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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spadaro House of Fragrances is my pick for National Fragrance Week! #NationalFragranceWeek

Kim Spadaro
Kim Spadaro - BeautyPress Spotlight Day 2014, Photo Credit: Tracy Iglesias

I was originally introduced to Spadaro House of Fragrances in 2014 at a Beauty Press Spotlight Day event. Press the link to read my original introduction to the brand. (The photo above is from BeautyPress Spotlight Day 2014, I was right on time with this shot with the sunlight shining in from the window!)

Beauty Press Spotlight Day was a well curated event that brought the best of skincare, cosmetics, fragrance and more in one place and invited Editors/Bloggers/Influencers to learn more about each brand up close and personal, and in many cases I had the pleasure of interviewing the Founders of each brand.

With it being National Fragrance Week, I just had to be sure that Spadaro House of Fragrances was on your radar.

I honestly haven't met a scent in her line I didn't fall in love with. I had a chance to sniff the bulk of her line at that specific event, but there is a recent scent that I just had to try and that I really want to put on your radar!

The Founder, Kim Spadaro is a literal dynamo in every sense of the word. She credits her mom for encouraging her creativity, and her fragrances are inspired her world travels. She donates a portion of her proceeds to the The Spadaro Foundation which was created as a tribute to Kim's mom wo passed away on 01/11/11. You can hear her speak on it via realTV films Kim Spadaro Interview on The Spadaro Foundation via RealTV Films Youtube.

With our world in flux right now and travel still off limits I personally am turning to the things that 'transport' me - and for me those things include books, fragrances, music and photography!

I love changing up scents seasonally, I can't say I follow the advice out there about matching the fragrance notes that best represent the season, but I normally would just hit a beauty counter and see what resonated. That's definitely not an option for me right now.

Just before NYC went on lockdown I had a mini makeover at Sephora to get me ready for a networking event - and I now wonder when the next time will be that I get to indulge in playing with makeup and sampling scents at a Beauty Counter due to Covid concerns. (Which by the way I was finally able to get the first of the two Vaccines this weekend, been talking about it on Facebook!)

I had the opportunity to try Kasmaran Privé, and I just had to put this entirely unisex luxury scent on your radar!

I have spent a lifetime blending scents to make something that felt like me and I remember clearly when CK One came out, it was OK, but I wore mostly men's cologne's when I was younger, and that is still where my nose gets attracted to, but I've widened up my variety of women's perfumes quite a bit since my teen years.

It was via a random online discussion on Facebook that I was able to re-connect with Kim, I mentioned that one of my all time favorite scent's was CASMIR by Chopard, and she let me know about her new scent Kasmaran.

Kasmaran Privé is a Spadaro Luxury Fragrance (inspired by Bali) that truly blew me away! It truly exceeded my expectations. If you notice you haven't seen very many ode to perfumes posts here and most of you know why - when it comes to lipstick and scent I rarely wear them straight out the tube/bottle - I do a little alchemy to make them more uniquely me. And I started doing so as a teen. Oddly enough if you read the About section on the Spadaro House of Fragrances website, Kim her sister and her mom would experiment with essential oils, herbs and floral essences picked from their home garden. I absolutely love that we have that in common. (not to mention love of travel!)

Kim Spadaro

 "Kasmaran...the scent of the exotic Indonesian island of Bali. Bali, the mysterious Island of the Gods and a Thousand Temples, is a distant and exotic world that was instantly captures and the inspiration behind the Kasmaran fragrance. Explorations through magnificent gardens, coastal rich mountainous land and bucolic scenery were focal points of admiration. The Balinese people captivate with their warm hospitality, peaceful prayers and sacred offerings which became the inspiration for the mystic scent of Kasmaran" ~ Kim Spadaro, Perfumer 

When I tell you I am wearing something that I didn't feel the need to change or customize, it is the highest praise I can possibly give.

My Take: This versatile and unisex scent gives me just the right warmth (Indonesian Musk Pepper) and for me has been the scent that got Oud right - not so overwhelming that you can't detect other notes, but it definitely doesn't get lost either, you know it's there but it's not clawing at you. It is warm, sensual and evocative in all the right ways. I am happy with how long it lasts on me (scents usually dissipate on me right away) and I get a TON of compliments while wearing this one from both men and women! It's a bit chameleon like, men are drawn to it because it's familiar to them, but women still smell feminine wearing it (I attribute it to the powdery notes). This one is a winner and you won't regret taking the chance!

Spadaro Prive
Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Musk, Indonesian Pepper, Coriander, Frangipani, Vanilla, Lemongrass and Exotic Spices.

While writing this, I simultaneously wrote my very first review on Fragrantica so their users would know this fragrance is one they should take a chance on. Online reviews are becoming so much more important as we don't really have the ability to try before we buy like we used to.

The packaging is completely stand out, and if you are thinking of gifts for any upcoming special occasion, Mothers Day, Grads and yes Dads, 60% of Spadaro Fragrance customers are MALE, this would be an amazing gift. A gift that will transport their senses each and every time they wear it.

For me scents that give me an incense vibe in some way are always a favorite of mine, they literally feel like they are taking away negative energy and clearing the atmosphere of both myself and my home. And always remember spray slightly above you and in front of you and walk through the scent mist. I also like to spray just a touch on my hairbrush liner and let it dry and then put the liner on my brush. It kisses your hair with scent. Do you know why they tell you this at the beauty counter? Perfume over time can be very drying to your skin where you apply it and can cause wrinkles to appear, so put the scented lotion on your skin to keep it moist and wrinkle free and spray a mist that you walk into to preserve the youthful appearance of your skin. (and spray in an open area, not over your wooden dresser, you don't want to mar your wood by doing this).

While I have been doing this all along since Ascending Butterfly's inception in 2008, I have been trying my best this year to spend more focus on women and minority owned brands. It feels more important now than ever.

I can tell you that social distancing has been an instant and immediate reminder to all of us that home and self-care are critical now more than ever. While I know everyone wants you to 'Kondo' and make more space and organize and toss everything, I am here with a different message - take that extra long hot bath,(trust me the dishes, the kids, the spouse, the pets, the Netflix can all wait a few more minutes), spray the perfume (the one you hide from yourself that you only use on date night or girls night out), experiment with your makeup, not because of zoom meetings or skype calls or facetime, use the pretty lingerie (yes even if you are like me currently single), paint your nails, do the face mask for no other reason at all but that you are worth it. All your pretty things that you worked so hard to acquire? Spend time enjoying them all. But if you are in toss mode because it's spring, please try to donate what is in good condition instead of just tossing.

I hope this National Fragrance Week Post not only puts an amazing scent, Kasmaran on your radar, but that it inspires you to focus on what makes you feel good about yourself, what brings out your confidence and femininity. Perfume and my signature red lip are like a cape to a super hero. Once they are on, I am in the zone and ready to take on the world.

Let's keep lifting each other up, and be sure that it doesn't stop when the world 'opens up' again. Let's look out for one another everyday!


Readers Sound Off: Leave us a comment with your favorite/signature scent! Is it one scent or do you layer a few to get something a bit more personal to you?

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FTC Disclosure: This is NOT a compensated post, all opinions are 100% my own! I received a Press Mailing that did include the Fragrance. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255 - Guides Concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, you may check our Giveaway & Disclosure Page for additional information regarding Ascending Butterfly Disclosure. Things that lure this butterfly out of her cocoon: Technology, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Spirits (Sparkling, Champagne, Prosecco, Sake, Bourbon, Craft Brews), Foodie Fun - really I'm such a *simple girl*.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wanna be @Covrdperfectly? Sure you do! Learn about how this #Butterfly loving designer solves your 'Nothing to Wear' Dilemma

#Ad: This is a Sponsored Post, Please see Full Disclosure at the bottom of the page:

Covered Perfectly Logo

We are welcoming a very Special Guest Contributer Today, so butterflies please give Pauline Durban, President/Founder of Covered Perfectly a very warm butterfly welcome. (You will want to read this post through for some special goodies for you and a fun Q&A too)

Pauline Durban, President, Founder, Covered Perfectly, Tops, Blouses, Fashion
Special Guest Contributer: Pauline Durban, President/Founder of Covered Perfectly

"You know the feeling. You are looking for something to wear to a party, and nothing works. Standing in front of the mirror, with a pile of clothes on the bed, can be the most frustrating experience. But believe me…it’s not you, it’s your clothes!" ~Pauline Durban

I was frustrated because the sleeves were too short to cover that part of my arms that I’d rather not reveal, or the body wasn’t long enough to cover my tummy. It seemed that no one designed clothes for me.

Everyone assured me that I looked great, but ultimately it came down to how I felt about my own body. I wanted clothes that made me feel beautiful and empowered, but it was impossible to find women’s tops that would do the job.

When I discussed this with my friends, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one with this challenge. They were all facing the exact same issues. In fact, I can almost see you nodding your head! I know that you can relate. No doubt, you have had a hard time finding comfortable, stylish clothes as well.

Why should I settle on the dismal styles available? Taking matters into my own hands I began to design a collection of tops made of delicious fabrics, in flattering silhouettes and lovely colors, and of course, featuring pieces that provided perfect coverage.

Covered Perfectly, Tops, Blouses, Fashion, Gathered Front Micromodal, Blue
Gathered Front soft luxurious Micromodal Top in Blue

After researching numerous fabrics and blends, my search led me to MicroModal, a natural fabric made from the fiber of the European Beechwood. Breathable, and luxuriously soft, MicroModal is a fabric that will keep you cool, and not just when the weather is warm! Once you feel it on your skin, you will know why this is the main fabric used.

It also was important to me that my designs be made in the USA, and I’m proud to say they are. My line is cut, sewn and beautifully put together for you in sunny Los Angeles!

Covered Perfectly launched in May 2013, offering a dozen designs for every occasion, for every time of day and for every month of the year. At 57, I have started a company that I can be proud of. I’m excited to get my fabulous tops onto all the real women over 40 who also want to be Covered Perfectly!

Covered Perfectly, Tops, Blouses, Fashion, Gathered Front Micromodal, Simple Comfort Micromodal, Gray, Animal Print
Left: Simple Comfort Micromodal Top in Gray Right: Gathered Front Micromodal Top in Animal Print

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: (5 Minutes with Pauline and a Peek Behind the Brand!)

(1) Ascending Butterfly is an empowerment community, throughout the years we have queried readers about what butterflies mean to them, I noticed immediately you use a butterfly on your site and in your logo (which of course I love) why a butterfly? What do they represent to you?

Answer: It was important that my logo reflected the idea that women truly become more beautiful with age. The butterfly is a symbol of metamorphosis that represents both maturity and magnificence. Age isn’t just about wisdom…it’s about beauty on every level! ~Pauline Durban

(2) Your tops definitely take away that 'I have nothing to wear' factor, so what about pants or dresses?

Answer: It’s wonderful that my designs are working for so many women! I absolutely see dresses in the very near future. We have a few designs in the works that could be introduced as early as Christmas. We are also designing a couple of really fun wraps for the colder weather. As far as pants go, I would love to design a really great legging that has the proper thickness and support. Most leggings fall short, and tend not to be an option for the more mature woman. I’m still thinking on that one!

(3) As a relatively new line, what has been your biggest challenges so far? How have you overcome them?

Answer: Starting an online business is like opening a store in the middle of a desert…no one knows it’s there! Finding the right places to promote my line has been the greatest challenge. I’ve worked very hard to find companies that truly care about the business, and see the big picture. In the process, I have met some amazing women who will continue to be a part of this journey. As a result, we have been able to provide a wonderful product, and make it available to the right demographic. It’s a great feeling to have repeat customers…and we have quite a few. It makes it very clear that we are giving women what they want!

(4) In that vein, Fashion and Accessories go hand in hand, any plan to offer Accessories that you design down the line?

Answer: I agree…accessories are very important. As my business continues to grow, anything is possible. For now, I am putting my effort into designing more clothing. It is important for me to be very “hands-on” in developing pieces that really work, and this takes time and care. So, accessories may have to wait for a bit!

(5) Will we see Covered Perfectly in retail stores anytime soon?

Answer: At this time, I have no plans of introducing my line into retail stores, primarily because keeping the prices down for my customers is extremely important to me. By designing, manufacturing and selling directly, I am able to do this. I have been approached by boutique retailers who would like to carry my line, however, for now I’m saying no, but…never say never!

Get Social With It:

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ -Follow @Covrdperfectly via Twitter
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Nab a Discount:

Ascending Butterfly subscribers can receive a 20% discount off of their first purchase. Plus, shipping is FREE, both ways. Just use AB20 at checkout at:

Additional Ways to Score: Join the Covered Perfectly Rewards Program + there is a current special for those buying two tops on Facebook, so use the get social section to head over to Covered Perfectly's Facebook Page for more information. So including the exclusive code for Ascending Butterfly you currently have 3 different ways to update your wardrobe at a price that certainly won't break the bank!

What are you waiting for Butterflies, Go nab the softest, coziest Blouse you'll ever wear (Yes I'm wearing them now and will have a full review for you soon!), at a GREAT price, from a woman-owned small business owner, the fact that she loves butterflies like we do, is just a bonus!


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FTC Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Guest Post by a Contributor, Ascending Butterfly enjoys profiling and supporting woman owned businesses. And anyone who loves butterflies as much as we do, is OK with us! See our Full Giveaway & Disclosure Page for full policy information.