Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moment of Gratitude - Weekly Recap

OK My Ascending Butterflies, I got quite a few emails asking if I still live in gratitude because my daily moment of gratitude has been missing in action. Yes, I am still very much living in gratitude, and this week did yield a lot to be grateful for! This may become a weekly feature instead of a daily though!

1. It was a great mail week! In follow up, this week I received my Nintendo Wii! A win from one of my favorite sites and also if you remember, a past 'Today's Butterfly'. I can't wait to start playing, it's going to become the highlight of our weekly game night with friends and family! If you'd like to join me in winning, check them out here:

BrandPort Sweeps

2. I am very much grateful, for not one but TWO sponsors offering Ascending Butterfly amazing prizes! We have three prizes currently being offered!

(a) Enter to win a Butterfly Kisses Lariat from Emily Elizabeth Jewelry by pressing the picture below:

(b) Enter to win one of TWO fabulous ShapeWear prizes from Tres Sleek by pressing on either of the two pictures below:

3. I am also very grateful for the amazing giveaways and awesome product reviews we have lined up, it's truly going to be an amazing summer at Ascending Butterfly!
Remember, attitude really does determine altitude. Live everyday in gratitude.
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Make this your best day ever, Bless and be blessed!

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