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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{#WordlessWednesday} Highlights from Sip Japan's Sip SHOCHU spirit tasting event in #NewYorkCity!

Butterflies you know how hard it is for me to go completely Wordless, but I promise to keep this post as word light and picture pretty as possible since it's Wordless Wednesday and all, but I attended a unique tasting event here in New York City that I just had to share!

You all know I have a fascination with Asian Art and culture, this definitely extends to the food and spirits too, and while I have covered many a Sake (Japanese Rice Wine) Tasting on these pages (Check out my coverage of Sake and the City as an example HERE), this tasting definitely took the cake on uniqueness and versatility!

I had the opportunity to attend Sip Japan's Sip Shochu tasting event in New York City and learned all about what has to be one of the most diverse spirits I have ever tasted! It can be made from a number of base ingredients including rice, sweet potatoes, barley, buckwheat and sugar and depending on what it is distilled from, shochu can take on the characteristics and flavor of other spirits such as Vodka, Rum, Brandy and even Whisky!

I found the shochu varieties I tasted to pack quite a powerful punch so be careful with your pour on these for sure! But because they took on quite a wide variety of taste profiles, they can be paired with a wider variety of foods and enjoyed for the most part throughout all of your meal.

Here are some photos from the tasting event:

SATSUMA SHUZO exhibitor booth at Sip Japan Sip Shochu Immersion Tasting Event in New York City

Above: SATSUMA SHUZO exhibitor booth at Sip Japan Sip Shochu Immersion Tasting Event in New York City

Sip Japan Sip Shochu Immersion Tasting

Above: Watching my sample being poured!

Sip Japan Sip Shochu Immersion Tasting Shochu makers display their spirits

Above: When you get a chance to speak to the maker of a spirit you are about to try you learn that so much more goes into it than the ingredient list, SHOCHU makers shared their love and passion for the spirit and what goes into it!

Above: Just some silliness and fun at the Satsuma Shochu booth, I think a bottle this big would knock you out for a few days! LOL

My Take:

Shochu is amazingly versatile and diverse, because of it's diverse characteristics it is equally wonderful enjoyed straight as it is blended into a cocktail, I would be interested to see if more venues and bars stock it!

Fun Trivia: The Chinese Characters for SHOCHU literally mean 'burnt liquor' (Just fun to note, however, the Shochu's featured above are Japanese).

Happy (Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Bloggers feel free to leave your links here so we can visit your photos too! (NO Giveaway links here, WW only please, thanks!)

Have you tried Sake or Shochu, what do you think of them?

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