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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I can finally fuel my designer #handbag obsession & get great prices, seriously folks there is #MoreatSears than meets the eye!

#Sponsored: This is a Sponsored Post written by Ascending Butterfly on behalf of Sears via the Niche Mommy Network & Conference


It's no surprise to long time followers that I have a handbag obsession. I will never own enough handbags. If there were a support group, I'd be it's President. Since 2009 we have featured a 'Featured Monthly Handbag in the Spotlight' on Ascending Butterfly, it's included both established and emerging brands /designers and probably just about every color of handbag under the sun.

I recently found out a handbag I have been coveting by a major designer is being dis-continued (I know right GASP!) so I went on an online hunt to see who still had it (My top three favorite Manhattan Department Stores were already sold out, UM serious LE SIGH!), and after scrolling was super surprised to find out Sears actually has it, so I skipped off to my nearest store, and they didn't have it. NOT COOL (My city is in the midst of a major heatwave, zapping me of any desire to be outside, walking or moving in general.)

Remember how I was telling you yesterday that the blogging Gods & the Universe have been sending me all kinds of signals? When this info hit my email inbox I have to admit it made me laugh. Not in a bad way, just in a not surprised way because I actually inadvertently discovered this revelation on my own, and I'm more than happy to let you guys in on the secret.

As a curvy Latina one of my biggest pet peeves is finding a super sweet outfit in the store, (or go looking for a coveted handbag), and then find out someone else snatched up the last one. To resolve this very issue, Sears has expanded its website. In fact, the Sears website is now WAY larger than the stores. carries more sizes and colors than you can find at your local Sears. And for last minute shoppers, have no fear you can buy it online, schedule an in store pickup and Sears guarantees that they will have your item ready in 5 minutes or less, if they don't, you'll get a $5 in store coupon. (Um, even those pizza folks make you wait 30 minutes before making it up to you for the slow service! Just Saying!)

Aside from having more colors and sizes on the website, carries more brands and styles online than they do in store. They really have 'stepped up their retail game' with brands like Ray Ban, Michael Kors, DeWalt Tools, Steve Madden, Nike, Vince Camuto, and one I've been obsessed with for a long time, Tory Burch. (You can't tell me that Capital T Logo of theirs didn't have ME in mind!)

Check out the Newest Arrivals at Sears Market Place!

Screen Capture of Front Loader Washers - New Arrivals!

I don't know about you, but this mercury retrograde has been wreaking havoc on my appliances and electronics so I am researching a few major purchases (for after the retrograde dust clears of course) including a new Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator, and hoping somewhere in there I can squeeze in that handbag I'm lusting after, before it totally sells out!

What will YOU buy at today?

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FTC DisclosureThis is a Sponsored Post written by Ascending Butterfly on behalf of Sears via the Niche Mommy Network & Conference, however all opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. See our Full Disclosure Policy for additional information.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kardashian Kollection for @searsStyle during New York Fashion Week! #NYFW12

TGIF Butterflies! How did you all make out during Fashion Night Out last night? What are your highlights, best deals, and favorite scores?

I survived Fashion Night Out and got the chance to attend a special Bloggers Brunch today hosted by SearsStyle at Bagatelle Bistro in New York City!

For the most part I have always had a love/hate relationship with Fashion week, it's a non-stop event marathon, which on a good day can be exhausting, (the tired feet is the HATE part), but I love getting sneak peeks of Fashion Trends (definitely the LOVE part). I really love events where the Fashion that is presented is actually feasible and wearable, and I don't just mean budget wise. While some Fashions are very beautiful, not many are actually 'do-able' for most people in their day-to-day lives straight off the runway. I like Fashion that's approachable, I want to add pieces to my collection that I can wear to work, that make sense for events, and then even on weekends when I can be more casual, I still want style!

So when I received the event invite from SearsStyle I was definitely excited, I can't think of any city I have visited that I couldn't find a Sears, and I have one very close to home as well. While Sears is probably  the first name in mind when you are appliance shopping, or you may even think of them for your Automotive needs, they might not have been the first name that came to mind when clothes fashion shopping, but hopefully they will be now!

Much like Missoni for Target, where snagging exclusive pieces had them selling out in stores and on-line, Sears Style is hoping to achieve similar results with the Kardashian Kollection for Sears. Like the Missoni for Target collection, the Kardashian Kollection will also offer exclusive pieces that can only be found at Sears! The collection was designed by the Kardashian Sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney in conjunction with Jupi Corporation.

In fact the keynote speaker at the Brunch was Fashion Designer and Jupi Corporation President, Bruno Schiavi!

Here are some pictures of the Fashions:

I am totally digging the zig zag dress paired with that eye catching red handbag, how about you? Not sure if you can read the signs, the left side are Kardashian Kollection and the right side is Covington!

Had to get a closer shot of the dress and red handbag, under sunlight I see this dress truly requires a good slip! :)

If you are getting the strong feeling that Black, White and RED are my favorite color combos, you are RIGHT!

One of the event highlights? The Denim Bar, we got to go home with the Jeans of OUR choice from a very wide assortment!

The Jeans on the very left are fully REVERSIBLE, with animal print on one side and an indigo denim on the other side. BRILLIANT! If you love to travel but hate carrying tons of stuff, these are a lifesaver!

Don't you just love the denim in COLOR? I wish the red had been available in my size, I would have JUMPED on them for sure!

This shot of my Bloody Mary Cocktail taken at Bagatelle Restaurant was shot with my iPod, the ones above with my Kodak Camera!

I was awesomely surprised to finally find a great Bloody Mary Cocktail in the City as the best one I've tasted so far was at The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, this one is just as good and WAY closer to home. By the way, the food, cocktails and service were wonderful at Bagatelle!

My Take:

The Kardashian Sisters understand how to design for Women with Curves, and the fact that they put this collection in Sears Stores makes it super affordable and accessible, it's a stylish collection that is well designed and works well no matter what your style, they also have a collection of handbags and accessories as well as bedding and items for home.

I may not be able to take you all to events with me, but hopefully via photos you can see the great events I get to attend through my eyes! Once Fashion Week is over, I'm really going to need a NAP! :)

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Have a wonderful weekend Butterflies, and Happy Fashion Week New York City too!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, no monetary compensation has been received in exchange for my event recap! I will admit to being well fed and taking home a pair of jeans! (What's New York Fashion Week without Swag right?) ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alert for anyone central to New York City: Times Square Scavenger Hunt Event!

Sears is having a NYC "$1,000 'Tag It' Scavenger Hunt" today from 11am-3pm in Time Square to celebrate the formal launch of Marketplace at Sears has also created specially designed gift cards, ranging from $5 to $10 in value that will be distributed by brand ambassadors. 

NOTE: there will be ONE GIFTCARD worth $1,000 given randomly on-site. No one will know the value of their card until they scratch the back of the card and use it at checkout on

Here are the Details:

DAY: Wednesday, March 31

TIME: From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

WHERE: Time Square (Military Island)

WHAT:  You are invited to visit Times Square (near Military Island) and look for the Sears brand ambassadors to receive one of these limited gift cards. Don't worry they'll be easy to spot, as they'll be wearing Marketplace at shirts. There will be one lucky $1,000 gift card winner.

Additionally, if you're out and about in New York City on Wednesday, March 31, keep an eye out for “SALE” tags that will be found on several iconic NYC items, from the Wall Street Bull to the Midtown “LOVE” sign. You can take photos of yourself with the SALE tags and upload them to the Sears Facebook page or tweet it to @MySears.

So if any Ascending Butterfly reader wins the $1,000 gift certificate, I do want to remind you all that my birthday is this Sunday!

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FTC Disclosure Info: This is not a paid insertion. This is a non-compensated post. I have not received any incentive of any kind for alerting my readers about this event.