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Saturday, August 13, 2011

{REVIEW} Making the Best 'Slimpression'

While this is a way long overdue review, it is enthusiastic and heartfelt because I really love the product. I've worn it so often, I somehow ended up taking it for granted! So I want to start by personally thanking both Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels the sisters in law and co-founders of Slimpressions Shapewear for their patience!

About Slimpressions®

Slimpressions® is owned and operated by Branches Unlimited, LLC, a women-owned enterprise based in Marietta, GA. Co-founded by sisters-in-law Amy Pedersen and Jennifer Daniels, the company designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes a high-quality line of everyday shapewear garments to make you look slimmer.

Most shapewear was designed for the special occasion. The times when you want to and need to look your absolute best. It’s then that you want to pull out the heavy artillery – the firm control shapewear. The stuff that you can’t wait to take off no more than three hours later....That's not Slimpressions.

Slimpressions was designed for every day wear. From grocery shopping to that all day business meeting, Slimpressions slims and sculpts without sacrificing important things like oxygen and blood circulation. :) Will you look like you just had plastic surgery when wearing Slimpressions? No. Can you comfortably look thinner and smoother and feel better about your look on a daily basis? Absolutely!

The quote above is from their site, and I had to include it because it accurately describes the Slimpressions experience. Their shapewear is everyday wearable, and you don't have the urge to take it off a few hours later. You don't feel like you can't eat anything, they don't restrict your movement, yet give you the hold and shape you desire even under jersey knits! You don't take them off and find those red imprints on your skin. They truly are 'breathable', you won't get overheated wearing them, and ladies whether it's a night on the town, date night or some other special occassion, no worries you can go to the bathroom and get the bottoms off easily enough to be able to use the bathroom without worry!

Long Leg Shaper

I tried the Long Leg Shaper from Slimpressions. I found it true to size. I've read other reviews stating they found it a bit snug to put on initially, but I didn't find the long leg shaper to be snug on me, nor did I have trouble putting it on. Using their provided size chart online, I ordered it in my true pants size, and it fit like a glove, a very comfortable, shaping glove! I was super excited to be able to slip into pants that were one size down from my true size at the time! (That was MY personal experience, and I can't guarantee you will have the same results!) Thankfully like most women, I have my current size and usually a size up and a size down in my closet at all times!

I was actually wearing them during BlogHer 10 last year, when I met one of the co-founders during a networking party! I was excited to share with Amy that I was wearing her long leg shaper and how I was able to actually size down while wearing them and just how comfortable they are!

Not only was I shocked with just how comfortable they were, I was also surprised about being able to size down a whole size while wearing them yet still be able to breath! After having my pair for so long now, I am also surprised at just how well they have held up. You can toss these in the wash and they truly hold their shape (and YOURS!) beautifully. They are durable, and do just at they promise! They also have not snagged or pulled on me which is definitely a first for me, especially since I also like to wear them under jeans! For some reason when I wear certain shapewear under jeans they get pil balls I have to remove after, I haven't had that experience yet with Slimpressions!

And if they haven't totally given up on me, I will ask Slimpressions to return later in the year with something special for you guys too! :)

And even though I have dropped quite a bit of weight this year (26 pounds and counting) , I still wear my Slimpressions to help keep an even and smooth appearance under my clothes.

Ladies just say 'NO!' to uncomfortable wire and binding, these prove that they don't have to be uncomfortable to work. Your shapewear truly can be comfortable and still hold you in, in all the right places!

These are made for women BY women, and maybe that's why they work well and are still perfectly comfortable. You will not really remember they are there. And thankfully that's not just until you use the bathroom and can't squirm out of them, you will be able to get these both off and on with ease!

Shapewear this comfortable and this durable isn't even an investment, it's just a no brainer! Anything that makes you feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes is just plain worth it. I've even owned shapwear three times the price that didn't deliver the same results and definitely didn't do it comfortably!

You can connect with Slimpressions on Twitter, on Facebook as well as on Linked In and sign up for their newsletter to stay connected with all things Slimpressions.

I know my butterflies like to make the best impression possible at all times, now you can also make the best 'Slimpression' too!

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FTC Disclosure: I was provided with the Long Leg Shaper by Slimpressions for editorial consideration, however this did NOT influence my opinions. This is not a sponsored post. No monetary compensation has been received.