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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Highlights from the @InStyle Holiday Preview! Hot Gifts! #CelebrateInStyle

Celebrate the Season InStyle Logo #CelebrateInStyle

With holidays right around the corner there is a ton to think about and a ton to do, What to wear, and of course the gifts we want to give and those we may be hoping to receive.

Celebrate the Season InStyle Decorations Essentials Crafts #CelebrateInStyle
The box of butterflies on the middle tier is what caught my eye!

InStyle Magazine hosted a holiday preview event that curated the latest and greatest (and most fashionable of course) trends of the holiday season all in one room! They certainly crammed a lot of style into a little space!

I thought I'd share some of the highlights (in alphabetical order):

Celebrate the Season InStyle Bulova Watches #CelebrateInStyle
Bulova Watches on display during the Celebrate InStyle Holiday Press Preview
Above: While smart/notifier wearable tech that tells the time, measures your heart rate and every single step you take may be all the rage, Bulova presented a collection that is where Watch meets Fashion Jewelry. Timeless, Classic, Elegant watches that can take you from boardroom to date night with ease and that's just the way I like it. I still take notes in a notebook, keep a 'real' calendar, and definitely prefer 'real' watches - you know, the ones that still just tell time! LOL (Too bad one of these beauties wasn't in our gift bag! I will have to oogle them from afar for now, AHEM I hope Santa is reading this!)

Celebrate the Season InStyle Kelly Cook Vice President of Customer Strategy and Engagement DSW #CelebrateInStyle
Kelly Cook, Vice President of Customer Strategy and Engagement for DSW
Above: Needless to say DSW's exhibitor booth was always crowded, so nabbing a good shot of it was virtually impossible. They had their own 'step and repeat' but you guys know those are not my thing. I like being behind the camera and sharing WHAT I see with all of you. As cute as I am, how many pictures of me in front of a backsplash does anyone need to see right? I was able to nab a shot of Kelly Cook, VP of Customer Strategy and Engagement for DSW - the Designer Show Warehouse. As you can tell from the shot, her passion for Shoes and DSW are evident. She was awesome! I was surprised to learn about the Shoe Struck random event held at any one of their retail stores at random where they give EVERYONE a free pair of shoes. They need to bring that to their DSW's 'in da hoood' where I live! #JustSayin

Shoe Struck

I can tell you that the gift card in the Gift Bags got to put to immediate use and I spent another $250 on top of it! So it's totally true that those who give also receive! (kind of a holidays motto no?)

Celebrate the Season Elizabeth Arden Red Door Perfume #CelebrateInStyle, Fragrances
Elizabeth Arden classic Red Door Perfume

Above: Elizabeth Arden presented several of their fragrances, and they were creatively displayed with what comprises the notes included in the scent, Genius! The classic Red Door is one I was definitely already familiar with.

Celebrate the Season Elizabeth Arden Red Door 25 Perfume #CelebrateInStyle, Fragrances, Scents
Elizabeth Arden Red Door 25 Perfume

Above: Not quite new, but new to me was Elizabeth Arden's Red Door 25, I found it a more 'sensual' version of the traditional Red Door.

Celebrate the Season Elizabeth Arden Untold Perfume #CelebrateInStyle, Fragrances, Scents
Elizabeth Arden Untold Perfume
Above: Elizabeth Arden also had their newer fragrance Untold on Display, a creamy white floral with fruitier top notes of pear and black currants.

Celebrate the Season Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu Perfume #CelebrateInStyle, Fragrances, Scents
Elizabeth Arden Untold Absolu Perfume
Above: Elizabeth Arden also displayed Untold Absolu a more intense version of Untold, ideally you could layer them, if you wore Untold during the day, you might want to use Absolu in the evening on the way out to dinner. Tres Chic bottle! They also gave us lipstick makeovers, I let them take off my signature red (that I custom blend myself) and they took me down, which means lighter. I'm not going to say it wasn't a nice shade because it was, but as soon as it started to transfer from snacks and drinks I did put my 'me' lips back on in the ladies room, sorry guys! I'm a red lip girl for life. At best I'll do some plums in the fall, but it's rare that I'm not wearing my signature red. Untold Absolu is definitely the perfect scent for a red lip and banging outfit for New Years Eve! Go Butterfly, Go Butterfly! Get it girl!

Celebrate the Season Etienne Aigner #CelebrateInStyle, Handbags, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry
Etienne Aigner offers stylish Shoes, Handbags and Accesories

Above: These Animal Print Handbags from Etienne Aigner caught my eye! I got a lovely snakeskin bangle in my gift bag that I need to get a good shot of so I can share it with you guys, I have read other recaps of this event and we got different styles, so the universe was really watching out for me when the person handed me the gift bag with my bracelet in it because I LOVE animal prints and am super glad I didn't get a solid bangle. Pictures of my sweet score to come, promise! I went through a phase with their shoes, it was insane I tell you, LOVE! (And if Santa is reading this, I am all about the TTT Charm Necklace at Etienne Aigner, I mean ALL about this!)

Celebrate the Season InStyle Gardein's fishless filet used to make Pub Style Fish N Chips #CelebrateInStyle, food, meatless meals
Gardein's fishless filet used to make Pub Style Fish N Chips

Above: Gardein presented us with some very creative and tasty snack option eats including the Pub style Fish N Chips above that were made using their fishless filets! Their mission is to create healthier versions of the food people love to eat, their versatile protein options were definitely a big hit and I hope to find them stocked near me soon as I would love to try some more of their products! Their website has some great recipes too! For those of you entertaining during the holidays that have a non-meater or vegan visiting, you definitely want to look into Gardein, you will truly be the hostess with the mostest with these on hand! (or non meat eaters might want to also consider throwing these in the hostess basket if they are visiting somewhere and bringing a hostess gift!)

Celebrate the Season InStyle Jergens BB Body Cream #BBgoesBody #CelebrateInStyle, BB Cream, Lotion
Jergen's BB Body

Above: I posted about Jergen's BB Body on it's own HERE. I did tell you I had WAY more to tell you about how and where I discovered them! Yes butterflies #BBgoesBody!

Celebrate the Season InStyle Jergens BB Body Cream with Make-Up Artist Pati DuBrof  #CelebrateInStyle
Make-Up Artist Pati DuBrof
Above: Make-Up Artist (you know just to Hollywood's Elite, no biggie, lol) Pati DuBrof spoke about Makeup Trends, and the tricks she uses to get the stars 'camera-ready' and you bet Jergen's BB for Body is in her arsenal!

Celebrate the Season InStyle TV Reporter & Stylist Rachel Zalis Metaphor Relaunch by SearsStyle #CelebrateInStyle, clothing, Sears, Fashion, Style
TV Reporter and Stylist Rachel Zalis discusses SearsStyle The Metaphor Collection

Above: TV Reporter and Stylist Rachel Zalis spoke about the relaunch of SearsStyle Metaphor Collection, needless to say they had me at 'Leather', LOL!

Celebrate the Season InStyle TV Reporter & Stylist Rachel Zalis Metaphor Relaunch by SearsStyle #CelebrateInStyle

Above: The Metaphor Collection by SearsStyle includes pieces for work and play! Fashion doesn't get simpler, easier or more affordable butterflies!

Above: Silk'n presented a wide assortment of their products/devices to help you look and feel beautiful and confident including their Hair Removal device, Flash & Go, their Anti-Aging Device, FaceFX, their Acne Facial Device, Blue and their MicroDermabrasion device Revit. I was a lucky raffle winner! I wanted the Flash&Go but they didn't have one so I got the Revit system instead, as soon as I try it out I will definitely share how it is working for me! They also gifted attendees with their Silk'in Pedi device which recently arrived in the mail, once I get started with that one I will also post a full review on it. Trust me when I tell you even the girl or guy who 'has everything' will still want, love and need any of these. All of their products are definitely perfect to get you primed and prepped for your upcoming holiday parties and events!

Above: Instyle Magazine's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide winner SugarWish was a popular stop, it's literally the sweetest and easiest gift ever! You select a Sugarwish Git and your recipient gets an eCard, THEY pick the candy of THEIR choice and sweets are delivered directly to their door. No wondering if you are picking something they love, they are picking it themself! LE YUM!!!! I could use this right about now, writing always gives me a case of the 'late night snack attack'.

Gummy Mini Butterflies

Don't think I didn't notice those mini butterfly gummies on their website! Tres Cute AND Sweet!

Above: Want to get into the internet commerce game? Want to sell online without ever stocking inventory yourself? When your friends, family (and in the case of bloggers, followers) ask 'where did you get that?' you can send them straight there, tell them why you like it, rate it, link to it, and when they buy it, you earn cash rewards! (I know right!) Tagspire is the place where you share how fly you are and get paid for it! I am still trying to figure this site out, but once I do I will share my page on Tagspire with you all!


I wasn't able to get photos of Skinnygirl who offered their nutrition bars as well as sparklers, sparkling water. And the gift bag sponsors which included: Alassis Candles, RAPProtein, Balsam Hill, and Lovin My Textures. And sadly Vigoss was giving out free jeans, but they did not have any in my size. So huge Le Sigh, no jeans for this butterfly! :-(

This was a well-curated event with a little something for everyone. In the picture right above My Take, I have to highlight that leather totebag with a built in charger, can't ever say you forgot your portable charger with this smart tote. I also fell in love with the Tory Burch for Fit Bit Necklace, I think the InStyle Sign may be covering it. I am trying to get them to send us a review unit, but so far crickets. Double Le Sigh, another thing to add to my growing list to Santa thanks to this event!

There were enough great holiday ideas to keep this butterfly inspired, and a few that I added to my list for Santa Claus that's for sure!

What item featured above would you want to Santa to bring you this year butterfly? Have you been a good butterfly this year?

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