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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am Unapologetically Strong and it's my Goal to help YOU to be too! #DegreeStrong

I can't remember when exactly it was that I became aware of being strong. Of being 'Unapologetically Strong.'

Was it after battling my first bully in elementary school? Who was a big tall boy by the way, one who had everyone terrorized because his Dad worked in the school, so many people would take his abuse because they felt they had no one to tell, and that if they did, the person would certainly take his side instead of theirs. The very first time he picked on me, I gave it right back and when he challenged me to a fight that day after school. I was there. With my super long hair tied up in a bun and my face slathered with Vaseline!

Was it the male bully in my neighborhood who kept picking on me and when he hit me, I hit him on the head with my Kabangers (also known back then as Klik Klaks)? He ended up VERY sorry he hit me, if anyone had that toy they know just how deadly a weapon they actually were! (In fact injuries is the main reason that toy ended up being recalled!)

Was it losing my Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Father in the same year?

Was it in high school when my school forced all girls into a gym class called 'modern dance' and because I refused to wear the skimpy outfit and dance around in hippie circles with plastic garbage bags and I insisted on my gym being changed so I was put in the 'weightlifting' class where I of course was the only girl in the class, is that when I realized I was Un-Apologetically Strong? Probably Not.

Or was it in College when my mom began her battle with Cancer and I was working part time with a full time course load and labs during the weekends (I was on a 'pre-med' track at that point which is why I had so many science labs on weekends) that I realized I was 'Strong'? I changed majors but kept my part time jobs and still went to the hospital every single day.

Somehow I've risen to each and every challenge life threw my way, but I started this year with my biggest one yet, being told I myself was on 'borrowed time' because a mass had been found on my Lung. And after several exploratory surgeries, (where I actually WOKE up during), and two different almost month long hospital stays in two different hospitals after the first one almost killed me via various acts of negligence, it was THEN that I realized I went beyond 'regular Strong'. It was this experience that helped me understand I truly am Unapologetically Strong.

I've spent many years being 'that' person. The one everyone comes to for help, advice, and guidance when the chips are down. The one who could solve it. The one who could figure it out. Whether it was for tech help, electronics, life advice. I was somehow everyone's life coach. The one who turned the lemons into lemonade.

From that stupid weight training class where I was the only girl, I learned that when I worked up a sweat, it made my problems disappear while I trained. And I took it all with me, well after that class whenever I was having a bad day, I'd crank up power music playlists and I'd train until my muscles felt like goo and I was drenched in sweat, then I'd jump in the shower, and go about my day. Being active has somehow always had that effect on me, when I would go horseback riding and would get to ride fast is when I felt most alive.

Right now I'm not yet allowed to resume a full workout routine, but I will get there again. Slowly but surely.

In 2009 I was looking for a site where I could find some kind of motivation and inspiration in a way that would help me truly remember it. And I couldn't find what I was looking for so I created it. I started a site that focused on affirmational breathing excercises daily. A way to 'breathe your way' into a better day. That site, Ascending Butterfly, much like me has evolved quite a bit since then, but much like me, is still the place whose mission statement is 'to seek out and share the best sources of inspiration both on and offline'.

I can tell you that Life will test your resolve and your mettle each and every single day! It's HOW you face the challenges that determine your strength. Do you keep trying? Do you keep fighting? ~ Ascending Butterfly

Graphic Reads: I won't apologize for who I am

What moment in your life made you realize that you were 'Un-apologetically Strong'?

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It's like kismet that I was asked to participate in this campaign, as we have recently announced our new feature on Ascending Butterfly called 'Inspiration Corner' where we will feature someone and find out who or what inspires them! You can participate in this feature too by leaving your email (formatted for security purposes on this or the original post) and we will email you some questions! Each month we will feature someone new!

Degree® Clinical Protection Deodorant with motionSENSE™ Technology

Last year I took my first ever live Zumba class thanks to Degree® Women Deodorant with motionSENSE™ technology which you can read all about HERE. I greatly enjoyed the class, and I even got the game for the Wii so I could keep up the fun at home! And since that day which is when I first started using Degree, I switched from my old brand to Degree and have never looked back! This year I was sent a different scent to try out called 'Cotton Fresh' and I LOVE it! This deodorant really works for me, and living in this walking city I can truly work up a sweat before I even get to the gym! Trains are certainly a hot, sweaty place especially in the summer in New York City!

I'm the one all the way in the back the person right near the exit sign, this was taken last year, at my first ever live Zumba Class sponsored by Degree!

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