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Monday, May 16, 2016

Highlights: Glambition Women Think BIG #IMANxglambition #Imanalterego event in #NYC #MotivationMonday #MakeupMonday

Glambition WomenThinkBIG #IMANxglambition #Imanalterego event in #NYC, Flowers, Cupcakes
I am still in catch up mode and plotting something special for summer for my butterflies for being so patient this year!

During 2016 Women's History Month in March I attended a very special event called "GLAMBITION Women Think Big". An event intended to help empower and inspire and explore the many roles we play both in life and in business.

One of the sponsors was Iman Cosmetics who presented their newest collection #IMANAlterEgo - a collection that helps women to celebrate all of our 'moods' - they were providing makeovers and a photo booth opp. I am obsessed with their lipsticks. But as usual, they didn't change my lips. It is very rare that any makeup person changes my lipstick. Probably because I custom blend my color myself! But it's always flattering! I am digging this collection and there will be more to come soon (If I dive into the collection here, it will certainly overshadow the event recap).

There is a reason, putting on makeup is called 'putting on your face', We feel like two different people at times when we are wearing makeup - more 'in control' and ready for whatever comes your way, and when you are not wearing any makeup, I'll bet you feel a bit different.

It's OK to explore your 'alter ego', it's OK to celebrate all the different roles that make you who you are - both in life and in business.

Alter Ego - The Many Roles Women Play Panel
Above: Alter Ego - The Many Roles Women Play Panel at GLAMBITION Women Think Big event in New York City. Speakers Included: Desiree Reid, EVP of IMAN Cosmetics, Robert Willis of Universal Beauty, Sharon Nelson of National Woman Caucus, Sarah Perez Jarrett, CEO of SPT Wellness and Elizabeth Carrion of Ogilvy & Mather.

There were panel sessions that helped to empower entrepreneurs - both men and women in business who are doing big things and were willing to share the journey! 

WOMANITY Women in the Work Place Panel
Photo Credit: Dee & Co Group
Photo Highlights of the Sponsors and Exhibitors in Attendance:

Above: You may remember seeing Murphs Famous Bloody Mary Mix on these pages before, but check this post out for a refresher - Bloody Mary Mussels and cocktail (I used Murph's Famous Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix to make both the cocktail and as a base for the red sauce for the mussels as well!)

SweeTess CreationZ Cupcakes
Above: Swee Tess CreationZ had such a pretty display I photographed it in separate vignettes instead of just the whole table so the details wouldn't get lost! (The first photo all the way on top of this post is from their display as well.)

SweeTess CreationZ Chocolate Covered Oreos and Sugar Cookies
Above: The Chocolate Covered Oreos and Sugar Cookies were event branded! Smart!

SweeTess CreationZ Cakepops
Above: Cakepops are awesome, delicious goodness in an easier to eat, party friendly format. I still haven't mastered the art of eating a frosted cupcake 'neatly' with cakepops I get the same goodness in a smaller bite size package.

Dr Jose Rigoberto Perez Diaz Salud Para Todos featured at Glambition WomenThinkBIG NYC event
Above: Dr Jose Rigoberto Perez Diaz Salud Para Todos featured at Glambition WomenThinkBIG NYC event. I certainly appreciate the reference to Psalm 46 on the bag! (I linked you to it if you are interested in reading it!) We were provided with health supplements that I will share more about in another post.

Limation Organic Drinks
Above: I love when events present me with brands that are 'new to me'. I greatly enjoyed Limation Organic Drinks and am happy I got the chance to try them out. Infused into a traditional limeaid you will find pure organics - lavender, exotic passion fruit, watermelon - and with summer swiftly approaching I can tell you that you *NEED* these in your life. Whether your summer beverage includes 'spirits' or not, this will be summer cocktail enhancer for sure!

Spadet Olive Oil Soap
Above: You guessed it, all natural and made with Pure Olive Oil! Spadet has a wide range of product offerings and area also great on even the most sensitve skin!

Universal Beauty Products Inc Jamaican Mango & Lime Haircare Products
Above: Universal Beauty Products Inc presented products from their Jamaican Mango & Lime line - the products are coconut milk and honey. I can't wait to try these out!

Above: Paychex was on hand to let business owners know they don't have to go it alone when it comes to HR services including Payroll, Retirement and Insurance.


Taking your business - whatever your business may be, to the next level requires a balance of smarts/knowledge/'know-how' and inspiration/creativity. You need a bit of both, and there certainly is no reason you can't look beautiful doing it! 

Readers Sound Off: What is YOUR Alter Ego? How do Cosmetics and Beauty Products alter your mood?

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