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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calling ALL Shoe Lovers!

The Fashion Footwear Association of New York's Footwear Trade Show returns to NYC from August 2-4, 2011. Members of the shoe industy and press will descend upon the Hilton New York Hotel for all things footwear! If you missed the show the last time it hit NYC, you are going to want to make sure you catch it this time around!


The Fashion Footwear Association of New York has been bringing footwear manufacturers and retailers, the industry players, together for thirty years. They are a not-for-profit trade association representing footwear manufacturers from around the world and are prominent members of the New York Fashion Community.

Their Mission:

FFANY’s mission is to promote and assist the common business interests of its members, who include over 300 footwear manufacturers, representing over 800 fashion footwear, accessory and related apparel brands.

The goal of their tradeshows, held in February, June, August and December, is to create one exciting marketplace in New York City, the fashion capital of the world. Here, exhibiting footwear manufacturers and attending retailers can efficiently buy, sell and develop business networks.

FFANY extends its mission by being committed to philanthropy and by "giving back" to its members and the footwear industry. Through the generous donations of its members companies and its vital partnership with QVC, our charitable event "FFANY Shoes on Sale" has sold more than one million pairs of shoes and has raised over $33 million for breast cancer research and education. FFANY has reached out to millions of women across America with an essential message about breast cancer awareness.

FFANY also supports scholarship programs and charitable organizations within the footwear industry, such as the Two Ten Footwear Foundation and Shoes that Fit. Who knew your love of shoes could also do so much good? Isn't that fab?

Spring 2012 Trends

My schedule is not going to permit me attending the show for the entire duration this time around, so I made it a point to visit as many exhibitors as I could in one day and get you guys an overview of what is coming for Spring. As for visuals, most of the Spring 2012 styles were available for Press to view, but as for visuals to share, for the most part everything was under embargo, but most brands did share an overview of what to expect and the Espadrille (which all admitted never really go out of style), will be popular again next Spring, you can also expect to see a lot of brights, some brands are taking the brights to neon heights, and there will be prints, cork footbeds, some tie dye (yes my shoe lovers, you will see tie dyes from a few well known brands next Spring) and many told me they are leaning toward smooth uppers with less stitching detail. Some will be jewel embellished, but you will see smooth uppers trend. and many styles will have dual colors worked into the shoe uppers, with some doing this color blocking more subtle, and others a bit bolder!

As more brands say it's OK to start sharing Spring 2012 styles, I'll begin posting them, and we will be hosting a variety of reviews and giveaways of different shoe brands for Fall/Winter 2011.

Get Viral With It!

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FTC Disclosure Info: I am under no obligation to write about FFANY, this is NOT a sponsored post, no monetary compensation has been received. As a member of the digital press I had complimentary access to the show and chose to share my experiences at the Footwear Tradeshow voluntarily.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Butterfly Sightings at FFANY!

The Fashion Footwear Association of New York's Footwear Trade Show (follow the twitter hashtag #FFANY) is at the midway point and it's been a whirlwind of Fun and Shoes! (If you want more details, feel free to refer to yesterday's post for more info HERE)

As this is Wordless Wednesday and it's supposed to be all about the pictures, here are the shoe pictures I promised, there were butterfly sightings everywhere I turned during FFANY day 1, I'll post more details about the show and the brands soon and an interview with amazing designer Sasha Igdari!

Bacolté Shoes

I had the chance to receive a private demo with Bacolté, and was amazed at the versatility and very impressed by the line, I hope to be able to partner with them here on Ascending Butterfly!

Bacolté Shoes and Matching Handbags! Butterfly Lovers Paradise!

Matching handbags for the lovely shoes! More Butterflies! I was in heaven! Aren't the pink shoes with butterfly heel and matching bag just simply to die for?

Check out these brown stiletto booties with Butterfly detailing! I'm glad they added a platform in the front to make them more comfortable to wear! (The neutral peep toe booties to the left of them are pretty cute too!

Check out these adorable girls Butterfly Rain Boots! I love the pink and purple combo.

Sasha Igdari - The Designer and her Collection

I had the pleasure of meeting Sasha Igdari the tour-de-force designer behind the bold brand of highly stylish footwear (for those of you attending FFANY she is on the 15th floor!) and was very excited by the technology behind her footwear, who knew super high heels could have an anatomically correct footbed allowing them to be comfortable?

I'd like to profile her more in depth very soon so I'll leave you with this photo I took of her for now!

As usual, my Wordless Wednesday is not entirely wordless, but without captions how else could I make you feel like you were actually there?

Happy Wordless Wednesday Butterflies!

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, I attended the Fashion Footwear Trade Show as a member of the online press and I am under no obligation to write about it. As I love all things butterfly related, I couldn't help but share my butterfly finds at the TradeShow with my readers.