, we could finally put faces with the names! I met some new PR folks and have some super fun collaborations coming down the pike that means super awesome giveaways for you! Who loves you Butterfly?

I'm having a blast, I'm exhausted as I'm writing this post, but it's a good kind of tired!

So far the conference collective voices are speaking, they are guiding, they are encouraging us to find our bliss. For me, it's my travel writing posts. I love to travel and that's the track I'd like pursue a bit more of in 2013. How do you feel about your butterfly flying all over the world sharing what inspired her, from deserted Sandy Beaches, to gorgeous architecture, to gourmet food, local wines, local art and dance? I think that's the perfect path for me in 2013, and I hope you do too! I hope you are ready to take this journey around the world with me!

TGI Friday Butterfly!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am a BlogHer Conference Volunteer this year. I have received my conference pass in exchange for volunteer services during the conference. I am under no obligation to share my experiences about the conference on my personal blog.