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Friday, December 14, 2012

Today's Words of Inspiration: Let's send light, strength and prayers to the families affected by today's tragic shooting! #PrayersForNewton

I've been watching the news unfold new details of the tragic shooting today at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. I am deeply saddened, and am joining in the prayers being sent to the students, teachers, and the families who are suffering a loss no one should ever know. There are various groups out there using their social media for good, and the one for those on Twitter is #PrayersforNewton,

In light of today's tragedy I know it seems impossible to turn our hearts toward inspiration, but it's only with sending light and love to the victims that we can begin to heal. Many moms expressed on Facebook that they are planning to hug their kids extra hard today, and I plan to do the same with my nieces and nephews.

If you can think of nothing to be grateful for today, be thankful you are home, be thankful if your child made it home safely from school today. As an inspiration based community let's find a way to encourage one another and take our energies to a place of  healing. Post any prayers and thoughts here, all comments are moderated so I respectfully ask that you refrain from posting any hate messages to the shooter here, this is NOT the forum or place for that kind of hate and anger.

As a former Special Ed Teacher myself, I shudder to think that this could have easily been my school. A school that wasn't in an area nearly as nice as Newton, a school where there were students with special needs and broken homes. It's such a sad state of our times that our elementary schools now need to up their security measures to ensure the safety of children!

I hope all of your little butterflies made it home today safely!

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