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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Highlights from #GettingGorgeous 2015 in NYC + join the twitter party 7/22 at 1pm EST!

Getting Gorgeous Logo

New York City is an amazing place to be based. It keeps me super busy being based here, and the perks of living in the city that never sleeps are great, and with this month being the busiest July I can remember, I have a LOT to share, it's been challenging to find time to organize my photos and my thoughts!

Last week I attended one of my favorite annual events, Getting Gorgeous and I wanted to be sure to share the highlights with you! (Stay tuned butterflies, this recap has a little 'something-something' for YOU too!)

The team behind Getting Gorgeous did it again, and in something akin to alphabetical order, here are the brands that were in attendance:

The Backyard Food Company on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: The Backyard Food Company both awakened and delighted my taste buds!

The Backyard Food Company Rhode Island Red Hot Relish on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: I got to try the Rhode Island Red Hot Relish and the Wholly Jalapeno, hopefully this will make sense, but they were a good spicy. When I eat hot stuff whose only goal seems to be to burn off every last tastebud on your tongue, I don't like that, but The Backyard Food Company has the balance just right, yes, it is spicy, but it's a tasty spicy and it's REALLY good. I totally wish they would have been in the gift bags as I wanted more the moment I got home!

BALI Intimates on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City, bras, lingerie, one smooth U
Above: BALI Intimates displayed their latest and greatest bras and we got to select our own size and style to be shipped to us later which they did last year, I picked the same style actually, it's called one smooth U! (I have the one called 'Ultra Light Illusion Neckline') - this year's model offers a bit more side support and lift so I am looking forward to trying this one and reporting my findings back to you butterflies.

Chobani Kids on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: It's not just adults that are having all the fun with Chobani, Chobani Kids was in display, and they were thoughtful enough to provide samples in a bag that would keep them cool until we got home!

Chobani Kids on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City, butterfly decorated lunchbox
Above: We got to decorate our own lunchboxes as a keepsake and needless to say I drew a butterfly on mine!

Holland Kamp's Cocktail Caviar on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 New York City, blueberry flavor cocktail caviar
Above: Holland Kamp's Cocktail Caviar was an interesting find, on display is the blueberry flavor!

Holland Kamp's Cocktail Caviar on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 New York City, peach flavor cocktail caviar
Above: On display is the Peach variety of Cocktail Caviar - they are 'burst-able' pearls of naturally flavored spirits. Like a pearl at the bottom of a glass of wine or they can also be used as top-shelf cocktail ice as well. This would go great in a bellini in my book!

@ivanaMUA a freelance makeup artist here in NYC was offering attendees #GorgeousLips at the Galderma station at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above@ivanaMUA a freelance makeup artist here in NYC was offering attendees #GorgeousLips at the Galderma station, I had to nab a shot of her sign as I thought it was super cute, like those I see outside cafes, restaurants and wine bars here in the city!

kevita drinks lemon ginger probiotic drink

Above: KeVita Drinks was sampling their Organic Probiotic Drinks, they have been featured on our pages many times before, and this time I got a chance to try out the Lemon Ginger which I really like! (Photo Credit:!)

Liquid Oxygen breakthrough oxygen science for Acne products at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: Liquid Oxygen offered a well presented and packaged kit which contains their breakthrough oxygen science for Acne products. Aren't the tassles on these kits just plain EVERYTHING? I can't wait to try the products but I am also putting that tassle on my favorite leather handbag for Fall that matches the color on that tassle to the tee! They also had a 'face reader' at their booth, who by looking at your face can you tell you things about yourself and your future, I have to admit I found this fascinating. I need to look for the handout she gave me after my reading, that might have to be a whole post unto itself! Things she said - like for example that I always land on my feet stood out, she says she sees me living to a very old age (past 100 YIKES!) and 'well off' financially. Hope some of that dough ray me starts rolling in SOON!

My KODAK MOMENTS App on display at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above:  With the My KODAK MOMENTS App, you can effortlessly create a real, premium-quality photo book from your favorite pictures on your favorite smart device or from Facebook. I got to experience a demo and printed out a cool picture I took while in Madison Square Park. I was actually stoked how easy the whole thing was to do, considering I never had luck when wanting to print pictures or create photo discs at the pharmacy (which I would mostly do when I'm traveling anyway, but with this I wouldn't hesitate to do it!)

Psychic Readings by Eva at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: I also stopped to have a Psychic Reading by Eva and this was INTENSE. Her line was long but I totally got why when I sat down, she hit on stuff she had no way of 'guessing'. So if you are a skeptic, have a go and give her a call, she just might surprise you. And I truly hope much like the 'face reader' that the stuff shown to her by the cards come to pass. She sees me in a relationship by Fall, with a younger man no less, TRES JUICY my friends! I will of course keep you posted butterflies!

Stokke High quality baby products and accessories at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: And while "I don't know nothing about birthing babies" (did you catch what I did there? LOL) I do know quality when I see it and was happy to see STOKKE back again this year, their products actually grow with your child which is a great investment as they won't easily outgrow the products too fast! I am just glad that none of the psychics predicted kids, don't have any, not planning on having any either!

Trollbeads allow you to create a piece of jewelry that fits your style, memories and personality.
Above: Do I spy a DIY opportunity with my one little eye? LOL So of course the word 'leather' stops me in my tracks. What is this? A create your own Bracelet station from Trollbeads!

Trollbeads allow you to create a piece of jewelry that fits your style, memories and personality. Ascending Butterfly's Trollbeads bracelet made at Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City
Above: I posted the final result on my instagram and you guys definitely responded positively to it! Trollbeads allow you to create a piece of jewelry that fits your style, memories and personality. Your bracelet will be as unique as YOU are and there is just something you have to dig about that! They are conversation starters that's for sure, I just wish they had brought along more color combos in my size for the leather bracelets since I tend to wear darker colors more than light ones. But I was super stoked with how it came out and got a ton of compliments on my way home.


My apologies to The Spa Chick (I didn't stop at the nail station as I tend to visit those at the end so I don't have my polish smudged while shaking hands but I didn't have time to squeeze them in.) and to the Title Sponsor Restylane Silk (they were offering lip plumping/filler treatments and since God blessed me with the perfect kisser and I also have a fear of getting needles that are NOT absolutely mission critical to my immediate health, this was NOT quite for me).

I had a great time as always, but this time the words of the two different psychics - The Face Reader and The Tarot Card Reader are all playing in my head, 'be more nurturing', 'be open to dating younger and taller' and finding myself in a long term relationship soon. I find this all both exciting and scary all at once, especially the living past 100 part. I'm not sure it's going to look cute me at 100 dating a younger man, but we'll see, maybe I make it work!

I enjoyed the variety of brands in attendance, and how no two Getting Gorgeous events are ever the same yet at the same time offering a little something for everyone!

But Wait my Friend's there is MORE!


Where: Twitter
Date: Wednesday, July 22nd
Time: 1pm
Hashtag: #GettingGorgeous (I suggest following along via Hootsuite so you can see the host questions, answers, and any at replies directly to you!) - be sure to follow the hosts so they can DM you if you win. I am NOT a host or co-host so please be sure to direct all questions to the hosts who are listed below.
Hosts@Audrey McClelland and @vera sweeney

But Butterfly are there going to be goodies you ask? But of course, sponsors include: @TrollTweetsUS, @KeVitaDrinks, @Chobani, @luvliquidoxygen, @BALIIntimates, @StokkeBaby, and more!

Will you be joining this super fun twitter party? What brands featured above caught your eye the most and why? Hope to see you at the party butterflies!

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FTC DisclosureThis is NOT a sponsored or compensated post and all opinions are 100% my own!  This post does enter me in a contest to win a prize!  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway and Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday: @GetGorgEvents - Getting Gorgeous 2013 in New York City! #GettingGorgeous

I have been a super busy butterfly so keeping up with my event recaps has been a challenge lately, but I wanted to be sure to share highlights with you on one of my favorite annual events, Getting Gorgeous ( on Twitter) hosted by Audrey McClellan ( on twitterand Vera Sweeney (@VeraSweeney on twitter), the event offers attendees the opportunity to truly interact with a wide variety of brands in a way that is fun, stress free and interactive, because the event is held in sessions, it allows for a much easier flow of traffic than  conferences afford, which makes it easy and pleasant to be able to have an interaction of more than a split second with the brands in attendance.

This year Getting Gorgeous was held in conjunction with CVS Beauty Club ( on Twitter) as the title sponsor and CVS really pulled out all the stops, like a BB and CC Cream skin match station, hair styling, manicures, and a 'spin the wheel' for fun prizes. I won my choice of hair appliance and I selected the infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool. Since I Blow Dry my hair pretty much daily, this is definitely going to come in handy.

Olay, CC Cream, Ascending Butterfly, Wilsons Leather
Ascending Butterfly holds up Olay Total Effects 7 in one CC Cream Tone Correcting  with Broad Spectrum SPF 15

I also took a moment to visit the BB/CC Cream Matching station. Unfortunately, the artist wasn't able to find a good match for me with the Garnier BB Cream (actually I am glad that I tried it that way, it would have been a lot more expensive for me try them out for myself and find out that I couldn't find a true shade match), but I did find a Shade Match with the Olay CC Cream. I love the Olay CC Cream but because I have a ton of Acne Scarring, this gives me a light coverage so I still need some kind of concealer. But I did learn that CC Cream focuses a bit more on concealing pigmentation, redness, fine lines and wrinkles and is a bit more nourishing for the skin. I was glad to try the matching station because I wouldn't have thought that the light to medium would have been my shade and it was. (Since I know that may change when I get more sun, I can still use this and then put a touch of bronzing powder over it to match my skin once I get more sun).

I also had the chance to get my hair styled by Tovah Avigail ( on Twitter), she blew out my hair which was great because I didn't have a chance to do it that morning before I left the house to catch my train into the city! Thanks Tovah!

The only thing I skipped from this station was the manicure because my mani from the Agadir International Argan Oil event was still going strong (as is my Henna Tattoo Butterfly from that event!).  I was tempted to wipe mine off and let them give me a darker color, but I didn't.

Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light, BACARDI Light Strawberry Daiquiri, BACARDI Light Mojito, BACARDI Light Pina Colada
Ascending Butterfly enjoying a Light Mojito from the BACARDÍ Classic Cocktails Light collection

BACARDI Classic Cocktails Light, BACARDI Light Strawberry Daiquiri
BACARDI Light Strawberry Daiquiri

After all that primping and pampering it was a good time for a cocktail break, and since Bacardi was the Beverage Sponsor this year, I was pretty excited about saying hello. As a Latina, specifically 'Puertoriqueña', I have had the chance to visit the Bacardi Rum Bottling Plant in Catano Puerto Rico (if you are visiting you MUST take that tour!), and I was surprised to get the opportunity to sample Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light which is part of their new Low Calorie, Ready-to-Serve Line. The new Light Strawberry Daiquiri joins the Light Mojito and Light Piña Colada, at less than 95 calories for a four ounce serving, and as it's ready to serve, you have no prep time, making this perfect for your upcoming summer gatherings! They were all delicious and refreshing!

While I didn't stop to take photos with the cute backsplash (there were a few folks with little ones around this station when I stopped off), I did enjoy learning about Dial Kids New Body + Hair Wash (@Dial on Twitter) and I of course had to grab a rubber ducky while I was there because let's face it, who can resist a Rubber Ducky right? I know my niece is going to nab the 'watery melon' scent but I'm tempted to keep 'Peachy Clean' for myself because it's such a perfect subtle summer scent!

I got a super cute purple scarf from Thyme Maternity, they offer stylish fashions for expecting and new moms! I'm not yet a mom but they have styles that I would rock and I'm not even a mom!

Check out this look:

Super cute right? BTW Butterflies, if you are not already following them on Facebook you may want to go do so now as they are having a Mother's Day Sweepstakes to win 1 of 2 Thyme Maternity Shopping Sprees Worth $500!

After visiting with Thyme I visited the Tide Station where I took a Tide #Selfie picture:

Tide, Downy, TideDownySelfie Photo Station during Getting Gorgeous 2013
My #TideDownySelfie says: 'I Rock My Wardrobe by always having the perfect accessories' I was rocking my Kooba Handbag that day!
There was a Tide Pod sample in our gift bags! As well as Downy Scent Booster and a Downy Infusions Fabric Softener in a scent that I have not yet tried, I will definitely share more about it once I try it out.

General Motors (@GM @DistrictDrive on twitter) was also in attendance and they were hosting a contest to see how fast someone could pack items into a vehicle for a chance to win a loaner car for one week.

New Balance also showed some of their newest styles (sadly none were in the bags!) but they did have a photo backsplash with Heidi Klum for attendees to take pictures. Like the Dial Booth there was a bit of a wait so I opted to keep going so I wouldn't miss anyone!

Then I got the chance to visit one of my favorite stations of the day, Foster Grant and try on Sunglasses! And I found a pair that are making me consider switching back to contacts so I can rock these all summer long:

Foster Grant, Foster Grant 1929, Sunglasses
Ascending Butterfly striking a pose with her Foster Grant Sunglasses!

I call this my 'men in black' photo, think they will add me on as an Agent in the next sequel? (The Black Suit I am wearing is by Igigi and so is the red blouse underneath!)

I think next year the Getting Gorgeous team is going to have to partner with a vacation brand, because this year the sponsor brands were all making us think of summer vacations! 

I got to get sunAWARE with the folks at Coolibar who make clothing and hats that have UVA/UVB Sun Protection built into the fibers of the clothes! I was lucky that there was no one there when I up to them so I was able to ham it up and take some fun photos with Elvis!

Ascending Butterfly sporting a Lei and hamming it up with Elvis at the Coolibar Station at Getting Gorgeous 2013 (see the rep from the GM booth behind me? He was watching me ham it up!)

Here is the long shot:

Ascending Butterfly sporting a Lei and hamming it up with Elvis at the Coolibar Station at Getting Gorgeous 2013 (Black Suit I am wearing and red shirt under it is by IGIGI)

I found some super cute swimsuit cover ups and fun summer fashions at the Coolibar station. Like Coolibar I take sun protection seriously, I lost my Great-Aunt who is also my Godmother to Skin Cancer, so I take Sun Protection very seriously! I love that not only can you protect yourself with sunscreen creams for your skin, you can also wear clothes with the sun protection built in!

Sunglasses and Summer Fashions definitely have awakened in me a deep 'wanderlust' so I'm thinking it's time to take a long weekend and go exploring!

There was also a very unique station called Love Jac Cards, they make photo mounted greeting cards, limited edition handcrafted cards, custom designed occasion cards and even a card of the month club. I'm a huge stationery buff, I always have been, and have had penpals since childhood, so I was super excited to meet Jac Cards and even gave them a suggestion to add some butterfly designs to their line, I'll definitely keep you all posted when that does happen! We got to select our own card and I can tell you it was a difficult choice because I love them all! My penpals have often told me I should design cards, and this brand certainly made me think more about that idea!

There were quite a few amazing Fashion Brands in attendance, all with different and specific niches, and the third Fashion brand I met was Thread & Butter who specialize in Plus Size Fashions! As a curvy girl, even at my absolute ideal weight I have always had curves, which I'm sure my fellow curvies will understand when I say the hardest thing to shop for is jeans and pants when you are curvy, I have a small waist but wider hips and jeans tend to gap at the back because they are too big from the waistband. And I don't know about you, but this curvy girl is sick of florals and un-sexy and un-trendy fashion, Thread & Butter is here to help address just that and I got to check out their trendy plus fashions first hand during Getting Gorgeous, and this is one of the reasons that Getting Gorgeous is a *MUST* attend event for me. I love meeting brands that are entirely new to me, as well as getting time with Brands that are already trusted household names. I invited Thread & Butter to come back and work with us directly so stay tuned, I hope to feature them again here soon!

Another brand that was new to me was Haute Tags, who make Jewelry that was born out of a love for Social Media and the connections made on sites like Twitter, you can have tags made with your twitter handle or a favorite hashtag. I'm thinking @Ascending1 would make a fantastic Haute Tag, don't you? You can have them custom made and they come with or without Swarovski Crystals. As for me, YES Please with Crystals! or Maybe I should have the hashtag '#TwitterPartyDJ' done, hmmm I wonder if you have can have the tag made double-sided? I'm going to have to look into that!

Stokke was at Getting Gorgeous 2013 and they showed their super cute Strollers (I love The Ultimate Connection Stroller) and the ones they brought for display were all in an aweseom stylish Plum color!) and it's so funny that for the past week while attending various events, I've spotted the Stokke Stroller's in the City. I love that since it raises up the child closer to you (and you can adjust the height) you are able to interact with your baby much easier.

And with Allergy Season upon us, I was happy to see Puffs in attendance, in fact my box is already on my night side table!

Bloggers Ascending Butterfly, Enjoying this Life, philZENdia, New York Chica, pose with Bella Andre Gift Bags provided by Harlequin
Left to Right: Tracy of Ascending Butterfly(I'm wearing an animal  print trenchcoat by Wilsons Leather and a black suit by IGIGI), Patty of Enjoying this Life, Diane of philZENdia and Lisa of New York Chica hold up Harlequin Bella Andre Gift Bags

And last but not least to continue along with the 'travel' vibe that was given off by this year's Getting Gorgeous, Harlequin gave us gift bags with their Romance Title: "Bella Andre The Look of Love", myself and some of my favorite fellow New York Bloggers posed for a photo with our gift bags! You can follow the author on Twitter @bellaandre.

As always, Getting Gorgeous delivered and then some, I got to re-connect with Brands I already love, and meet great brands that were new to me, but I'm sure will become new favorites! The only thing they need next year is a vacation company, because after loading up on great fashion gear, getting new sunglasses and great summer beach or poolside reading material (not to mention having a light summer cocktail by BACARDI) all I need now is the beach resort to haul all my new goodies to!

Happy Wordless Wednesday Butterfly! Bloggers post your link as a comment here so we can visit your Wordless Wednesday Posts too!

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FTC Disclosure: Getting Gorgeous is an invite only event, Gift Bags and Samples are provided at the event for editorial consideration, no monetary compensation has been received to share my event recap and all opinions are 100% my own.