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Friday, January 3, 2014

Love at first sniff, this is a MUST for dry winter skin! #IColoniali #BBloggers #Beauty

At one of last year's BeautyPress Spotlight Days I got to meet the folks at I Coloniali and I fell head over heels with the brand, particularly with the Myrrh line of products and as promised after thorough testing I am giving I Coloniali their own day in the sun!

This is actually the best time of year to try them out. The cold winter winds are brutal to the skin and I am sure if you are anything like me when you get home with your dry winter skin and feeling cold to the bone, nothing is more soothing to the spirits than a nice warm bath. I have been adding the I Coloniali Softening Bath Oil with Karitè Extract to my bath and it's been a sensory delight in every sense of the word!

I Coloniali Softening Bath Oil with Karitè Extract
I Coloniali Softening Bath Oil with Karitè Extract

About the Softening Bath Oil with Karitè Extract:

It comes in a glass bottle (250 ml - 8.5 fl. oz) and it's cleansing and emollient, you can pour the oil under the hot water of your bath to obtain a rich foam, the foamy rich mousse that develops will envelop your skin and gently cleanse making it velvety smooth to the touch. But I actually double up. I use it in the bath, and then when I finish my bath I put a very small amount on my hands and rub it across my still damp skin and let it air dry and it makes my skin feel SO soft and SMELL so good it is literally a sensory delight overload. If you are going to double up on the oil like I do, you need only a very small of the oil to use on your damp skin, don't overdo it. It will go a long way on your already damp skin. When I don't take a bath but only a shower, I really love using this on my still damp skin, but it's when I get to use it double that I really love it most. I hate when it's time to wash my towels now because they retain the scent of this oil! :)

I Coloniali Deep Massage Body Cream with Myrrh
I Coloniali Deep Massage Body Cream with Myrrh

About the Deep Massage Body Cream with Myrrh:

OK so add to the super indulgent fun, before bed I apply the Deep Massage Body Cream with Myrrh which comes in a large White Glass jar (200 ml - 6.8 fl.oz or the 400 ml - 13.5 fl. oz). You apply directly to the skin and massage until the micro-granules are fully absorbed. It is while you are massaging it into your skin that the micro-granules get the chance to fully develop leaving your skin delicately scented and super soft to the touch.

I Coloniali products are enriched with original ingredients from around the world in order to re-establish harmony within the body and the spirit. It is where the luxury of spa meets the privacy of your own home!

My Take:

I am a huge fan of this line since discovering them at BeautyPress. I have always put some kind of oil on my skin while it's damp, and I am absolutely loving this one! I tend to lean toward 'warmer' and 'heavier' scents I'm just not a floral girl, I can only take very floral scents in super small doses. Myrrh is a longtime favorite of mine and this deep massage body cream leaves my skin delicately scented, well hydrated (never greasy or sticky), and helps me beat the winter dry skin blues! They consider their products to be a 'ritual of well being' and I couldn't agree more. Our bodies are a vessel that house something very precious, our spirit, and to me the body and mind are at one when you are caring for them BOTH equally. Scented products do tend to trigger a reaction. They trigger a memory that leaves you with a feeling, and using aromatic products that also nourish the skin are a great way to bring you to a place of outer and inner harmony.

As a butterfly on a budget I will say these fall under the 'splurge' category, but then again I don't mind doing so if the quality is there. Instead of using cheap lotions that you have to apply often just to keep your skin feeling hydrated, I'd rather purchase something that offers a more 'quality' hydration experience that I don't have to constantly reapply just to keep my skin feeling soft.

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I can't think of a better way to celebrate YOU in 2014 than by pampering your skin and yourself!

What is your favorite scent? Do you use Massage Oils or Creams?

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